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11 Loose Ends That Need to Be Tied Up on True Blood

Jul 22 2014 - 8:00am

True Blood [1] officially hit the halfway point of its final season this week, which means things are about to get even crazier in the last five episodes. We've seen plenty of death [2] this season already, but we're guessing even more is to come. Whether a bloodbath happens or all vampires become humans again and skip off into the sunset, we just want some loose ends tied up first. From Sookie's love triangle to Sarah Newlin's fate, we've rounded up 11 questions that need answering before we leave Bon Temps forever.

Sookie's Love Life

Will Sookie choose Eric or Bill? It's been the main question for seven seasons, and she has great interactions with both vampires this season. With them both dying of Hep-V, time is running out — and we won't object if she hooks up with both of them.

Pam's Life After Eric's Death

Unless a miracle happens, Eric will die. The question is what will happen to Pam after he's gone. She will be alone without a maker or a progeny, so will she go back to Fangtasia and work with Ginger? Or will she roam the earth alone, perhaps creating another vampire along the way? Either way, she'll deliver great one-liners for eternity.

Jessica and Hoyt's Reunion

When Hoyt leaves Bon Temps, he's glamoured to forget Jessica and Jason. Now that he's returning to deal with his mother's death, what will happen when they all see each other again? Will they form a friendship or just say a polite hello and move on with their lives?

Are Jessica and Jason Ever, Ever Getting Back Together?

Jessica and Jason finally get together again, but how long will that last? The evil death stare that Violet gives to the door as she hears them having sex hints that she will kill one or both of them, but it would be nice to have Jessica and Jason finally together.

Sarah Newlin's Fate

Now that Eric has Sarah Newlin, he's probably going to kill her. He may use her for information first, but it will be interesting to see exactly how he kills her. Our guess is slowly and painfully, just like she tortures all vampires with death by Hep-V.

Bill's Fate and the Hep-V Cure

Somehow, Bill has Hep-V. Considering he only snacks on Sookie this season — or at least that's what it seems like — we have to see who transmits the virus to him (flashback alert!). But more importantly, will both Eric and Bill die, or will a cure for Hep-V finally come along?

Holly and Andy's Wedding

Not many people on True Blood get happy endings, but we'd like to think that Andy and Holly may have a chance. They've been through a lot, but will they make it down the aisle? And with that being said, will their kids go full-on Cruel Intentions and hook up, or will they listen to Jason and stay away from each other now?

Lafayette and James's Relationship

Lafayette gives an impassioned speech to Jessica about his happiness, which prompts her to have sex with Jason. Does that mean Lafayette and James can be together, or will they string it out until the last episode and then have one of them die?

Sookie's Faerie Powers

Sookie is keeping her faerie powers on lockdown since the whole Warlow incident. Will they come back to help save her friends this season, and will she meet anymore faeries? Not to say that was our favorite storyline, but it is a big part of her life. This could come into play with her teaching Andy's daughter, Adilyn, how to use her powers.

Sam and Nicole's Baby

Sam and Nicole's relationship is weird, but they seem to love each other. Will she give birth without complications? Will their baby be born a shifter or some other type of supernatural, or will they have to deal with raising a human baby together? As long as it's not a repeat of Luna and Sam's storyline, we're good.

The State of Bon Temps

Bon Temps isn't doing so well, as Nicole points out with a scream at Sookie's party. Things are calmer after Alcide's death, but will vampires and supernaturals ever fully get along with humans? And more importantly, will Bon Temps even survive all of this violence?

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