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True Blood to Introduce a Were-Sorceress in Season 4

Which True Blood Creatures Are the Most Interesting?

Hold on to your fangs, because there's a new kind of supernatural being heading to Bon Temps. The Ausiello Files reports that season four of True Blood will introduce a were-sorceress named Hallow Stonebrook (who appears in the Sookie Stackhouse novel Dead to the World). According to creator Alan Ball, Hallow is "actually a medium. She communicates with the dead, and she’s interested in developing further powers."

True Blood is already overrun with extraordinary characters, from your run-of-the-mill vampires to the lesser-found maenads. The new characters certainly keep us on our toes, but sometimes it's hard to keep the rules straight (not to mention we still don't even know what Sookie's telepathic powers really mean). Before the series gets even more crowded — which of the show's creatures do you find most interesting?

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nylorac nylorac 6 years
Vamps... I love the series' play on their characters and abilities i.e., glamoring!
ashleydawn ashleydawn 6 years
#5 I agree. Vampires certainly have th most diverse "skill set" so far. I also find their struggle with humanity (both within themselves and that of others) intruging. It makes for a much more interesting plot and series, and I think that its the characters that make people tune in year after year, especially when there is such a long hiatus between season!
bmee6141 bmee6141 6 years
Vampires- just for the variety of abilities they have. 'Call' their progeny, heal wounds, speed, fly, the older you get the stronger you are, and let's not forget the fun little power of 'glamour'
jultritz jultritz 6 years
The TV series only has a lot of character development for the vampires so far. For shifters/weres, there's Sam and Tommy and Melinda, Alcide and Debbie and the Jackson weres (an inkling of the Hotshot folks but not much yet). There was only one maenad. Three telepaths that I can recall (Sookie, her nephew, and Barry). But a while host of vampires including Bill, Eric, Jessica, Pam, Franklin, Godric, Sophie Anne, Talbot, Russell, Lorena, Nan Flanagan, The Magister, etc. Right now, I think that they are the most interesting because they are the most widely represented.
aeryn aeryn 6 years
sookie, a telepath, is one of my fave characters in a book. she takes a licking and remains a sweet, upbeat girl.
ilanac13 ilanac13 6 years
i'm a fan of the vampires - i think that they are the most dynamic in terms of personalities.
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