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True Blood Bites: "Soul of Fire"

This week is the last episode of True Blood before the season finale, and we get the big witch/vampire showdown. Things seem wrapped up on that front until the final moments reveal that there's a lot more trouble on the way. Meanwhile, Sam is determined to avenge his brother's death, and as one relationship dissolves, another looks like it's on the verge.

Sookie's fairy background also asserts itself in a couple ways, as she uses her powers against Marnie, and one of her fairy brethren resurfaces in town. Let's break it all down into superlatives, spoilers, and all, when you


  • Best one-liner: Antonia revolts after Marnie kills one of her own followers, Casey, for trying to abandon ship. The witch's spirit comes out of Marnie for a moment, or as Lafayette so eloquently puts it: "Marnie just puked a b*tch out." Marnie is stronger than Antonia, and she performs a binding spell to trap Antonia inside.
  • Saddest maker/child spat: Bill negotiates with Marnie for Sookie's release by agreeing to the witch's request: that he and Eric kill themselves. Pam won't have it, and she fires on the Moon Goddess Emporium with a rocket launcher. The spell prevents the shot from landing, and it backfires, leaving Jason badly burnt. Jessica goes to his rescue, feeding him her blood once again. Even though no one inside the emporium is harmed, Eric is furious at Pam for putting Sookie in danger, telling her to get away from him before he kills her.
  • Best zombie impression: Marnie puts a spell on the vampires, compelling them to walk toward the deadly fiery ring to their death like some leather-clad extras from The Walking Dead. Sookie hears Jason's thoughts and stops the spell with her fairy powers, so Marnie decides it's time to kill the telepath and surrounds her in a circle of fire.
  • Timeliest use of the family gift: Jesus and Lafayette use the body and blood of Casey for a counter spell in a back room. Jesus warns his boyfriend that they're about to go to a dark place, which is correct, because his creepy monster mask comes back. It's effective, and while Jesus is possessed, he separates Antonia from Marnie, halting the protection spell and the fire around Sookie.
  • Yuckiest return to form: After Jesus disarms Marnie, the vampires make their move, snarling with glee. Marnie's foolish minion, Roy, tries to block Eric, but it only makes him an ideal target. The vamp snatches Roy's heart out of his chest and then sips from it like a bloody juice box. Bill's elimination of Marnie is far simpler: he fills her full of traditional bullets. Dingdong, the witch is dead.
  • Best modern Romeo and Juliet: Jason admits to Jessica that even without her blood in him, she's all he can think about. He says he still feels guilty about Hoyt, but the goo-goo eyes they make at each other suggest that this love story is so on.
  • Best villain vanquishing: Sam goes after Marcus to exact his revenge for Tommy's death, and he and Alcide find Marcus, Emma, and Debbie at Alcide's. They interrupt Marcus and Debbie's sketchy were-seduction, and Sam and Marcus fight to the end with their bare hands. Sam is about to let Marcus go without killing him, but Marcus isn't as honorable, grabbing a gun and shooting wildly around the room. Alcide takes his chance and leaps on Marcus, choking him to death.
  • Weirdest breakup speech: Marcus isn't the only thing that's dead. Before he leaves the scene of the crime, Alcide dumps a devastated Debbie. It's about time this relationship imploded, but Alcide's words to her couldn't be odder, as he says things "I share flesh with you no longer." It's a bit more dramatic than "It's not you, it's me," but it does the trick.
  • Most unexpected sex scene: After tangling with Terry last week, Andy finds himself lost in the woods and mildly disoriented from withdrawing from V. When a fairy, Morella, stops him in his tracks, she wastes no time in putting the moves on him. But after they do it on the ground, and Andy finds his way home, Arlene convinces him that it was all a hallucination.
  • Most irritating cliffhanger: Don't celebrate Marnie's death too soon. After Lafayette soothes his boyfriend for being their savior, they drift off to sleep in their leopard-print haven. It's all just so peaceful . . . until Marnie's spirit floats up over Lafayette, and she dives in. Three possessions in one season? Can't a sassy line-cook catch a break?

