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Ugly Betty Recap: Episode 15, "Burning Questions"

Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode 15, "Burning Questions"

Last week they laid the groundwork to facilitate a psychotic meltdown for Renee on Ugly Betty, and this week the show really delivered. But by the end, I just felt sorry for the poor girl (and thought she looked really smoking hot in her lavender dress). Meanwhile, the Henry-Betty-Gio triangle came to a bit of a head via a physical confrontation with the boys and a near-death experience for Betty — but ugh, I think she's leaning toward Henry again. He's so weak-kneed about this whole pregnancy thing and he's leaving, so I'm at a total loss as to why we should want to see him and Betty together.

The best part about last night? As expected, Christian Siriano. His moment was brief, but it was hilarious how well he fit in on a campy, over-the-top comedy about fashion. Here are more of my thoughts:

  • I now know that I view Daniel through Betty's eyes. He's far more older brother to me rather than crush material which is why I, like Betty, made an "ew ew!" sound when he was talking panties with Renee.
  • Funny moment with Hilda when she tried to get Betty to open up to her about boy trouble. "Tell Mama Hilda everything." I want my own Mama Hilda so bad!

For more of my thoughts on last night's Betty,


  • Early in the episode Hilda tried to help a frazzled, workaholic Betty with her hair, calling it a "hot mess." Christian foreshadowing!
  • Sorry for all the Hilda, but her sequences were killing me last night. She didn't want to take on her ex-friend Gina as a client in her salon but Justin persuaded her with, “Mom, don’t we need the business? Even skanky business." Hard to argue with that logic.
  • Renee got crazier and crazier (because Wilhelmina replaced her happy-pills with something else) and it's mostly an issue for Betty. When the two broke out into an all-out brawl, Betty couldn't have looked more geeky. Someone needs to teach her how to fight.
  • There was so little Amanda in this episode! But how hilarious was her entire conversation with Daniel about Betty potentially having a crush on him? She fired off a lot of great terms — "pregnasty"! — and told Daniel that even though they weren't dating anymore she reserved the right to think about him in the shower sometimes.
  • The Christian guest-star appearance was predictably funny, as he informed Daniel that no one says "fierce" in his presence anymore and announced his presence at Mode with "The House of Siriano has arrived! Worship me, b*tches." Amazing!
  • Even better was Amanda posing up a storm, trying to blend in with Christian's models and getting kicked out by Alexis. I spit out my drink I was laughing so hard at her. ABC, you out there? More Amanda!
  • Henry punches Gio. Betty realizes she loves Henry. Could that whole plot line be more boring? Oh, and surprise! Charlie can't fly and has to stay in New York permanently, doctor's orders. Bet you didn't see that one coming, right?
  • Another brilliant line from Amanda on how nuts Renee is: "I'm all for some boyfriend stalking. I mean, who isn't? But she is crazy." I'm hoping someone makes that first part of her quote a T-shirt; I totally would wear it.
  • Finally, Betty saved the day and talked Renee down off of her crazy ledge after almost burning to death in Daniel's loft. Then she tells Daniel he's not paying her enough. Agreed. I'd demand a raise, too.
  • So what did you think? Are you as bored with the love triangle as I am? Are most of you still team Gio? Do you think we'll ever see Renee again? I'm looking for a little more Marc and a lot more Amanda next episode, how about you? Also, I thought it was funny that Betty and Christina discovered that Wilhelmina has dirt on a lot of powerful people and celebs including Ryan Seacrest. Christina wondered why she would sit on info about Seacrest and not take him down. Ha! Another Betty episode, another zinger. Until next week!

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