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Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse: Which Movie Is the Best of the Twilight Series? 2010-07-05 13:30:00

Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse: Which Is the Best Movie?

Time for a hot debate in honor of Eclipse! Many of you have already been vocal about which Twilight movie you think is the best thus far, but it's time to settle the score once and for all. While many readers have made the case for the latest installment, others have said they prefer New Moon. Then there's the original. Sure, it may have been lacking in the budget and special effects department, but let's not forget that it was our first introduction to the Bella-Edward love story. Remember when they kiss in Bella's room for the first time?

I know it's a tough call, but tell me which film is your No. 1 pick, and why!

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