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True Blood Recap For "I'm Alive and on Fire"

True Blood Bites: "I'm Alive and on Fire" Episode

This week's True Blood contains so many defined abs that I can't even start to count them. Actual developments include Jason finally escaping from the most awful situation in all of Louisiana, Sam getting in deep with his new love interest, the witches gaining power, and Eric being naked and still wonderfully sweet.

While this episode is really about setting up a lot of things, I'm excited about where those things are going. If you're ready to talk about this week's episode, just


  • Best Drunk Acting: Amnesiac Eric is maybe the most adorable character on TV, ever. Turns out that Claudine's fairy blood makes Eric behave like a drunk person, and after he pinches Sookie's butt repeatedly, he runs off to go swimming. Once the sun starts burning him, Sookie brings him home and takes care of him, but refuses to stay with him when he requests it. I would love to know what her willpower secret is, because I could never say no to that face.
  • Best eye candy scene: Alcide and Eric have a supernatural beings quarrel when Sookie enlists her werewolf bud to help find Eric, and the guys end up challenging each other while completely naked. My eyeballs fell out of my head. Is this the first time that we've seen two of the show's hot dudes shirtless in one scene? Either way, I wish I could talk more about Alcide's six-pack, but the image of him disrobing has made me dumb.
  • Most disturbing it-gets-worse-before-it-gets-better scenario: I feel like I can barely talk about Jason's were-rape situation, but we obviously have to address it. In the contest for the sickest tidbit, one were-lady says that raping Jason is the "best she's ever had," and a little girl, Becky, almost tries to get it on with the Hotshot prisoner. She ultimately ends up letting Jason free, who then varies between weakness and superhuman strength. He's on the verge of death, but he's still able to knock people out and spear panthers (good riddance, Felton). Does that mean he's turning into a werepanther already?
  • Worst Parental Support: Tommy finds his mom after she calls him up to allegedly check on him. After Melinda lies and says that she left Tommy's dad and Tommy brags about how Hooked on Phonics worked for him, Joe Lee appears and wraps a chain around Tommy's neck, most likely to use him for dogfighting again. Can nothing good happen to this dude?
  • Most obvious foreshadowing: Debbie Pelt is so going to go bad again. She might be trying to be good now, but she's simmering under the surface when Alcide talks about helping Sookie. Hey, I'd be jealous too if I'd seen that sexual-tension-filled hug he and Sookie share on her porch.
  • Most inconvenient pop-in: Sam tries to surprise his new flame Luna at her house, but he finds something she didn't mention before: her daughter, Emma. They get closer when Sam bonds with the little girl, but Luna admits to Sam that her werewolf ex is hostile and still keeps an eye on her.
  • Most awkward genealogy class: Bill meets with the grandmother of his new fling, Portia, and everything is going swimmingly — until they check out the Bellefleur family tree. Turns out that Bill is related to Portia, which makes their hook-up last week a whole lot more incesty.
  • Worst child development: The baby doll seems to be wreaking havoc on Terry and Arlene's household. We don't know who or what does it, but something writes a creepy message on the wall: "Baby not yours." I'm choosing to believe that it's not cutie baby Mikey who's evil, but that hideous doll.
  • Best deception: Sookie insists that Bill not search her house for Eric, but he pushes on. Her asking him "When have I ever lied to you?" changes his mind, and he calls off his search, but now Sookie has lied to Bill. I'd care more about the future of their relationship if I weren't so obsessed with Sookie and Eric getting together — and the kiss she had denied Eric moments earlier.
  • Most unexpected love connection: Thank the heavens that someone finds Jason when he's near death on the side of the road. It's even better and more intriguing that it's Hoyt and Jessica who find him, and that Jessica feeds Jason her blood to save him. We know that they'll be linked now, and Jason will soon start having erotic dreams about Jessica. Is everyone loving this as much as I am? I like Hoyt and all, but a Jason/Jessica connection is sort of awesome. Hey, anything beats the werepanther storyline for Jason.
  • Goriest spell: Pam confronts Marnie about what she did to Eric, and the witch — possessed by the spirit of a more powerful sorceress — casts a disgusting spell on Pam that turns her into a corpse. There hasn't been this much gore on the show this season yet, but Pam peeling off her own cheek rates pretty highly on my personal gross-out meter.

What did you think of this week's True Blood? I'm liking the direction of the season so far, and the way the relationships seem to be forming. What was your favorite part?

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Join The Conversation
LexiLoca LexiLoca 6 years
i'm glad that they are deviating a bit from the book, if you like the show i seriously suggest reading the books they are great! that little baby doll just gives me the creeps ick
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 6 years
Yeah, care, he is a werepanther in the books with a much better storyline.
care0531 care0531 6 years
The whole things with Jason bothers me. He does turn into a were-panther in the book but since the show is so unlike the book I was hoping it wouldn't go down this route....still keeping my fingers crossed. I can't help but think that maybe he will have some sort of super natural powers. I mean being bitten by a were-panther, drinking Jess' blood, and not to mention he comes from a family of fairies....I am thinking he will get some sort of power...whether or not he is smart enough to use them we shall see :) The Bill and Portia thing was something that bothered me last week since they were related in the books and it bothered me even more this week when he finally realized that. I too am surprised he didn't know that seeing that he knows so much about families and their history in that town. While I am loving the soft side of Eric and all I can't help but prefer her with Alcide. It's a refreshing change to see her with anyone other Bill but I still didn't like her lying to him. Craziness and all I am loving this season. It wouldn't be True Blood without some craziness :)
Asfandancer Asfandancer 6 years
For me it always has been and will always be Eric as played by Alexander Skarsgard. Had the role been played by any other actor it would not have been the same. Somehow though I would like to see him with a woman who deserves him and Sookie does not fill that prescription. I do like the witch storyline and am hoping AB has gotten over his insistence to cram the Hot Shot community down our throats really hated all that stupidity (ghost daddy and ghost mama give me a break.) I'm simply not into the Alcide character because he is such a one trick pony body only no depth no substance. And don't get me started on Bill, even without being with Sookie he is boring, boring, boring.
scubagurl7 scubagurl7 6 years
I really really hope that Jason doesn't become a were-panther. I cannot stand Crystal and really hope her plan to change him didn't work. I think the Jason-Jessica plot would be really interesting to see. I do think the new Eric is cute but getting kind of old, I miss his old personality, but that could be because I'm rooting for Sookie and Alcide to get together.
lauren lauren 6 years
I loved this episode and have to agree a sookie/eric relation would be the best! The whole jason scene was really tough to watch but I am glad he has escaped and hopefully I never have to see crystal and her panther clan again but I am sure that won't be the case! The Bill and Portia thing was gross, you would think Bill would do a little more research!
mindyfaith mindyfaith 6 years
This season is kind of dumb. There are too many story lines going on, you have arlene's crazy baby, panther jason, hoyt and jessica, lesbian tara, witch lafayette, king bill, fairy eater eric, not to mention a v addicted sheriff, which would provide for comic relief, but they've only put him in episodes as filler thus far. Oh yeah, and what is up with sam and his new GF? They've never focused on quite so many situations at once, and it's getting tedious to watch....
Harmonia Harmonia 6 years
Loved this episode. Eroc/Sookie story line is awsome, I really want them to be together, new Eric is soo charming that I go numb when I see him.. This season rocks!
jazzytummy jazzytummy 6 years
Alcide and Eric naked of course takes the cake. I can tell Debbie is going to go psych-bitch again, and I hope Sookie takes her out! As much as everyone wants an Eric/Sookie hookup, I'm holding out for Alcide....dude is just sick hot.
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