Things heat up on True Blood this week when we finally find out who Warlow is, though it's kind of bad news for Sookie (and bad news for those of us who were excited about her new love interest). Things get a little crazy for other characters, like Andy's daughters, who mature very quickly, but may not live to see the rest of their lives. Sam shifts into an impressive animal and then gets a little lovin', but most importantly, Eric gets half-naked, you guys. It's certainly an entertaining episode, so let's retread all the big events of this week in GIFs!

When We Find Out Ben Is a Fairy/Vampire Hybrid

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And Then When We Find Out He's Warlow

When Sookie Figures It Out First

When It Turns Out Warlow's the Progeny of Lilith and the Only One Who Can Kill Her

When Jason Is Doing Pull-Ups

When Andy's Kids Wake Up as Teenagers

When Jason Is Shaving to a Miguel Song

When Sam Shifts Into a Horse

When Eric Takes His Shirt Off to Turn Willa Into a Vampire

When Bill Is Talking to the Professor About Synthesizing Fairy Blood

When Ben Starts Speaking in an English Accent

When Jessica Drains All of Andy's Daughters

When Sookie Hooks Up With Ben and Then Calls Him Warlow