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True Blood Recap Episode "Night on the Sun" Season 3

True Blood Bites: "Night on the Sun" Episode

It's that time of the True Blood season when I start to worry about how many episodes are left — it's getting so good, and I don't want it to end! With some intense showdowns and touching reunions, there were actually reasons to cheer this week — something I don't normally feel during an episode of this show (sample: Go Sookie!).

Make no mistake: there's plenty of blood and guts to dissect as well, so let's get down to my superlative-filled recap when you


  • Best Mommie Dearest impression: Lafayette's schizophrenic mother Ruby Jean escapes her institution and gives her son a visit. Aside from the homophobic slurs and knife-waving, mom and son's brief reunion serves a nice purpose: it gets Lafayette and Jesus back on the road to getting together. Love it.
  • Best Father's Day card fodder: I never thought I'd be so moved by vampire fathers and daughters, but Bill's return to Bon Temps becomes emotional for him and Jessica when she confesses that she misses him and needs him. Not only does Bill let his progeny stay, he teaches her some Matrix-y kung fu vampire moves, which she shows off in the final showdown against a wily werewolf.
  • Most sexual-tension-filled goodbye: How that hug between Sookie and Alcide doesn't end in a make-out (or more) is totally beyond me. When she asks if he'll come see her again, the longing look she gives him pretty much shorted out my TV.
  • Worst post-traumatic stress-induced fantasy: Poor Tara (isn't that our constant refrain?). She escapes Franklin and Russell but can't escape her demons, whether it's because of the grief of everything she's been through, or the blood that she drank that's making her desire Franklin.
  • Saddest Stackhouse reunion: Eric sends Hadley to her cousin Sookie's with a message: "Russell is coming. Don't trust Bill." What's more unnerving is what Sookie hears in Hadley's mind, which I think I heard as "haven't you told them that you . . . all my fault." We're getting closer to finding out what Sookie is each week, and I'm getting more curious and excited with each clue. (P.S. Did anyone else wonder why Eric's face is bleeding when he's giving Hadley the message?)
  • Best Napoleon complex: Tommy is having a tough time adjusting to a normal life with Sam; namely, he can't resist the urge to throw down with any other male who infringes on his territory. He takes aim at Hoyt over Jessica, which I loved — is the "real man" Tommy refers to himself? On another note, his teary breakdown with Sam when Melinda says goodbye is one of my favorite scenes.
  • Best who-passed-gas face: We know that something is up with Jason's new girlfriend Crystal besides just domestic violence, but we get more of a hint at her animalistic nature this week. When she shows up to Jason's with a black eye, her family tracks her down with a trip to Merlotte's, and the scrunched-up sniffing Sam and Tommy do in their wake is a big clue that the Norris family may also be used to running around on all fours.
  • Best showdown: It's Sookie vs. Debbie! And Bill and Jessica vs. werewolves! And then Bill vs. Russell! In the insane final sequence, Sookie gets to fend for herself against the trashy-fabulous Debbie, using her fists and a well-placed pair of scissors to get the better of the lady. Truth be told, I'm so glad Sookie didn't shoot her — I'm really enjoying Brit Morgan's kooky portrayal of the unstable Debbie. She had me at "bitch please."
  • Most impressive sex scene fake out: Eric cashes in on the flirting he's been doing with Talbot, and things are pretty steamy until Talbot — in a compromising position — finds himself on the receiving end of a stake (not exactly what he was expecting, to say the least). Russell feels the loss immediately, abandoning the beat-down he's giving Bill. I'm scared to see how this centuries-old beef is settled between Eric and Russell. Messy, I presume.
  • Best honey-I'm-home moment: Here we go, folks: Bill and Sookie are back together. So glad those crazy kids could work things out and find it in their hearts to have rough make-up sex on the floor.

So, what did you think of "Night on the Sun"? Are you happy Bill and Sookie are back on? How do you think the face-off with Eric and Russell will go now that Eric is ready to confront him? Weigh in below, and don't forget to prove your fandom by joining the True Blood Southern Vampire group in the Buzz community!

