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True Blood Poll on Who Should Sookie Stackhouse Date

True Blood Poll: Who Should Sookie Be With?

Shocker: this week's episode of True Blood features the most inevitable plot point of the season: Sookie and Bill get back together. Considering that Alan Ball called them soulmates, I doubt that anyone thought these two would be kept apart for long — but it's not for lack of options.

In the most recent ep, Sookie and Alcide show off some smoking-hot electricity, even talking about how they should have fallen for each other if they had any sense. And of course, there's the man Sookie has the most irresistible chemistry with: the dastardly, dead-sexy Eric Northman (how long before those Sookie/Eric fantasies become a reality?). Meanwhile, Sam seems to have moved past his infatuation with the waitress, but there will always be a part of me that thinks Sam would be the perfect boyfriend. Your turn — who do you want to see Sookie Stackhouse with?

amschafe amschafe 7 years
@ Anonymous Robobvoting huh?? Nice try, but in EWs sexy beast contest, you could only vote once from a specific computer, and Eric still killed both Bill and Alcide. Bill lost to Alcide, and then Alcide lost to Eric. Eric is more popular whether you want to believe it or not, and you wouldnt be complaining if Bill was winning this poll.
amschafe amschafe 7 years
Oh and Eric cares about her WITHOUT being addicted to her blood like bill and having never tasted her. Big distinction. And Bill has given Sookie so much of his blood who knows how it is effecting her. Tara has pointed this out. And B/S have many parallels to other bad relationships in the show.
amschafe amschafe 7 years
Eric all the way. Eric does care about Sookie. His fantasy about her was about an emotional connection, not just physical. He tries to protect her in the best way he knows how without putting her in more danger, unlike Bill. Eric had to be mean to Sookie at Russells mansion so he wouldnt suspect that she means something to him and use her against him. And being around Russell let him protect her by keeping him close, unlike Bill who did something stupid and as a result got tortured and almost killed his girlfriend. And he has lied to her many times, and that is supposed to be the girl he loves. Eric could protect Sookie better than Bill as well, because he's both stronger and smarter.
lauren lauren 7 years
Thanks for all of the comments! Sookie definitely has plenty options for leading men! With regard to the robovoting, our engineers are looking into the matter! But keep voting in the mean time.
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