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True Blood Bites: "Cold Grey Light of Dawn"

It was the dead versus the undead on True Blood this week, and Antonia strikes the first blow against the vampires. Bon Temps’s residents started choosing sides in what already seems like an inevitable war. With those who love vampires standing protectively by their coffins, and those who have been hurt by them ready to join the resurrected witch.

King Bill emerged as a savvy leader during this episode, though it still remains to be seen what role other characters, like Lafayette, will play in the battle. It leads up to one nail-biting cliffhanger, so let's break it down when you


  • Worst beauty treatment: After being mistaken for a zombie by a group of camera-toting locals, Pam decides to seek professional help to try to regain her good looks. In what is undoubtedly the most literal — and painful — version of a skin peel, Pam’s flesh is ripped from her body. As for rejuvenating the skin, Pam is instructed to take six injections four times a day for an overall beauty regimen that makes Brazilians and Botox look like a walk in the park. Whether or not the beautifying process will work remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Pam will continue to rot on the inside and get closer to death every day.
  • Weakest attempt to Kill Bill: Puppet-master Antonia sends her new plaything, Luis, to tell Bill she has returned. Luis then makes an assassination attempt on the vampire king, but is woefully inept for a 400-something-year-old immortal. He misses a kill shot to Bill’s heart and instead hits him in the abdomen, prompting a battle to the death between the two. Bill eventually pins Luis and stakes him, which can only mean that Antonia wanted Luis to die, since Bill is a much younger, and therefore weaker, vampire. Instead, Luis’s sole purpose appears to have been to inform Bill of the impending resurrection whereby Antonia will compel vampires to walk the sun. Now the real question is why Antonia wanted warn the vamps of her attack.
  • Most shrewd move by a vampire king: Bill wastes no time devising a plan to protect his kingdom and orders all vampires to evacuate the state or bind themselves with silver during the day so to prevent themselves from falling victim to Antonia’s call to the sun. Though his sheriffs are incredulous, Bill is adamant, and his plan appears to work for all but a homely vampiress with rollers in her hair — and Jessica, who manages to break free from what turns out to be an inadequate amount of silver chains.
  • Most ragtag coven: Antonia, in the meantime, is busy forming an army and manages to recruit Tara, who in turn gathers a handful of Bon Temps’s other witches, including Holly, and a man who all too readily reveals that he doesn’t know any people outside of the coven. I couldn’t help but wonder why Tara didn’t ask Lafayette or Jesus to join, considering they introduced her to the witches in the first place. Of course, his absence from the coven easily allows him to face off with Antonia at some point.
  • Creepiest peekaboo game: When Lafayette, whom we discover is armed with the rare magical gift of being a medium, engages baby Mikey in a game of peekaboo, he follows the infant’s wandering gaze and spots the mysterious female ghost that appeared in last week’s episode. We learn the woman speaks French, which automatically makes me think she’s related to baby Mikey through his Cajun father, Rene. We know that Jesus’s uncle came from beyond the grave to protect his nephew’s life during last week’s episode, so could this spirit be hanging around Mikey for the same reasons? And how will Lafayette’s interaction with this spirit play out? It seems like he and Bon Temps's other resident medium, Marnie, will inevitably face off, but perhaps Lafayette will enlist the help of more than one spirit in the fight?
  • Worst "aha!" moment: Discovering your brother took your form and slept with your girlfriend is a pretty nasty secret to uncover, but the truth is nevertheless a significant moment for Sam. For starters, it helps end the confusion between him and Luna and gives the shifters a chance — however slim due to the creepiness of the situation — to perhaps salvage the relationship. It also seemed to have effectively ruined his relationship with Tommy, who is permanently kicked out of Sam’s place and life.
  • Most in need of a "Do Not Disturb" sign: Debbie and Alcide finally join their local neighborhood pack and are welcomed into the group with a dab of deer blood to the forehead. The initiation gets worse for Debbie, who resents the fact that Alcide spends the entire night worrying about Sookie. When the couple wander off to look for her and make sure she’s all right, they stumble on a more-than-fine Sookie getting busy with Eric. The ramifications of this sighting spills over to Alcide and Debbie’s bedroom, where their post-initiation sex flounders, because Debbie continues to think Alcide’s in love with Sookie. Alcide assures her that she has nothing to worry about, but I’m not so convinced. He did look kind of bummed when he walked in on Sookie and Eric.
  • Best sex montage: Which brings us to the second installment of Eric and Sookie’s hookup. A few of you were disappointed with the first sex scene between the pair during last week’s episode, calling it tame and underwhelming. Hopefully, this week’s montage of their lovemaking (along with the fact that they were so consumed with each other that they walked back to her place naked), makes up for it. As an outsider, Bill remarks that the reunion seemed to go well, and Eric — to Sookie's embarrassment — readily agrees.
  • Best hero in the making When Jason learns from Sookie that Eric doesn’t stand a chance of surviving Antonia’s curse without her help, he immediately thinks of Jessica and runs toward Bill’s mansion. In a swoonworthy moment, he tackles one of Bill’s armed guards in an attempt to get to her before it is too late. As the episode closes, Jessica opens the doors to the sunlight, but will Jason get to her in time?
  • What do you think? Will Jason be able to save Jess before she bursts into flames — and how will Hoyt react if he does? How do you think the standoff between vampires and witches will develop? Let me know in the comments section.

