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True Blood Recap of "In the Evening"

True Blood GIF Recap: "In the Evening"

Emotions are running high on this week's True Blood, so we're going to have to take a moment and talk about our feelings. This week, Arlene tries to cope with her grief in the wake of Terry's death, while Sarah Newlin responds to Governor Burrell's murder by taking charge and getting a little bit maniacal. As Burrell's facilities begin to roll out tainted, Hepatitis V-ridden Tru Blood, Eric must face the possibility of losing his afflicted sister.

There's only one way to digest the madness leading up to the most cataclysmic events of the season. It's time to process and reflect with GIFs.

When Eric and Nora Escape Vamp Camp

Eric is such a badass. He sends Willa to warn the others about the tainted Tru Blood and escapes from vampire camp without even batting an eye. Then he breaks a guard's neck and rides out on the bottom of a truck. You cannot hold this guy down.

See the rest of our reaction GIFs when you read on!

When Sarah Newlin Kisses the Governor's Severed Head

Um, ew.

When Sookie and Warlow Are Just Hangin' Out Naked in Fairyland

I'll take "Gratuitous Nudity" for 500 please . . . oh, would you look at that, we've got a Daily Double! At least Sookie puts on clothes before she goes back into the cemetery to comfort Arlene.

When Arlene Calls Lafayette a "Voodoo Queer"

Kind of harsh, but Arlene's having a tough time right now. Plus, at least it's an accurate insult.

When We Have to See What Sam and Nicole Are Up To

Yawn. Sam and Nicole have been hanging out in a hotel room for like, the whole season. And no, you cannot make up for it with that tepid sex scene in the shower. Then again, now that Alcide's pack has Nicole, maybe things will get interesting again.

When Jason Asks Jessica If She Has "Stockholder's Syndrome"

Jason is really just doing his best. When he says he wants to break Jessica out of vampire camp, she declines. Jessica is a total mess this season. Then again, she killed three of Andy's fairy daughters, so it's nice to see a vampire that's showing remorse for a change.

When Jessica Asks to See Vampire James Again

Jessica says she just wants to thank him, but I think none of us were surprised when she decides to have her way with him instead. I'm glad though, because I feel like we've all been itching to see a hot sex scene with James since we laid eyes on him last week.

When Billith's Blood Doesn't Heal Nora

What gives? Bill can't walk in the sun without the help of Warlow's fairy blood, he can't figure out how to stop his premonitions from happening, and he can't even magically heal people with his blood. Bill's pretty much the most useless demigod ever.

When Arlene Gets Drunk

We've never seen Arlene so relaxed! Awful circumstances, of course, but the interaction between her and Bill is priceless. What's she going to do when she finds out Terry left her a ton of life insurance money?

When Pam Starts Sexing Up Her Therapist

Gross moment number two comes when Pam starts seducing her pervy therapist. I'm still not entirely sure what the plan is there.

When Sarah Newlin Goes Insane With Power

I knew something was up the moment she smooched up on the Governor's head. This is the moment Sarah Newlin has been waiting for. First order of business? Throw Jason Stackhouse into a pit of hungry lady vamps.

When Eric Prays For Godric to Save Nora

It's so sad when Eric grows desperate enough to beg the long-dead Godric for help. I'll still never get used to the scenes where Eric shows vulnerability. Leave it to the unwarranted flashback (where Eric dons a ridiculous wig) to break the tension of the moment, though.

When Nora Just MELTS in Eric's Arms

I don't think I've ever been so grossed out and sad at the same time. On one hand, it's tough to see Eric so devastated by the death of his sister. On the other hand, she literally just melts into mush. Either way, that look on Eric's face after Nora dies means somebody's going to have to pay for this.

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