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True Blood Season 4 Episode 2 Review

Buzz Blabber: True Blood's Fourth Season Is Getting Good

The warm Summer air hasn't deterred any of you guys from chitchatting about the latest entertainment news, and this week, you were excited to talk about True Blood, The Hunger Games, and the next season of Glee. Check out some of our favorite reader comments on these subjects below.

True Blood's second episode thrills you

  • "This episode was amazing. I hope that Sookie can find a way to use Eric's amnesia to get her house and from him owning it anymore. I really want to know how long Tara is going to be staying in Bon Temps and if her girlfriend will end up coming to Bon Temps and seeing who "Toni" really is. One of the things I am looking forward to seeing this season is how things will go for Hoyt and Jessica now that they are living together and getting used to each others' habits." — peatree
  • "Sookie is driving me nuts as well. The show is in its fourth season and she is exactly the same character as she was when the show started. This includes the fact that she dresses like a fourteen year old permanently. I understand this isn't SATC, but couldn't her wardrobe evolve a little? 86 the cardigans already Sook, plz thx." — jadenirvana
  • "I literally squealed when I saw Eric walking. Anyone that's read the books was hoping that this season would at least sort of coincide with Book 4. LOVE IT. I wish Tara would leave again. I'm so sick of her. LOVED punk Bill. Why can't he be more like that all the time? Haha. I'm really rooting for Tommy for some reason. I hope he can redeem himself and learn to be good." — Renees3

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The Glee cast shake-up shook you up too

  • "I'm ready to give up on Glee. Why dump Sam just when he gets a relatable storyline and Mercedes finally gets a date? I like Darren Criss, but I don't think more Blaine will be a good thing." — stephley
  • "I am sad to see Sam have less screen time, but Blaine is pretty cute too." — stone_soup
  • "I'm still pissed about this. The only black character on the show FINALLY get a love interest and then they get rid of him. Ryan Murphy shouldn't have wasted his viewers' time and hopes on the season finale setting up Mercedes's and Sam's romance." — amerah26

Buzz readers are big fans of The Hunger Games books

  • "I have to admit that while I love the first book, the second two were not as compelling to me. I did enjoy the series for the most part, but I felt like the quality went downhill as the series progressed." — campbrad
  • "I LOVE this book series! My favorite book is The Hunger Games! I think Peeta is one of my all time favorite fictional characters. The first book is by far the best one in the series!" — BlackKitty
  • "I agree. I was glad I read the books. I really love the first book and I read it all the time. But the last book, I felt like she wrote it just to have an ending. Did not like the last book as much as the first two. But I still love the books." — Mellark4sure
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