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True Blood Bites: "Let's Get Out of Here"

We see an interesting side to a lot of characters in this week's episode of True Blood. Lafayette (as inhabited by the spirit Mavis) spends most of the episode squeezing in the word "bébé" into every sentence of dialogue, and Debbie and Antonia begin to spin out of control.

Consumed by her need to obliterate vampires, Antonia begins to alienate her coven and amps up her efforts in her war against bloodsuckers with a plan that ends in an intense cliff-hanger. I'm eager to hear how you guys think the story might develop, so let's break down this week's episode first when you


  • Most likely she-wolf to have a nervous breakdown: A paranoid Debbie pays Sookie a jittery, V-fueled visit, assuring a suspicious Sookie that she's not crazy — which, of course, only makes her seem crazier — and offering her assistance in finding Eric. I couldn't help but feel sorry for Debbie when she looks so surprised that Sookie reveals that she trusts her, and that Alcide really does love her. Nevertheless, I quickly went back to disliking her when she tries to ditch Sookie as they flee Antonia’s headquarters. Was Debbie only freaking out over almost being called out by the witch, or did she intend to betray Sookie all along? Either way, she's clearly bad news.
  • Worst way to make amends: Are you all as annoyed by Tommy as I am? Sure, it's kind of sweet that he tries to face Sam's battle with Marcus, but as usual, Tommy only ends up making things worse. He shifts into Sam and attempts to convince the big bad wolf that Tommy — not Sam — slept with his former wife, Luna, so that the pack will go after him instead of Sam. However, in typical Tommy fashion, he's belligerent and has to get under Marcus's skin, which means he ends up getting beaten unconscious. Tommy's mistakes are getting ridiculous at this point. Will this shifty shifter ever learn?
  • Weirdest Ghost Whisperer moment: Jesus comes to his boyfriend's rescue, exorcising Mavis's spirit from Lafayette's body. Jesus explains to Mavis that something she never made peace with is causing her spirit to linger in the world of the living, but she has more trouble believing she's in a male body until she hilariously goes poking around her new form. I half-expected Jennifer Love Hewitt to pop up in the scene in which Jesus expels Mavis's spirit from Lafayette's body. I found the lighting effects cheesy and couldn't help but wonder why the now-closed story line had been included at all. Will we see Mavis again or was this just a weird, self-contained side story?
  • Most racy dream: Fueled by a fresh supply of Bill's blood, Sookie finds herself dreaming about the king of Louisiana and Eric simultaneously. Her subconscious clues her into the fact that she still has feelings — both sexual and emotional — for each vampire, and she comes to the conclusion that she wants them both. It's nice to see Sookie take control of her love life in such a firm way, albeit in dream form, but it's only a matter of time before she'll need to make a choice in the real world.
  • Best recurring appearance of Taylor Swift's CD: In a bitter ex-boyfriend move, Hoyt decides to pack up all of Jessica's belongings in a box marked "For you, monster," including a Taylor Swift album. Later, Jason comes across the same Taylor Swift album, and Hoyt has him deliver it along with the other items to Jessica. Hoyt basically sends Jason into Jessica's arms, as the two end up getting busy in the bed of Jason's pickup truck, while Swift's "Haunted" plays in the background. With Hoyt acting like such a jerk, I was pretty excited to see the couple get together, but I'm not looking forward to the fallout between Jason and his best friend.
  • Bossiest witch: Antonia really has to work on her people skills, as all but one member of her coven — the friendless Roy — aren't responding well to her supercontrolling approach to leading the group. She flips out when her witches refuse to join hands and then casts a spell that keeps her coven members trapped against their will. Looks like Antonia doesn't know how to interact well with people when she isn't controlling them via a spell, as she is Eric (aka the blond one), who is in the midst of carrying out her assassination plot toward the end of the episode. Sookie warns Bill to run, but chaos has already broken out at the Festival of Tolerance by the time she reaches him.

How do you think the episode's cliff-hanger will play out? We know Eric is older and stronger than Bill, so how does the king stand a chance? Perhaps Sookie's fairy powers will come into play? Tell me what you think in the comments section below!

