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True Blood Recap "You Smell Like Dinner"

True Blood Bites: "You Smell Like Dinner" Episode

The second episode in True Blood's fourth season is even better than the premiere, due to its liberal use of Eric and some truly amazing Bill flashbacks. The action with the witches is really getting compelling, as they prove themselves to be more than just a harmless little knitting circle. Meanwhile, Sookie frets about what do about Eric owning her house, though all that hand wringing would be put to better use if she fretted about where her brother is instead.

I found myself laughing and squealing at a lot more this week, and if this episode is any indication of what's to come this season, then color me excited. Anyway, let's break down "You Smell Like Dinner" into superlatives when you


  • Most Awkward Post-Coital Run-In: Sookie visits Bill to admit that she's scared of belonging to Eric, and she walks in on him putting his clothes back on with Katerina. After Bill's rebound leaves, Sookie asks for help, but Bill doesn't really have a good solution. Then she asks how Bill became king, but decides that she doesn't want to know. But I do, which brings me to my next point . . .
  • Best Flashback Ever: Bill in the 1980s Brit punk music scene is the greatest thing ever. Do not try to argue with me about it. Oh, and this is when we find out how Bill and Nan Flanagan meet; she recruits him to be a "vampire spy" to infiltrate the vampire monarchies. Later, we see a more recent flashback: Bill's showdown with Queen Sophie-Anne, in which he has her ambushed by Nan and her soldiers. Once she's dead, Nan swears Bill in.
  • Weakest Maternal Instincts: Arlene is still convinced that her adorable baby boy Mikey may be evil — and she freaks out even more when she bursts a blood vessel while staring at him. Who's the crazy one here, Arlene or the baby?
  • Best Offer I'd Never Be Able to Refuse: Eric presses Sookie to be his, but she resists. What's the problem here? As Pam says, "Eric is handsome, rich, and in his own way, he cares about you." And I just about died when Sookie asks him, "What do you want from me?" and Eric replies "Everything." From that to Eric's sleeping cubby built into her house, I think it's time for Ms. Stackhouse to start being hospitable.
  • Most Troubling Love Interest: The sparks between Sam and Luna continue to fly, and when she stops by Merlotte's to flirt, she alludes to her dark past and tells him she wants to try letting him in. Some of that darkness comes out later when Luna admits to the shape-shifter group that she once shifted into her mother, who died in childbirth. She also tells tales of "skinwalkers," shifters who can change into any animal on earth, including other humans. In order to have the power, you have to kill another shifter. So if Luna can shift into her mother, who else has she tried on for size?
  • Most Naked Brother Fight: When Tommy spies on Sam and his new pals, Sam gives chase and they argue about the shooting. It actually turns heartfelt when Tommy admits that he misses having Sam as a brother. It could be sweeter, however, if they weren't buck naked.
  • Most Confusing Cheating Incident: After Hoyt gets into a fight with the hateful protesters at Fangtasia, he and Jessica have a spat when Jessica takes something Hoyt says about her blood the wrong way. She takes off to pick him up some run-of-the-mill painkillers, but ends up taking a turn to Fangtasia. She furtively drinks the blood of the clubgoer who'd been eyeballing her, and snaps at Sookie when Sookie catches her mid-meal. True Blood: introducing us to new levels of infidelity!
  • Worst End of the Witch Stick to Be On: Once Bill gets wise to the witches raising a dead bird, he enlists Eric to visit the coven and deal with the "necromancers." Though Eric has to obey Bill because he's king now, he must be pretty irate after the last time he and Bill agreed on a course of action and Bill tossed him into concrete. Still, Eric complies, busting up the coven and terrifying Tara, who's back in town to see Sookie and checking out her cousin Lafayette's new friends. When Eric demands that the coven be broken up, Marnie protests, so Eric sinks his teeth into her. It propels the coven into action, and they perform a pretty powerful spell, besting the one and only Eric Northman, who flees.
  • Sexiest Identity Loss: The witches have somehow wiped Eric's memory clean, and when Sookie finds him wandering, confused, on the side of the road, she stops. He doesn't recognize her, but he's clearly still a vampire, because he smells Sookie. But the best part of Eric's amnesia? He forgot how to wear a shirt.

What did you think of this week's episode? What do you think is going to happen with Spotless-Mind Eric and Jason's werepanther trap? Let me know your thoughts and if you have any of your own superlatives from this episode too!

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Join The Conversation
viggolover1 viggolover1 6 years
Ok!!! I think some people need to read book #4 again. He is not naked when Sookie finds him. He had no shirt, no shoes and jeans on. This is from the book to refresh your memory."I had a moment to notice that the man was tall, blond, and clad only in blue jeans, before I pulled up by him".They change that in the series he attacks her or at least try. In the book she knows that he won't hurt her because they are friends and he says to her: " I won't hurt you".At her house she asked him to take his jeans off, so she can clean his feet and wash his jeans. That is when she sees him in his red underwear. AB always has to change how sweet Eric's and Sookie relationship is. But I looking forward to see their romance developed.
Livvy-P Livvy-P 6 years
Renee3, I agree too!! If they are true to the books this season is going to be HOT!!! Amnesia Eric is just awesome... This season is fab so far.
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 6 years
Renee3, I agree! I love the books, and am sooo happy the show seems to be going in that direction with Eric!!! (although in the books, he was found naked...which would have been so much better!!!) LOVED the 80's flashback too-and am obsessed with Pam.
jadenirvana jadenirvana 6 years
Sookie is driving me nuts as well. The show is in its fourth season and she is exactly the same character as she was when the show started. This includes the fact that she dresses like a fourteen year old permanently. I understand this isn't SATC, but couldn't her wardrobe evolve a little? 86 the cardigans already Sook, plz thx.
Renees3 Renees3 6 years
I literally squealed when I saw ERic walking. Anyone that's read the books was hoping that this season would at least sort of coinside with Book 4. LOVE IT. I wish Tara would leave again. I'm so sick of her. LOVED punk Bill. Why can't he be more like that all the time? haha I'm really rooting for TOmmy for some reason. I hope he can redeem himself and learn to be good.
jazzytummy jazzytummy 6 years
Sookie drives me anyone who has been through what she has would be stupid enough to deny protection, especially from Eric. She is the epitome of the dumbass blonde, and I am already sick of her character. Glad Tara is back from the whole victim scenario from last year. Love Sam and look forward to a more interesting storyline for him this year. Jessica and Hoyt arc just a big waste of time. Happy that Bill is more interesting this year, not just a puppy dog following Sookie around with bleeding eyes. Wish they would do more with Pam, love that character. Intrigued by the Arlene's baby it the devil? Last but not least, MORE ALCIDE!
peatree peatree 6 years
This episode was amazing. I hope that Sookie can find a way to use Eric's amnesia to get her house and from him owning it anymore. I really want to know how long Tara is going to be staying in Bon Temp and if her girlfriend will end up coming to Bon Temp and seeing who "Toni" really is. One of the thing I am looking forward to seeing this season is how things will go for Hoyt and Jessica now that they are living together and getting used to each other's habits.
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