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TammyO TammyO 7 years
I'm done with Sookie and Bill. And what was up with Bill screwing around with Sookie who broke up with him not too long ago when he should have been out in the woods looking for Baby Jessica who was hurt after Russell bit her in the neck. That's his "child" he could have at least made sure she was all right! Well.. just because they are rolling around on the floor doesn't mean that they are officially back on, I guess. And when is Sookie going to get her house cleaned up after that whole Marianne fiasco?? Tara should be scrubbing those wall in every episode!
peacelove7 peacelove7 7 years
UGH! this is such a crazy part to stop off on especially since i've read the books! DON'T TRUST BILL! Seriously. i was sooo angry when Sookie got back together with him. She is sooo gonna regret it later. Bill is such an ass.. and I literally couldn't stop from laughing hysterically when i saw that scrapbook. a bit ridiculous.
iloveogres520 iloveogres520 7 years
Great episode except for Sookie and Bill getting back together. I think this hookup will be even tougher on Sookie though if Eric IS right and Bill can't be trusted. Also, I'm really going to miss Talbot! I loved his character and it's going to be tough to see him go.
bchicgrl bchicgrl 7 years
I'm completely over Sookie and Bill together, I just want her with Eric already lol. I did hear Hadley say that it was her fault since she's the one that spilled Sookie's secret. I don't think there is any secret to what she is, they showed that last episode when she was in her "coma". I'm sorta glad Sookie didn't kill Debbie yet, save something for later and I'll be interested to see what Alcide thinks of what had happened since he was going to hunt down Debbie for what she did to his sister's hair salon. There's moments I really wish they stuck by the book more especially with Tara because sorry but I can't stand her, she is so fricken annoying. Also I was disappointed with the final Bill and Sookie on the floor going at it, I was really hoping they'd touch base on the fact that he was sent there to spy on her for the queen and once she found out she wouldn't forgive him.
Angelica Angelica 7 years
I second Bella's comment. So over not-good-for-her-Bill. She needs to shut all that down. I'm with you on the tension scene with Arlene, Buzz. There's no way that wouldn't be a kiss in the real world. Gossssh. Also, is it just me or is the show ridiculously bloody this season? I'm no baby, but it's too much for me. I can't look up most of the time. I get it. It's about vampires and v-addicts, but I don't need waterfalls of blood every two scenes.
Antidia Antidia 7 years
I was so angry to see Sookie and Bill get back together. I loathe Bill and the fact that the TV show is keeping them together, in my opinion, makes Sookie seem weak and stupid. And I think Hadley was referring to telling Sophie-Anne, because I believe that's why Bill had the files on her. And I was so happy to see them introduce Holly (the new waitress)! She doesn't look how I pictured her, but I am happy to see the character introduced. I hope they brought her in for the sale role she served in the books.
ashleydawn ashleydawn 7 years
I definately heard Hadley say "I'm the one that told them...Its all my fault". Whoever "them" is (Russell?), she must have told them the same thing that she told Eric when he threatened at Sophie-Anne's place. Thus, why Eric sent her to warn Sookie. He knew there was no way that Russell would leave her be after he took such...impulsive action again The Authority. Russell needs his "secret weapon".
Beauty Beauty 7 years
So tired of Sookie going back to NO GOOD BILL. He has some redeeming qualities, but he is not good for her. I really loved the bits with Arlene. I wanna know who that new waitress is!
hausfrau hausfrau 7 years
how many eps are left?
Entertainment Entertainment 7 years
I also thought Hadley may have said "I'm the one that told them," but it was so garbled for me.
care0531 care0531 7 years
I love this show! I am one of the few that enjoys seeing Bill and Sookie together but I don't think this is it....I think there relationship will have more bumps etc. I am just as confused with Eric's words and actions as Sookie but I am hoping he will stop being an ass now that he got his vengeance for the death of his family.....but I don't think he is done... LOVED LOVED LOVED the chick fight! LOL.
sookeh sookeh 7 years
i heard hadley as thinking "i'm the one that told him that you...all my fault" i'm guessing she assumes that eric told russell what sookie is or she thinks now that eric knows he's going to do horrible things to her?
Renees3 Renees3 7 years
I love Lafayette and Jesus, I want them to be happy! I'm really curious where they'll head with the Jason/Crystal story line, if they'll follow the book? Also I think Hadley said I'm the one that told them about you. Since she's the one who told Eric we know and presume she told Sophie Ann as well. I'm curious to see where Tommy will be going too. How long will he be able to stay good until he goes back to his parents?
laceykk23 laceykk23 7 years
This was a great episode! Some really good one liners especially from Jason 'they washed my brain' lol!!! I'm sad that its ending in just a couple weeks :( it seems like it just started.
jultritz jultritz 7 years
Elramos has it right - they get the bleeds if awake during the day. The show references it periodically. Bill and Lorena staying awake in the Dallas hotel room. Bill telling Lorena to go to ground when she is torturing him, etc. I think that Pam is going to suffer even more now. Eric took Russell's child and I think that Russell will now go after Eric's (plus I read an interview with Kristin Bauer that makes me think she has more suffering to go). Personally, I wanted Debbie dead like in the book. She has moments but I am really sort of over her.
ashleydawn ashleydawn 7 years
Yeah, it was definately daytime when Hadley left the Queen's room (I'm assuming) and ran into Eric. What I want to know is, what is going through Eric's mind? I know he must have some sort of master plans, but he's been so up and down lately. One episode he's daydreaming about Sookie, the next he's giving her up to Russel, and then he sends out Hadley to warn her! Geez, lol. I just want them to get together already!
elramos elramos 7 years
Eric's face was bleeding because he was awake during the day. He and Sophie-Ann bled the same way last week. & I agree kismekate. I got really pissed off at that. Sookie is so pathetic when it comes to Bill. Did no one else roll their eyes at her Bill & Sookie scrap book?
kismekate kismekate 7 years
It was awesome until Bill and Sookie got back together again in the end. Could we have had at least two episodes of them not pining pathetically over eachother? They drive me crazy. Besides that, it was a damn good episode.
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