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True Blood Recap "Somebody That I Used to Know"

True Blood Bites: "Somebody That I Used to Know"

Things are getting freaky in Bon Temps. This week on True Blood, we have not one but two flashbacks (equally disturbing in their own special ways), some trafficking of the vampire and human varieties, and a creeptastic shapeshift, courtesy of Luna. Sookie also gets a little closer to finding out the truth about her parents' murder, and Terry receives some bad news.

Following last week's bloodbath led by Russell, the new authority's antimainstreaming movement makes some internal progress, but it looks like most of the action is still to come. Take a look at some of this week's most memorable moments when you read more.

  • Most popular shifter form: Why's everybody gotta be shifting into Sam all the time? His (late) little brother took on his likeness last season and in a fit of emotion this week, Luna suddenly looks in the mirror and finds herself looking into Sam's eyes. I hope Sam Trammell is getting paid extra for all the double-duty he's pulling, not to mention his additional flashes of nudity. Is it weird to say that the Luna-Sam hybrid is my favorite character this week?
  • Most graphic sex scene: I know sex scenes are a dime a dozen on True Blood, but forget Sookie and the vamps, this week's gratuitous sex scene belongs to Alcide and his wolfy girlfriend/not girlfriend. Might I say, that's one interesting training session.
  • Most horrific moment of clarity: Eric is the first to come out of his Lilith high, and he does not look pleased to realize the havoc he and The Authority brought on the innocent people of Louisiana. What's even more horrifying is the gross bonding session The Authority has while they're coming down from their highs, sharing about how much fun it was to feed on children again.
  • Dapperest gentleman: Bill, Baton Rouge, 1909. Admittedly, that scene with his dying daughter is really heartbreaking, but let's focus on how good Bill looks in that Victorian Interview With the Vampire getup.
  • Most awkward induction ceremony: Now that Hoyt's a part of the hate club, his new buds want to welcome him. So they trap Jessica and imprison her in silver chains so Hoyt can stake her. That's so . . . sweet?
  • Least cathartic closure: Hoyt spares Jessica and they have a short chat about their breakup, but then when she thanks him, he's still angry at her. It's nice that he doesn't slay her, but clearly Hoyt still has a chip on his shoulder.
  • Worst British accent: Sookie impersonates Claudine at one point and it's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
  • Most upstanding gentleman: Alcide volunteers to drop out of the running as pack master to save a young kid's life, continuing his tenure as the most decent person on this show.
  • Most welcome shapeshift: Luna turns back into herself right as Sam is about to kiss her. I've seen some weird stuff on this show but I don't think I could handle a Sam-on-Sam make-out session, so thank you for sparing my eyes, True Blood writers.
  • Best example of what goes around comes around: Just as I thought Pam was being a total jerk to Tara, she turns around and chains up the racist chick who Tara went to high school with. What a lovely gesture!
  • Worst ultimatum: At Arlene's request, newly freed sassy seance master Lafayette channels the Iraqi woman Terry and Patrick killed. The woman isn't quite in a forgiving mood and demands one of them has to kill the other one in order for the fire monster curse to be lifted. I have a feeling that's not the answer Arlene was looking for.
  • Scariest "evolution": Eric is refusing to partake in discussions of killing off humans, but much to everyone's surprise, it's Bill who comes up with the idea to bomb all the Tru Blood factories. He claims he's "evolved," and I can't tell whether he has something up his sleeve or if he's turned for good.

What did you think of this week's episode?

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