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Twilight Eclipse Vampire Weekend Song "Jonathan Low" 2010-05-27 14:45:33

Vampire Weekend's "Jonathan Low" From Eclipse — Love It or Leave It?

When I heard that Vampire Weekend was joining the Eclipse soundtrack, I admittedly rolled my eyes. Vampires, Vampire Weekend — isn't it all just a bit too obvious? But the song "Jonathan Low" is somewhat surprising.

Filled with orchestral touches and still retaining the band's boppy sound, it feels a little restrained for Vampire Weekend but lighter than typical Twilight music (see Muse's track for reference). Where's the brooding emo? I'll be curious to see where it fits into the storyline, but I guess I can kind of picture Bella and Edward leaping up trees in time to the fast-paced guitar. Listen, and share your thoughts.

Image Source: Summit Entertainment
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