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Ugly Betty Recap: Episode 12, "Sisters On the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown"

Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode 12, "Sisters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown"

This week's Ugly Betty starts out with love in the air as both undercover new couples enjoy romantic getaways. Daniel and Molly frolic on the beach in a tropical location, while Connor and Wilhelmina steam it up in the mountains in a couple of beautiful, vivid scenes. But while everything starts on such a happy, sassy note, it ends on a downer. When Betty and Hilda fight, I can never take sides — they're both kind of right in my mind. Which I guess means the writers have really nailed what it is to have a sister. Let's talk about this episode — just


  • Ignacio is back from the hospital, and the girls are being really cute about not stressing him out for fear of causing another heart attack. Every time they want to get into a conversation about bills and such, they go, "Hear that? A bluebird!"
  • Betty returns to her apartment only to find Amanda's completely destroyed it. Oh — and Amanda thought it was Betty who had the heart attack ("How many times did I tell you to stop eating that fatty Mexican food?").
  • Amanda also informs Betty they have roaches and she named one Little Betty ("She's just like you — a survivor"). I love her.
  • Daniel and Molly's banter about Heidi and Spencer felt kind of forced. Or maybe I just sort of resent the fact that I can't seem to escape those two no matter what I do. They better not guest star.
  • I can't tell if I think Willie and Connor's sexy time all over the office is super hot or kind of gross. It might be a little much, despite how pretty they both are.
  • No one in the office knows about them (except Marc), but it's a little obvious something's going on when they both return from vacation with hilarious goggle tans. Willi: "Even the special boy in the mail room could put the two of us together."
  • Betty has to return to the office and nags Hilda about lists and Post-its and taking care of their dad. Hilda gets sick of Betty's nagging and yells, "You don't have to be Betty Bossy Pants!"
  • Marc gets increasingly worried that Willi's too distracted by sex to do her job. Willi and Connor are on cloud nine and tell him to chill out repeatedly ("Marc, don't just stand there like a gay flag pole! We want to celebrate").
  • Amanda again says to Betty, "Oh my God, is it your heart?" and Betty reminds her that it was Ignacio who had the heart attack, not her. And then Amanda says, "These things get passed down. They're generic."
  • Betty accidentally leaks Daniel's vacation photos to Suzuki and has to get them back. She and Daniel go on a stalking adventure and learn that he: is a husband to a woman, is a suburban father, has a Jersey accent, and is really named Byron. Ha!
  • I could have died of laughter at Amanda's facial expression when she catches Willi and Connor making out. I also love when Marc grabs her and tells her not to say anything to anyone and she goes, "Oh my God, Marc, you're hurting me!" When he drops her and asks, "Am I?" she's all, "Not really." Hee!
  • Saddest, most pathetic line of the night? Betty: "Hilda, I think I might have lost dad."
  • Willi is way hard on Marc, but then it turns out she's just reminding him who's boss ("I expect gratitude, not attitude") and gives him a chance at leadership in the end after all. Warm fuzzies for Marc!

Right at the very end, Connor catches Molly in the background of a tabloid pic of Heidi and Spencer, holding a mysterious hand (Daniel's). He looks jealous and a little scary. Also, how sad is it to see the end of Amanda and Betty living together? And do you think Betty needs to go easier on Hilda?

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Join The Conversation
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
I liked this episode, but I'm getting sick of Betty screwing up all the time and having to fix everything at the last minute. I hope that she doesn't really move back home, because I like her rooming with Amanda. I'm happy that Marc is starting to come into his own in the magazine world, he deserves the success. Connor is scaring me...I hope he doesn't do something to Daniel. Although Daniel and Molly are kinda irritating me as a couple, I want to see Betty with Daniel.
fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 8 years
betty is really starting to get on my last nerve, i was SO pissed at her in this ep - i'm on hilda's side. betty needs to learn to be selfish for once (yeah i know it's not her character yadiyadiyah) but COME ON. it gets old and tiring. i'm also tired of her doing stupid ish all the time - it makes me cringe. stoked on the progress of marc (see? characters DO develop, except betty. she's still the same ol dumbass)... love the friendship between amanda/betty - amanda is fabulous. wonder what connor is going to do... however, he has no right to get pissed - he immediately jumped into bed w/willi right after they broke up. typical male. =P
xhn xhn 8 years
"I could have died of laughter at Amanda's facial expression when she catches Willi and Marc making out." Uhh, Buzz, do you mean Willi and Connor? But YAY for Marc at the end!
genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
I'm disappointed in Betty too. A few weeks ago she lost the super important dress they needed to get Keira Knightley, now she leaks the pictures of Daniel by accident. I'm so sick of this! Didn't she used to be competent?
bangs bangs 8 years
Are they kidding with this episode??First of all it s tiring see Betty do sth stupid in every episode, then the whole thing with her father getting lost was ridiculous...He doesnt have altzheimer, he remembers the way home!And THEN Betty is moving out!No more Betty-Amanda!Luckily we still have Willie and Mark with great lines....
ForeverTaylor ForeverTaylor 8 years
I was actually a little disappointed in the ending, I don't understand why Betty has to move out I mean she's a grown up, and what about Hilda she's there and if Hilda wants a break why can't Ignacio come to Betty's Apartment for a while. It really pissed me off to tell you the truth. For once I want Betty to kind of man up and be a little selfish, to be at least a little bad, not just for one episode and then her mistake is fixed at the end of the episode. /endrant
littlebmac littlebmac 8 years
I love the new friendship between Betty and Amanda. Amanda's compassion for Betty wanting to take care of her family is great. I really hope that Betty won't need to move out. Besides, how will she be able to run into her super cute neighbor Jesse??
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Spencer and Heidi annoyed me too, and it did seem really forced, like Speidi had sponsored the episode and they were being forced to talk about them. I hate it when Hilda and Betty fight, but in this case I thought Betty was right. She is ALWAYS giving things up for her family, and I loathe the idea of her moving home (partially because she and Amanda are hilarious as roommates). She needs to cut the apron strings a little! I vote gross on Connor and Wilhelmina. Whenever she missed a meeting I just wanted to yell "control yourself woman!" Come on, you can wait until you get home.
Happsmjc Happsmjc 8 years
I agree, Betty does not need to move out--but it seems from next week it seems that she is rethinking that decision so we may have more of Betty/Amanda! Buzz--you have all my fave lines up there! I loved the "don't just stand there like a gay flag pole"! Also, last episode I thought Christina was about to give birth--where was she?!?! Especially since it has been 2 weeks since the heart attack! And I too was annoyed with the Heidi and Spencer stuff, but I guess it made sense in the end with the picture in the paper?? I loved this episode---but I love them all!
amloveaffair amloveaffair 8 years
Ugh Betty does not need to move out. That really makes me mad. I loved this episode other than that!
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