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Mimma-Soul-Sonik Mimma-Soul-Sonik 6 years
I love TB to no end but this season has just too much going on. There are side stories that are just uninteresting and take away from the better ones. Although a interesting twist, I miss the old Eric - he was the only true, nasty, get what he wants, no apologies, sexy, vampire, now we are left with two boring, sackless vamps (Bill). I think they should of cut out completely: the nonsense with the baby and the doll, everything surrounding Sam & his brother, scaled back the relationship between Hoyt & Jessica - we get it, there relationship is in trouble could of cut it down and gotten the same result, and at this point Sookie seems like a forgotten plot point like she is just phoning in this season. I have always loved the show but this season seems like it is jumping the shark - I really hope not as it is the only show that I am actually willing to wait a week to watch.
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 6 years
If Mikey can see/sense the spirit, I would think he's also a medium or something 'supernatural'...I just wonder if she's protecting him from the creepy-dirty-doll or is a malevolent spirit (possibly connected to creepy-dirty-doll?) I just have to say, though, overall I'm liking this season a lot more than last...the plots seem tighter and are actually moving toward a common purpose...whereas last season, it started strong and kinda floundered toward the end...I can't wait for Eric's memory to come back though! I wonder if when Marnie/Antonia (Mantonia?) gets killed, all her spells will be reversed...
TammyO TammyO 6 years
I think the ghost was called to baby Mikey due to whatever Arlene and Holly were doing out in the woods in season 3 when she was asking for Holly's help in getting rid of the baby. Maybe whatever spirit that she and Holly called to them when they were doing that spell, manifested itself to watch over that baby?? I don't know. But I'm sure you can't do those kinds of rituals without calling out something from the spirit world. Arlene might need help from one of the witches to get rid of this spirit, who probably thinks that Arlene doesn't want her baby.
clearstorm89 clearstorm89 6 years
I think jason might've shot the guard b/c there was a gunshot fired before jessica opened the doors it would be crazy though if jason was the one who was shot
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 6 years
I think Mikey is some sort of baby medium (or maybe not) and she's just protective of him. Maybe was a nanny in her former life or she lost a child.
Rose-Curiel Rose-Curiel 6 years
HoneyBrown, good point! What do you make of the mysterious ghost hovering around Mikey?
elramos elramos 6 years
It seemed to me that Luis actually staked himself. Bill was hesitant and Luis pushed it in himself. At least, that was what I got out of the scene. Tara needs to go now. She makes one dumb mistake after another. I'm really surprised she's still alive. You have one vampire coming after you, so you decide to join a psycho who wants to piss off ALL vampires? Yeah, almost as smart as the time she thought smashing in Franklin's head was going to finish him off.
Asfandancer Asfandancer 6 years
Of course Jason will save the day he's a football hero he will out maneuver that guard easily. In the end the vampires will come out the victors. Don't like Alcide at all. Not much of a boyfriend if you ask me. A decent boyfriend would be partying with his woman and not thinking about another one. He may be ok looking and overly brawny, but he is totally wishy washy. Was so happy to see there was no biting between Eric and Sookie, speaks volumes about Eric's will power and emotional connection. I'm glad he had this time with her since that is what he has wanted, but I'm ready for my old Eric back. Even though he wants her he does fine without her, and I for one think she doesn't deserve him.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 6 years
Rene wasn't Cajun. He was faking an accent for his crazy persona.
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