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True Blood Bites: "Spellbound"

The battle between the vampires and witches reaches fever pitch in this week's episode of True Blood. Both sides lose victims in the first battle of what is now an all-out war, with even major characters finding themselves in the line of fire.

While one big relationship met its downfall, others flourished — including Sookie and Eric's, which has taken on weirdly euphoric levels now that the two have shared each others' blood. If you're ready to break down the breakup, battle scene, and more, just


  • Saddest ghost story: We finally get the back story on the creepy doll and equally creepy spirit hanging around baby Mikey. It turns out the spirit’s fixation on Arlene’s baby is due to her having tragically lost her own child during her lifetime, and now she wants to claim Mikey as her own. That much is clear after she takes over Lafayette's form and snatches the baby — along with a gun — away from his sleeping parents. Whether she plans to use the gun to simply protect the infant, or for some other, more sinister plot is unknown.
  • Best first kiss: Once Jason saves Jessica's life, she's hopeless against resisting him, but she's still a little surprised by her actions, cutely covering her mouth after the lip lock.
  • Funniest Freaky Friday moment: Tommy wastes no time in exploiting his newfound ability to shift into other people, transforming into a disheveled, foul-mouthed version of Maxine in an attempt to profit from the natural gas rights on her property. Even if he is up to no good, it’s still pretty hilarious to see him order two Miller tallboys paired with shots of tequila and hot sauce as the self-righteous matron.
  • Most psychedelic reaction to drinking blood: Sookie lets Eric feed on her so that he can regain strength after his “silvering,” and Eric, in turn, lets Sookie feed from him, saying, “We will be one.” After feeding on one another, the pair embarks on a hallucinogenic, acid-like trip, seeing snowflakes fall from shower heads and talking about making love forever on a bed they encounter in a forest.
  • Most drama-ridden pack: Pack leader Marcus orders his werewolves to stay out of the trouble brewing between Bon Temps’s witches and vampires, but it looks like there’s plenty of drama within the pack to keep the group occupied. We find out that Marcus is father to Luna’s daughter, and he’s vowed to cause trouble for Sam for hanging out with his little girl. Meanwhile, a suspicious Debbie follows Alcide to find that he has lied to her about staying away from Sookie. Will the unstable shewolf fall off the wagon or betray Alcide by getting him in trouble with the pack?
  • Best pint-sized wingwoman: Sam shows up a Luna’s doorstep, explaining that he’s kicked Tommy out of his life, but the lady-shifter is still reluctant to invite him in. Luckily for Sam, Luna’s daughter does it for her, insisting that Sam play Barbies. Playing with dolls may not be the smoothest way for a man to rework his way into a woman’s heart, but it seems to have helped the pair begin to move past the awkward Tommy situation.
  • Worst breakups (fictional and nonfictional): Who realized that Jessica’s first breakup scene with Hoyt was a dream? There were certainly a lot of clues — the eye-rolling, Hoyt’s over-the-top pleas, and, you know, Jessica killing him — but stranger things have happened on True Blood. Equally painful to watch was the actual breakup, with Hoyt crossing the line by calling out Jessica on her inability to have kids and her eternal virginity. Low blow, Hoyt. Low blow.
  • Most violent midnight rendezvous: The vampires and the witches battle it out when they meet up in the cemetery for what is initially supposed to be a peaceful discussion. Team vampire takes significant hits with Bill getting a load of silver to the face, Eric falling under Antonia’s trademark puppet-master spell, and Sookie taking a bullet to the abdomen! Alcide shows up just in time to save Sookie, but Eric and Bill seem like they are in some serious trouble.

What do you think will happen to Bill and Eric now that they are under the witches’ control? Can we expect to see the end of the reformed Eric next week now that he's under Antonia's control?

