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Ugly Betty Recap: Episode 10, "Bad Amanda"

Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode 10, "Bad Amanda"

This week's Ugly Betty is all about Betty learning to mix in a little "play hard" with all that "work hard" she's always doing — and who better to help her than her pain-in-the-butt roomie, Amanda (aka the "juice mooch")? While Amanda may not be the most responsible flat-mate in the world, she does balance out Betty's uptight attitude toward life in the city, and the effect is a nice (and very funny) yin and yang relationship.

While the young up-and-comers at Mode are out drumming up fodder for their articles, the grown-ups (aka Daniel and Wilhelmina) are still pining away for Molly and Connor. This episode also features lots of Christina, who reveals the sex of the baby! Let's chat about it — just


  • Could I love Hilda more? I don't think so. This is probably my favorite line of the evening: "Where's the rent, b*tch?"
  • So Willi is mortified after her failed attempt to seduce Connor and is trying to avoid him at the office — with Marc's help, of course. When she inevitably bumps into him, the only thing she can think to say? "Top of the mornin' to ya!" See? Even evil people get awkward around cute boys.
  • And I love that Marc refers to Connor as "the thunder from down under."
  • Christina heads into Willi's office to try to persuade her to take interest in the child she's about to bring into the world. She wants Willi to go to the doctor's appointment with her, and Willi and Marc do a hilarious bit about how she can go alone due to the "fierce independence of the Scottish people." They say she's totally like Braveheart and nickname her "Brave-uterus."
  • Also, Christina pointing out how un-baby-proofed Willi's apartment is scared me: "Dead baby! Dead baby!"
  • So who's eating all of Betty's food and not paying the rent? According to Amanda, it's "Bad Ronald," the little old man who lives in Betty's walls. Ha!
  • Given the economic climate, this episode was rather timely: Betty pitches a piece for the new online Mode site about having fun in New York on a budget. Betty: "As you know living, in Manhattan can be expensive." Willi: "Really? I hadn't noticed?" Daniel: "No need for sarcasm." Willi: "I'm not. I hadn't noticed."
  • Betty and Amanda as a writing team is an awesome idea, and I love their little day on the town (Amanda: "OK, let's grip it and rip it.")
  • My new favorite phrase is "Is it really? Is it really?" It's used effectively by Amanda when Betty tries to explain that it's illegal to "dine and dash."
  • Ugh — I get that Betty's irritated with Amanda for almost getting them evicted and stuff, but this statement is so annoying: "She thinks life is one big night on the town, but it's not. Life is hard." Even Betty's dad is like, "Dude."
  • So, do you guys like Molly? Think she's a good fit for Daniel? I'm not totally sure what he sees in her, but his crush is still cute.
  • However, Claire is all about putting the kibosh on that crush and tells him that hanging out with Molly too much, even as friends, is likely to lead to something not good ("And given your weakness for having sex in public places . . . ").
  • Uh-oh, Marc found a tape of Daniel helping Molly with the red dress! Willi has a plan ("You see the way Daniel looks at her. The way Betty looks at a cheeseburger")!
  • And the baby is (drumroll please) . . . a boy! Hopefully she doesn't name him Abalar or however you would spell that.

What did you guys think?

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