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True Blood Recap "We'll Meet Again"

True Blood Bites: "We'll Meet Again"

This week's True Blood is a bit more exciting than last week's episode, and there's a big revelation about Jason's and Sookie's past that I wasn't expecting. The case finally closes on Debbie Pelt's death, and as I'd assumed, Sookie makes it out OK. While the Vampire Authority stuff is still not that interesting to me, there is a development that's rather bloody.

I haven't really been loving True Blood that much this season, but I was happier with this episode because of the final moments . . . and that long-awaited kiss. Let's get to the best and worst parts of the episode after the jump.

  • Most touching maker moment: Pam earns her worth as a maker when she rescues Tara from the tanning booth and commands her never to try to commit suicide again. She also finally gets her to drink some blood, and you know what? I like this nurturing side of Pam. But the most moving act by a maker goes to Eric, who releases Pam from his ownership, so that if anything happens to him while he's looking for Russell, she won't get harmed too.
  • Sweetest obstruction of justice: Alcide decides that the right thing to do about Debbie is to tell her parents that she's dead — but that Marcus killed her. Her family is devastated, but satisfied with the news, and like that, Sookie gets away with murder.
  • Worst act of friendship: A possessed Lafayette tinkers with Sookie's car, and she nearly crashes it after becoming distraught about him calling her the angel of death. She deals with it by making herself a great deal of alcoholic beverages.
  • Best act of friendship: Jessica glamours Andy into forgetting all about the Debbie Pelt case for Sookie. Now that's a good friend.
  • Most predictable drunk kiss: So I guess Alcide forgives Sookie for killing the onetime love of his life. After a round of solo drunken karaoke, Sookie gets some company from Alcide, who starts knockin' the drinks back too. I think we all know where this is going. He's hot, she's hot, and they are three sheets to the wind. It's a foolproof makeout plan.
  • Best line: "Awkward time for a drop-by, Bill." Oh, Eric Northman, you old so-and-so.
  • Best Carrie White impression: I'm sorry, is the Vampire Authority story line thrilling to anyone? I still can't bring myself to care about a group of characters we just met, but at least there is some action at the round table. The Guardian and Salome interrogate Nora again, who says she'll give them the name of the Sanguinista leader in exchange for the safety of Eric and Bill. The traitor is one of the Chancellors, and after a protracted lecture about the Judas tree stake, the Guardian exposes that creepy child vampire. The Guardian delivers his punishment swiftly, like the mean teacher who suddenly blows up at you in class for talking to your friend. Only instead of yelling, this guy stakes you.
  • New most boring story line: Since there's some movement with the Vampire Authority subplot, this week, it loses the title of most boring story. That honor goes to Patrick and Terry, who go on a road trip to find their presumed-crazy old friend. They get into his house and they're right about their friend being cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs: he's got a room full of disturbing drawings and comes upon them with a gun. Oh, no, I guess.
  • Biggest bombshell: I was supremely bored by Jason and Andy going out to party with the judge — until they get to Club Fairy, which is located just off the highway and in another dimension. Andy and Jason both run into people they know: Andy sees the fairy Morella that he had sex with in the forest last season, and Jason finds his cousin, Hadley. She reveals that the club is a refuge for fairies trying to escape vampires who are draining them, and then she drops a bigger bomb on Jason: his and Sookie's parents were killed by vampires, not in a flood, like they had believed. When she's whisked away for saying too much and Jason goes after her, he and Andy get kicked out. But they're not safe, even when they're back in the real world: they get fairy-handed by a pair of male exotic dancers. I'm not sure that fairy-handed is a technical term, but it makes plenty of sense to me.

What did you think of this week's True Blood?

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