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True Blood Recap "Let's Boot and Rally"

True Blood Bites: "Let's Boot and Rally"

This season of True Blood hasn't been as gory as years past, but this week's episode is graphic in a different way. Among the nightmarish scenes that are disturbingly creepy, we meet a new supernatural entity, lose one character, and are reunited with two characters we hadn't seen in a while (and in both cases, it's gross). We also find out what happens after Sookie and Alcide's big make-out, as well as the aftermath of Jason's discovery about his parents.

This week is a bit more exciting, and there are lots of bits to get to, so let's break down the episode into superlatives after the jump.

  • Most nauseating case of coitus interruptus: Sookie and Alcide's hookup heats up just as a wave of nausea hits her, and she pukes on his boots instead of knocking them. More annoying is the presence of Eric and Bill, just standing there, who are recruiting Sookie to come help them find Russell. Unlike in seasons past, she's ready to go, having reluctantly accepted that this is her life now.
  • Worst heads-up: After he realizes he almost killed Sookie when he was possessed, Lafayette freaks out, sick of all the brujo shenanigans. He wants a sign from Jesus, but he gets it in the worst way at the end of the episode, when Jesus's decapitated head, mouth sewn shut and bloody, appears to both him and his mother. The head would have been more scary if it didn't look like a Halloween decoration.
  • Most irritating new menace: Meet your new True Blood villain: Irfit. It turns out that Patrick's and Terry's old war buddy, Eller, isn't a psycho — he's just running from a fire monster. Eller says they've been cursed by an innocent woman they killed as soldiers, who sent "a fertile being of smoke and fire" after them. Terry's a believer, but Patrick's not, and they leave Eller tied up in his supposedly fire retardant basement to get attacked by the Irfit, which looks and sounds way too much like the Lost smoke monster for my comfort.
  • Most short-lived friendship: With her Pam-approved makeover, Tara becomes a bartender at Fangtasia but gets in trouble with her maker right away when she feed on a customer. Jessica bellies up to the bar just after and offers her sympathy and friendship, which Tara welcomes. They're cute as they giggle and commiserate about how tough — and wonderful — it is to be a vampire . . . until Hoyt shows up to the bar and hits on Tara, hoping she'll suck his blood. She caves and sinks her teeth into Hoyt in the ladies' room, until Jessica (in the next stall) goes on a jealous rampage when she hears her new friend biting her old boyfriend. So much for girlfriends.
  • Most disturbing family flashback: The fairy flash Jason and Andy experience last week doesn't seem to have harmed them, except that Jason is now having visions of his parents with vampire bite wounds on their necks. He also sees them as the shooting victim friends of Sam, and the story line doesn't lead us to much this week, though I'm glad it gave us an excuse to see Jason's butt.
  • Saddest death: I wasn't attached to Luna at all, but her sudden death is still tragic. She's shot by the same hooligans, we assume, who killed Sam's friends, just after Sam is also shot. Little werewolf Emma escapes just in time, and I'm guessing that Sam will recover from his wounds and become her adopted guardian.
  • Yuckiest fun house: The house that Alcide's employee leads Sookie and the guys to is like a mishmash of various scenes from haunted-house horror films. First, it's a ripped-off hand, then a pile of rat-infested dead bodies, then a gaggle of hanging human victims waiting to be harvested. Finally, they find Russell, and Eric promises to finish him off, fangs out — just as a ruckus shocks them. Werewolves?

What did you think of this week's True Blood?

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