Except for Lafayette's possession, the witch storyline feels mostly resolved, so I'm curious about what the big conflict in next week's season finale will be. With the random appearance of a fairy, I'm guessing more are probably on the way and we'll come full circle to the season premiere. What did you think of this week's episode? Are you excited about the finale?

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bethany0403 bethany0403 5 years
I think for sure Hoyt is a goner. I think he kills himself after learning about Jessica and Jason. Like father like son. I think it is his hand that has the blood running down it shown in the preview. I also think Jesus is not long for this world. It seems Kevin Alejandro dies in all the series he's in. I still miss Nate on Southland. Finally, I am hoping it is Russel and NOT Maryann that comes back. That Maynard storyline was the worst.
care0531 care0531 5 years
I am scared for Lafayette....I fear that he might be attacked and hurt or possibly killed. With it being the season finale I am guessing we will see 1 more death or serious cliff hanging injury. I had read that someone from a past season comes back I was thinking it was Russell but now I don't really know. I feel like this season started with a lot and some of the stories just sorta dropped off and were never the black lady that Lafayette could she gone now? Is Mikey still possessed or dangerous? Is Tara going back to New Orleans at all? What happened to the were-panthers? Are any of those girls that rapped Jason pregnant?
peatree peatree 5 years
I think the fairies are coming back only to use regular people ( men & women) so that they can make more fairies. I feel bad for Lafayette, now that he knows he's a medium,every ghost who realizes that about him seems to want to jump inside his body and use him. For the most part I really liked this week's episode and I can't wait for the season finale on Sunday.
darkieamina darkieamina 5 years
What about the black girl she's my favorite character. Is anything going right for her yet? Any sane romances?
Asfandancer Asfandancer 5 years
Darn autocorrect I ment my last year for True Blood and HBO.
Asfandancer Asfandancer 5 years
Not sure if it's bad acting or bad writing. I think she is going with what they give her, but what they are giving her is absurd. The writers continue to lack continuity with the characters. Sookie is not suppose to be completely stupid, but when the writers choose to have her join hands with the coven anyone with half a brain would known that the spell Marmie was weaving was going to kill the vampires, the very ones Sookie is claims to love. First time Alcide's character was not completely robotic and wooden. Unfortunately, he mumbled the line so bad I couldn't even understand what he said. This is probably my last year for TN. From here forward I will just watch the DVD's and fast forward through boring Bill; doormat Sookie; The Mickens; Hot Shot; Jason and Amy's V trips; the Maryanne nonsense; fairyland; and mediocre Alcide. Leaves me with the only characters with any fun and interesting qualities, Eric, Pam, Lafayette, Sam, Andy, Terry, Arlene, Russel, Franklin, and Ginger.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 5 years
I'm really over the bad acting, too. I wish Lala would catch a break, though. Oh, and I'm ticked off at how Eric treated Pam. It wasn't necessary.
Renees3 Renees3 5 years
Yea Alcide's words weren't just weird they were specific. He basically 100% cut her off. FINALLY. She's so stupid. @ChelMarie - I totally agree. I can't handle her bad acting and it seems like the camera just stays on her face for AGES when she's trying to look upset or concerned. It kills me. I love Jesus, but if I was Lafayette I would be pissed at him. None of this possession stuff happened before he came along and now it's like anytime someone dies, hey I'll just go hang out inside Lafayette! I think Terry got himself seriously mixed up in some faerie stuff. Im sure that promise will come back to haunt him!
ChelMarie ChelMarie 5 years
Maybe I'm alone in this but the last few weeks I've been CRINGING over Anna Paquin's so-called acting. She's been awful. At first I thought it was Anna just doing "southern belle clueless" but it's's bad acting. I've always been TEAM Sookie/Eric, still am now that Eric is normal again...but more and more I'm wanting Eric and Bill to just makeout and leave Sookie in the dust.
ihaveaqtsn ihaveaqtsn 5 years
Alcide's breakup speech was a were thing. He abjured Debbie and he literally can no longer see her or hear her even when she is in the same room. He literally kicked her out of his life.
BlackKitty BlackKitty 5 years
You forgot about Andy and his promise in the woods... I think that the fearies are back..
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