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True Blood Recap Episode "Night on the Sun" Season 3

True Blood Bites: "Night on the Sun" Episode

It's that time of the True Blood season when I start to worry about how many episodes are left — it's getting so good, and I don't want it to end! With some intense showdowns and touching reunions, there were actually reasons to cheer this week — something I don't normally feel during an episode of this show (sample: Go Sookie!).

Make no mistake: there's plenty of blood and guts to dissect as well, so let's get down to my superlative-filled recap when you read more.

  • Best Mommie Dearest impression: Lafayette's schizophrenic mother Ruby Jean escapes her institution and gives her son a visit. Aside from the homophobic slurs and knife-waving, mom and son's brief reunion serves a nice purpose: it gets Lafayette and Jesus back on the road to getting together. Love it.
  • Best Father's Day card fodder: I never thought I'd be so moved by vampire fathers and daughters, but Bill's return to Bon Temps becomes emotional for him and Jessica when she confesses that she misses him and needs him. Not only does Bill let his progeny stay, he teaches her some Matrix-y kung fu vampire moves, which she shows off in the final showdown against a wily werewolf.
  • Most sexual-tension-filled goodbye: How that hug between Sookie and Alcide doesn't end in a make-out (or more) is totally beyond me. When she asks if he'll come see her again, the longing look she gives him pretty much shorted out my TV.
  • Worst post-traumatic stress-induced fantasy: Poor Tara (isn't that our constant refrain?). She escapes Franklin and Russell but can't escape her demons, whether it's because of the grief of everything she's been through, or the blood that she drank that's making her desire Franklin.
  • Saddest Stackhouse reunion: Eric sends Hadley to her cousin Sookie's with a message: "Russell is coming. Don't trust Bill." What's more unnerving is what Sookie hears in Hadley's mind, which I think I heard as "haven't you told them that you . . . all my fault." We're getting closer to finding out what Sookie is each week, and I'm getting more curious and excited with each clue. (P.S. Did anyone else wonder why Eric's face is bleeding when he's giving Hadley the message?)
  • Best Napoleon complex: Tommy is having a tough time adjusting to a normal life with Sam; namely, he can't resist the urge to throw down with any other male who infringes on his territory. He takes aim at Hoyt over Jessica, which I loved — is the "real man" Tommy refers to himself? On another note, his teary breakdown with Sam when Melinda says goodbye is one of my favorite scenes.
  • Best who-passed-gas face: We know that something is up with Jason's new girlfriend Crystal besides just domestic violence, but we get more of a hint at her animalistic nature this week. When she shows up to Jason's with a black eye, her family tracks her down with a trip to Merlotte's, and the scrunched-up sniffing Sam and Tommy do in their wake is a big clue that the Norris family may also be used to running around on all fours.
  • Best showdown: It's Sookie vs. Debbie! And Bill and Jessica vs. werewolves! And then Bill vs. Russell! In the insane final sequence, Sookie gets to fend for herself against the trashy-fabulous Debbie, using her fists and a well-placed pair of scissors to get the better of the lady. Truth be told, I'm so glad Sookie didn't shoot her — I'm really enjoying Brit Morgan's kooky portrayal of the unstable Debbie. She had me at "bitch please."
  • Most impressive sex scene fake out: Eric cashes in on the flirting he's been doing with Talbot, and things are pretty steamy until Talbot — in a compromising position — finds himself on the receiving end of a stake (not exactly what he was expecting, to say the least). Russell feels the loss immediately, abandoning the beat-down he's giving Bill. I'm scared to see how this centuries-old beef is settled between Eric and Russell. Messy, I presume.
  • Best honey-I'm-home moment: Here we go, folks: Bill and Sookie are back together. So glad those crazy kids could work things out and find it in their hearts to have rough make-up sex on the floor.

So, what did you think of "Night on the Sun"? Are you happy Bill and Sookie are back on? How do you think the face-off with Eric and Russell will go now that Eric is ready to confront him? Weigh in below, and don't forget to prove your fandom by joining the True Blood Southern Vampire group in the Buzz community!

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