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True Blood Recap of "You're No Good"

True Blood GIF Recap: "You're No Good"

This week on True Blood, Eric goes to great (and vaguely sexy) lengths to hold the mayor's daughter Willa hostage, Bill realizes he is not immortal, and those pesky kids in the Vampire Unity Society fall victim to Alcide's werewolf pack. With more fairy visions and talk of synthesizing Sookie's blood to save vampires, things are weird as usual but no less entertaining. And there's no better way to address the way we feel about True Blood right now than with GIFs, so let's get to all of this week's reactions!

When Bill Thinks He Can Walk in the Sun

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When Willa Tries to Taste Eric's Ear Blood

When He Sucks Her Finger Instead

When Grandpa Niall Has Visions in the Fairy Club

When Andy Gives His Kids Numbers Instead of Names

When Sarah Newlin Is Reunited With Reverend Newlin

Watching Andy and Holly's Relationship

When Eric Promises Ginger He'll Have Sex With Her Eventually

When the Werewolves Slaughter the Annoying VUS Kids

When Sookie Calls Bill an Asshole

When Bill Tells Sookie She's Dead to Him

When Jason Really Seems Hurt

When Bill Gives Andy a Weird Smile at the End

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