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Renees3 Renees3 6 years
Okay that makes sense. Although seems to me this spell to protect him seems to have opened him up to more problems! As usual, eh? haha
care0531 care0531 6 years
Reenee3- Layfette sees the ghosts now only because of the spell that Jesus' grandfather cast on him to protect him. I agree with all of you about expecting more from the episode than what we got. I think when I saw the previews I was expecting something awesome with the showdown and that didn't happen. I am over the whole Sookie and Eric thing....when is she going to listen to her Gran and stay away from him that he is no good. I think there was always a little good in him but now with the witch he I imagine he will be worse than before.
Renees3 Renees3 6 years
I don't see Marcus looking like Alcide even if he cleaned up but regardless, that's not how they're portraying him on the show. I don't hate Alcide, is it because he's wishy washy on who he cares about, Debbie or Sookie? And as much as I'm neither here nor there about Bill, I will say that I like this season Bill (including a much improved wardrobe) over book bill. I still wish this show had maybe a little less side stories and more of a central story. The side stories take up so much time that we never really get to see anything happen!
Shannon-Vestal Shannon-Vestal 6 years
I was shocked at how mean Hoyt got during his break-up with Jessica, and in general I just felt bad for her he whole episode, especially when she went to Jason's and he kicked her out too. Her sad face saying "but you kissed me back," and his response of "I know!" was my favorite part of the episode.
Asfandancer Asfandancer 6 years
Not really impressed with the shower scene but oh so loved Alex's long, lean, beautiful body. Sookie really does not deserve Eric's love he is way to good for her. I must say I am tired of that b*itch witch being stronger then Eric and I want her dead and gone. No matter what happened to her in the past I can't feel any sympathy for her. So, Alcide fawns all over Debbie, then runs after Sookie. I have never truly disliked any character on this show until Alcide, and I detest him. There is just something so smarmy about him. Of course next week we return to the same old tired routine, Saint Bill to the rescue to save Sookie from dying of a gunshot wound. Where oh where is the surprises that AB continues to allude to when he always has Bill rush in to save the day. I'm not saying I'm opposed to Bill nor that I mind if he and Sookie end up together. In fact I hope they do then fade into fairyland together because both characters are so incredibly boring together or apart. Loved Lafayette tonight, he is so much more the Lafayette of season one without Jesus. One last word ref Marcus. If you cut his hair, removed the grease, got rid of the goatee and just left scruff he would partially resemble Alcide. So many actors out there have that look I have a hard time telling one from the other. There are a precious few who are unique, and neither Alcide nor Marcus fit that category. Eric is one of a kind and totally special.
Renees3 Renees3 6 years
Both my boyfriend and I were super unimpressed with last night. I thought it was boring. THe weird snowing bed thing was LAME and took away from actual story lines. And man, Marcus and Luna? She's like exotic and beautiful and he;s like a greasy monkey, I just don't see how they would Ever get together. Lame. I feel bad for Hoyt, his rant was harsh but really he's been tryig to work things out and stuff for a while and she's pushed him away. The ghost lady was interested, glad we got some back story. Poor Lafayette. Maybe she's like a aborted/attempted aborted baby protector. I want to know why Lafayette never had this seeing ghosts problem before but now that he knows about it he just keeps seeing them and having dreams and whatnot. The episode for next season didn't exactly show Bill under her the witch's power did it? He was helping SOokie with Alcide so maybe only Eric got caught up. He's so innocent and good, it's sad to see him all entrapped by her, with her stroking his hair.
kea718 kea718 6 years
To add to my last comment, I thought the whole snowy bed thing was so corny it nearly made me nauseous. Another annoyance, Luna's daughter... Cat Barbie doesn't like anyone, well I hope Cat Barbie scratches you (yeah, that was a bit mean). Until reading this I had no idea Tommy had shifted into Maxine so that explains a lot. I thought Eric looked so cute with Bitter Ghost Witch stroking his hair and him looking up at her with those little boy eyes.... SOOOO CUTE! I wish Pam had a chance to at least bite Tara before Bill commanded her to stop... She's just awful. I gotta admit though, more than a few characters on this show are annoying the hell outta me. At least there hasn't been too much about the whole fairy thing (yet) because I thought that whole storyline was pretty lame (didn't like it in the books either).
kea718 kea718 6 years
I knew since last week that ghost woman was up to no good. Not for one second did I think she was some sort of protector.
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