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True Blood Bites: "Sunset"

Wake up and smell the fairy magic, True Blood fans — with the finale one week away, season five is almost over. There's a lot of progress made on this season's stories this week, and also a lot of ridiculousness. Bill's still hopelessly devoted to Lilith, Sookie and Jason team up with their fairy family to bring down Russell, and Pam sports a startling '80s side-ponytail/bun duo. Yes, it's a busy week in Bon Temps.

Nothing really wraps up this week, but it does feel like the beginning of the end. As usual, the episode concludes with a cliffhanger, but before we get to that, let's discuss some of the finer points of this week's episode. Nora and Eric share an intimate moment, Alcide gets shirtless, and Andy's gonna be a daddy when you


  • Best Freddy Krueger impression: We've seen scary, bloody, naked Lilith before, but she appears again, telling Bill he's "the chosen one" in a couple scenes that are akin to a dream sequence from A Nightmare on Elm Street. Before Bill can even shake his head in disbelief, Lilith is gone. But wait! There's still a bloody handprint left behind. As Bill finds out later, Lilith has been tramping around and leaving handprints all over Authority headquarters.
  • Most gratuitous sexual tension: Nora really just needs somebody to love. First there's the lady-on-lady kiss with Salome that's totally out of left field. Then she has an encounter with Eric that can only be described as anxious desperation sex.
  • Most deserving of a good slap in the face: Bill's bad guy act is getting really old. As much as I get bored with him pining for Sookie, his random allegiance to Lilith is even worse. I keep waiting for him to snap out of it, but instead he just keeps being creepy, insisting Jessica turn Jason into a vampire and then later beheading another Authority member when he finds out he isn't the only "chosen one."
  • Biggest recycle fail: A military General pays a visit to threaten The Authority for keeping Russell Edgington alive and Eric impulsively snaps his neck. I'm less surprised by the violent killing than by the fact that no one drains the still-warm General of his blood. A cave full of vicious vampires and none of them feel the need to feed? What a waste.
  • Most uncalled for Ke$ha reference: Sookie finally finds the head honcho of fairies, a cheap-dress-wearing woman who operates in different times and dimensions. Before we can even digest what that entails, we find out that it just means she wants to know what Sookie thinks of Ke$ha and Boyz II Men. I wasn't very impressed, but I did get a kick out of her explaining to Sookie that there's a reason she "sluts [her] heart out to every guy with fangs." Tell it like it is, sister.
  • Best lumberjack ever: Alcide is just casually chopping wood, er, the ground (or something) when an old pal turns up to talk official pack news. He doesn't have a shirt on — because most lumberjacks don't wear those — and his Levis are spectacularly tight. Paul Bunyan would approve.
  • Speediest trimesters: Fun fact: fairies are apparently only pregnant for a few days before they're ready to pop. Andy learns this the hard way when he finds out the fairy he had an affair with in the forest is carrying his child. It's a shame because things are going so well with Holly, even if her snotty kids aren't too thrilled with the relationship. Poor Andy just can't catch a break.
  • Most useful parlor trick: A glamoured Jason leads Russell and Steve right to the fairies' weirdo circus-themed den, but they can't see it. Until Sookie and head fairies show themselves at the conclusion of the episode, Russell and Steve just stand in the field intensely sniffing what I assume smells like freshly baked bread and sweet, sweet, magic. Take that, Harry Potter, your invisibility cloak has nothin' on fairy power.

What did you think of this week's True Blood? And how do you think season five will conclude?

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bluegirl58 bluegirl58 5 years
Actually, the character of Alcide in the books is a very good one.  He debases himself by going to Eric to get money to pay back debts for his father who lost quite a bit of their construction business money by gambling it all away.  That's why you see him burying Russell Edgington in the show - they don't explain it but the reason he "owes" Eric is because of that money.  He's a huge source of support to Sookie (in the books) and he is pack leader (again, in the books) so Sookie is protected by that pack.  It's a real shame that they've squandered that character and I'm hoping that next season (since they've now shown his father in the show and it looks like Alcide might launch a bid to take over the pack again) we'll see him really shine. 
valleybutterfly valleybutterfly 5 years
Bill and Sookie are so over!!! She'll never forgive him for ordering Jessica to turn her brother. That's it it's over. Sookies taking back Eric. Good by Nora.
Janet2373373 Janet2373373 5 years
Really is Alcide worth anything rather then running around without a shirt all the time. How gratuitous can you get? I'm wondering does the guy even know how to smile.
bluegirl58 bluegirl58 5 years
You never mentioned the scene between Sam and Pam in the Authority hide out - that passing in the hallway "What are you doing here??" moment was priceless!  Best scene in the whole show.  Yet another season fast coming to an end without the story line being moved forward (is there really a story line anymore??) and an entire season wasted on a side story that I hated.   Dislikes: Bill entirely; can't stand his character anymore.  Russell Edgington (PLEASE KILL HIM OFF!!!!!), Steve Newlin (waste of an actor's time), The Authority (God what a waste of a season!), whole fae thing (they could have done better with these characters but I guess they'll remain a joke and a cliche from now on which is a shame because, at least in the books, they are portrayed as so much more).     Likes: Pam and Tara (hated that they made a vampire out of Tara but the interaction between the two of them has more than made up for that), Andy (nice to see him getting more air time and now caught between the fae and Holly), Jason (again with the air time - Ryan K is under rated in this show), Eric (PLEASE GET BACK TO ERIC AND SOOKIE!!!), Lafayette, Teri and Arlene (even though they've been kind of in the background at times they still shine when we do see them).   Huge dislike to the use of the characters - this season, much like last, lacks direction and if they keep throwing out random story lines, some they actually finish and some that just drift off into the ether, they're going to lose viewers if they're not already.  PLEASE figure out where you're going with this or next season may be the last that many of us will watch.    
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