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True Blood Season 3 Villain Poll

Who Is the Most Entertaining Villain of True Blood Season 3?

The third season of True Blood comes to an end on Sept. 12, and I'm on the edge of my seat to see how it will wrap up (luckily these new photos are holding me over). Perhaps the biggest question on my mind is the cliffhanger that the most recent episode left us with. What will happen with Russell and Eric when we see them again, roasting in the sun?

I'm rooting for Russell to meet the true death, but I have to say that actor Denis O'Hare has made him a wildly compelling character. In fact, all the big baddies of season three — Lorena, Franklin, and Debbie — have only added to a spectacular season. Lorena is deliciously evil in her undying love for Bill, Franklin is hilariously psycho, and Debbie's delivery of "bitch please" won me over. Of all the entertaining villains of the season, who is your favorite?

Image Source: HBO
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