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True Blood Recap Episode 3 "It Hurts Me Too" Season 3

True Blood Bites: "It Hurts Me Too" Episode

True Blood's third season is building momentum fast with its first block of episodes — each one has been more fantastic than the last, and this week's episode completely floored me. It was an exemplary display of the way this show devilishly mixes blood, sex, and tears with an insanely compelling story (the possibility of network syndication is looking even tougher to me).

I have so much to say, but I can't do it without revealing spoilers, so let's break down the episode with my superlatives when you


  • Best "I'll have what she's having" moment: Tara and Franklin's hillbilly-beating session last week led to a rather intense one night stand this week, in which Tara's eyes literally roll back in her head. Wow. Despite their connection, Tara wants to leave the rebound in the hotel and jets before telling him her name.
  • Worst stork news: Arlene goes to the doctor to confirm her pregnancy, which he does . . . a three-month-old pregnancy fathered by her serial-killing ex Rene. Arlene's never been a central character, but my heart dropped when the doctor tells her how old the fetus is. And sadly, I kind of understand her not being able to tell Terry that the baby's not his when he's so happy to hear the news.
  • Best answer to what the legal blood alcohol limit in the state of Louisiana is: "When you're drunk." Well, Jason may not be headed toward a law enforcement job, but he's really great at making me laugh. He seems to have lost his desire to work for the force, but since Sheriff Dearborne quit this week, Bon Temps may need all the help it can get.
  • Best BFF reinforcement: Sookie pays for Eggs's funeral, and Tara gets to give her short-lived love a proper goodbye. Tara's still having a rough time, but she agrees to move back into Sookie's house. That actually backfires when Franklin glamours Tara to get inside the house, after Jessica divulged the info (I guess she's a real blabber mouth when you confront her with the head of the human she recently killed). Regarding Franklin: Do you think Eric hired him to kidnap Bill the night the weres got there first?
  • Saddest history lesson: The King's job offer to Bill includes veiled threats toward Sookie and a suggestion that he turn her. This conflict leads to flashbacks of when Bill visited his wife (The O.C.'s Shannon Lucio) in 1868, a few years after becoming a vampire. My favorite Bill scenes have always been his flashbacks, insight into what he's been through. This incident is particularly heartbreaking: Bill discovers that his son had died of smallpox and we see his blood tears as he reveals what he's become. Lorena had followed, and cruelly drinks from Caroline as Bill watches. I haven't decided if Bill is completely lying to the King when he accepts the sheriff position, or if he's remembering Lorena's advice in 1868: "The only way to show your love for a human is to stay away forever." Would he stay away from Sookie to shield her from the kind of danger he put Caroline in?
  • Most exciting character entrance: Alcide! Eric has the extremely hot werewolf look after Sookie and accompany her to Jackson and get more info on Bill's whereabouts. Here's a little detail we have on Alcide (besides that he looks great in a henley): his ex-girlfriend is now engaged to Coot, the leader of the were pack that took Bill.
  • Nicest employee-of-the-month-gift: Eric gives Lafayette a car to show his appreciation, and pumps him up a little by telling him how valuable he is. What does Eric want? And more importantly, who cares when he looks so great sitting in the driver's seat?
  • Dumbest werewolf-baiting tactic: Sookie uses herself to get some intel at a scary were bar, screaming to get saved by Alcide. Lucky that girl's got herself so many protectors, otherwise she'd have been dogmeat long ago.
  • Worst display of infidelity: In a show with a history of disturbing sex scenes, I think Bill's hate sex with Lorena is the most disturbing sex scene of the series, ever. I could hardly tell how it started, but by the time her head was completely twisted around, saying she still loved him, I felt like I'd been having a nightmare. On the one hand, because, ew, and on the other hand, because of Sookie. Will this completely tear them apart? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little guiltily happy that this could lead to Sookie turning to Eric.

Do you agree with me that this is the best episode this season so far? What did you make of that final scene? Let me know in comments!

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postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
I wasn't a fan of that final sex scene at all. I was just staring at my TV like... "Um. Ew. Ok." I agree with others that it was just way too much. Alcide.Is.So.Hot. Between him and Eric, I'm going to be drooling when I watch the next episode!
TheEnchantedOne TheEnchantedOne 7 years
@ ktc71 - Alcide's one of my favorite charters in the books, too! @ Ranaulz - I was also expecting more! Maybe in the next episodes.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
Wow, that last scene with Lorena and Bill totally skeeved me out. It definitely belonged in a campy horror movie. Also, Franklin's, umm, big moment was a bit much for me too. I do love the new Alcide hotness though. This show is like a buffet of hot men (and women. I sort of have a thing for Pam.)
emiad emiad 7 years
I like this season, I still love the show, but this ending scene... Please! Absolutely gross, sick, sorry but this is too much. I hated it.
allthingspop allthingspop 7 years
I don't care if Sookie hooks up with Eric or Alcide or both, as long as she's back with Bill in the end! Since I can't have him. : _ (
ktc71 ktc71 7 years
Loved it! Alcide was one of my favorite characters in the books, so I'm glad they finally introduced him.
gd101 gd101 7 years
ALCIDE! Joe Manganiello is burning up my TV screen . . . literally ;)
Ranaulz Ranaulz 7 years
Alcide deserves more air-time . I cant wait for thier relationship to develope . I think i puked when i saw her head twisted but the worse was she seemed to like it . Seriously the most gross sex scene in TV history ,!!!! The new vamp just gives me the creeps .
andreakro andreakro 7 years
I am the one who not like the season so far.... to many characters, too much information, and all of this feels like something is missing.. I'm diying to see Sookie and Eric together because I know that nothing is going to happen between Sookie and the new hot werewolf named Alcide... I hope it gets better
elramos elramos 7 years
The Lorena and Bill sex scene was definitely hands down the most disturbing thing I've seen on this show. My mouth literally hung open until the previews for the next episode ended. Who in the world thought to have that happen? That person is sick in the head. I was kind of disappointed in Alcide's introduction. I don't think they did enough with him. We see him at her house ... and then suddenly they're already at the club. No set up or anything. I didn't even think that Franklin could be the one hired by Eric ... that would make sense. But why would he go around bugging Jessica and Tara? Wouldn't Pam and Eric be able to give him more info on Bill than either of them. Arlene's baby with Rene was definitely the biggest shocker of the night. I really did not see that coming. I felt sorry for her ... until she went and let Terry think it was his. She should have told him the truth right away. The poor guy has been through enough in life and now has to live with that li.
noellec87 noellec87 7 years
I thought Arlene's baby was conceived when Maryann was around so Arlene would have no idea who the baby's daddy is and that's why she was so shaken by it. I didn't even think that Renee could have been the father too.
ladylove004 ladylove004 7 years
The episode was great but I am sorry that final scene was a bit too disturbing for me, when her head turned around I was like WTF is going on!! lol
jultritz jultritz 7 years
That final scene Amazingly, I can't hate Bill for cheating on Sookie because he just seems so tortured. My favorite moment - Jessican trying to scare Franklin Mott with her fangs and his sarcastically showing her his fangs. Hilarious - James Frain is genuis at those moments. Also - I watched Baby Mam yesterday and screeched "OMG, the King of Mississippi is her ob-gyn!" when Russell Edgington came on screen. Hahaha!
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