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Renees3 Renees3 6 years
I fully agree there are too many characters. It reminds me of Heroes when it just all goo to be too much. It's like the story is supposed to revolve around Sookie, with other characters having stuff going on too, but at this point there's like no main character. Also @Asfandancer yes we were all watching the same episode, but are you forgetting that we watched Debbie go and buy V, her eyes glowing when Alcide got into bed that night, and when she tried to take off from the witches and yelling F*CK when Sookie ran up to the car?? They're definitely setting something up. I think Debby was "helping" and then was going to leave her to the witches just like she told Antonia. But she doesn't want Alcide to know so she has to be sly about it all. Maybe it's just me but Luna's kid doesnt bug me that much. We rarely see her anyway
jazzytummy jazzytummy 6 years
Characters that need to disappear: Tommy Hoyt Sheriff Belfleur Debbie Luna's kid Characters that need less screen time: Tara Jesus Jessica Arlene Jason Characters that need more screen time: Eric Alcide Bill Sam Pam Lafayette As a sidenote, I really miss the Russell Edgington character. He was badass. Am also over every guy on the show swooning over Sookie and trying to protect her. Bring on another kickass hot chick that gets their attention, and see how old Sooks handles it. There are just too many characters, so each storyline is diluted, and the characters are now caricatures. It is becoming less scary/thrilling and more cheesy.
jadenirvana jadenirvana 6 years
Terrible episode. True Blood should take a note from Game of Thrones and start killing some real characters to keep the suspense up. And yes, Luna's daughter has GOT to go.
Asfandancer Asfandancer 6 years
Not my favorite episode, Antonia is really starting to annoy me. Although I do not trust Debbie and feel sure she will eventually try to kill Sookie, but was everyone else watching a differedt show from me this week? The whole Debbie turning Sookie in to the witches was a ploy cooked up by Sookie to find out what Antonia had planned for Eric. Debbie was actually helping Sookie in this episode. While i did enjoy the Lafayette/Mavis story did not see the point. Just something else to take screen time away from the vampires which is why I watch this show. The threesome was a nice comic relief which has been missing from the show as of late. Who the heck is Taylor Swift and what was the problem with that song choice?
care0531 care0531 6 years
One more looks like Eric gets shot in the next guess is that they are regular bullets and not wooden bullets just something to stop him or slow him down. With only 3 episodes left I am guessing we will start seeing some deaths. I am sure the witch will die in the end but I am thinking Tommy and Hoyt might also be at risk.
care0531 care0531 6 years
I've actually really enjoyed this season so far but I agree the last 2 episodes have been no where near as good as the first few. I can't believe there are only 2 episodes left! Anyone else find it weird that Taylor Swift was a song choice to be played during the show? I mean I get that it was all part of the CD being returned to her etc but have Taylor Swift music playing on a True Blood episode....they don't go together at all. Lol.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 6 years
I was beyond annoyed at this episode. Seriously, if True Blood keeps going this way, I might have to ditch it.
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 6 years
I'm enjoying this season. I think the storylines are tighter, and yes, the Lafayette storyline might be it's own, self-contained one (and explained the creepy doll and haunting of Mikey) but I also think it will bring Lafayette and Jesus to the side of the vampires (I think Sookie will tell them Tara is being held against her will) showing Lafayette's power, he might be the only one able to stop Antonia/Marnie (Martonia!)... In the previews, it also looked like whatever was on fire was actually a FAIRY!!!! While I HATED what they've done with the fairies on the show, they are my favorite part of the books, so I'm still hoping they'll be part of the show! Sidenote, although it seems like forever that Sookie has waitressed at Merlotte's, I was surprised Alcide wasn't aware of Sam, or at least the restaurant/connection to Sookie!!
elramos elramos 6 years
This was probably the worst episode of the season. Lafayette's story was so bad, especially the last shot with the ghosts.
kea718 kea718 6 years
I gotta be honest, this show is starting to annoy me. I wish Luna's ex-husband would come and take that obnoxious child and then disappear forever so that kid is never seen on this show again (I figure it would be pretty awful on my part if I wish the kid to be eaten by vampires so I'm not going to go there). I seriously can't stand that child. I wish the bunny would have bit her face off... Anyway, Sookie's an idiot. What is she doing trusting Debbie? So she read her mind... because, really, it's SOOO HARD to make yourself think of something else. It's not like Debbie doesn't know Sookie can read minds. Why are the majority of characters on this show so damn unlikable? I've been hoping for something to happen that peaks my interest on this show for a while now....instead, I find myself playing games on my phone or surfing the net while watching. I'm kinda confused on the whole Jessica having sex thing... Isn't she like a perpetual virgin? So each time she has sex it would be like losing it for the first time all over again... Was anybody's first time enjoyable? So how is it enjoyable for her? Am I just thinking too much into this?
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