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OK, time for a true confession: Up until yesterday I completely thought these two actresses were the same person. I first noticed Nora Zehetner (on the right, in yellow) when she played the mind-manipulating Eden in the first season of Heroes, and then I later saw her again when I rented the awesome teen noir film Brick. I find her so adorable and charming onscreen, and she has a pretty unique look. Or so I thought. . .

When I went to see The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, I was delighted to see Nora again, this time playing a really funny character, Lena's sister Effie. Except, uh, it's not actually Nora Zehetner. It's Lucy Hale. Same goes for that very cute girl playing the spoiled brat in the upcoming CW show Privileged. But I do think the resemblance is crazy.

I guess the good news is that I think this actress-who-is-actually-two-people is talented and fun to watch. Another recent example of this mixing-up is when I got my first quick glance at the actor in this Fall's new show The Mentalist and thought, "Oh, cool, Scott Speedman got his own show." But I'll totally take Simon Baker, too. Have you ever done this before?


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