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Ugly Betty Recap: Episode 16, "Betty's Baby Bump"

Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode 16, "Betty's Baby Bump"

Thanks to the power of wishful thinking, we all got a little bit more of what we wanted last night on Ugly Betty: Amanda and Marc. Both of them had about a gazillion one-liners and fun moments, making the episode all the more enjoyable.

When I asked yesterday which guy Betty should be with (Gio, Henry, or neither), Gio won by a landslide — and I was feeling that way, too. But! Last night was all about Henry, and even though the episode ended with some hints that he and Betty are headed for Splitsville, I was reminded of the chemistry they share. Also, who was salivating for some Ignacio Suarez cooking by the end? Must . . . eat . . . tamales . . .

Here are some more of my thoughts:

  • The show opened with Betty and Henry sharing a romantic dinner to a New Kids on the Block slow jam, "I'll be Loving You Forever" — loved it.
  • And of course Charlie interrupted them, saying she was tired and noting, "Well, my arms are so bloated from caring your child, so . . . " So evil.
  • Marc's tie-on-bare-neck look last night (pictured above) was so funny to me. I kept thinking, "But you're wearing a shirt that the tie could go over!" I love that he and Wilhelmina are planning a big media roll-out of their Meade baby that includes a stop on The View, which they never could have done if "potty mouth Rosie was still around."
  • OK, now for the serious stuff. For more of my thoughts,


    • How adorable is it that Hilda has a crush? And he might like her back, maybe. And yay — he's played by the super-cute Eddie Cibrian!
  • I love that he's Justin's P.E. teacher, too, and of course Justin is failing that class. In the end the coach made a deal with Hilda that if Justin helps to choreograph the cheerleading routines, he'll pass. I wish someone offered me that deal in school!
  • Meanwhile, Daniel reacted to Renee's mental breakdown with a self-destructive and fairly trampy downward spiral. Betty had to intervene as his "unofficial, occasional therapist" and made him an appointment with a real therapist.
  • With whom he proceeded to have . . . um, hmmm. What did you get the impression those two were doing? Seems a little racy for 8 o'clock, no? No matter: She kicked him out of her office and he continued on with being a hot mess.
  • Christina's situation already makes me squeamish, but when the doctor said, "How does it feel to carry the child of a dead man?" — that's just gross.

  • Of course this sent Christina into crisis. Mark's reflection to Wilhelmina when they realized she was gone: "On the surface, our plans are rock-solid."
  • Thank goodness Amanda invited herself to Charlie's baby shower and spiced things up with amazing lines like "Why is everyone so fat at this party?"
  • So this is what makes Henry and Betty so cute: Henry declared they should be together forever, he'll make it work, long distance, blah blah. Then he pulled out a brochure of the city where they could meet and said something about the weather, and Betty said, "I love weather!" to which he replied, "I know you do!"
  • Claire Meade to Betty: "Once in Nantucket I dropped Daniel in a bucket of ice! On his head!" Then she proceeded to crack herself up at this "joke." She's my third favorite.

In the end, Charlie delivered the baby in Betty's house, and it became harder to see Betty and Henry staying together. Raise your hand if you teared up a little. And how great was Wilhelmina's sonogram reveal at the end? Diabolical — but still, this entire plan is so hilariously nonsensical. My bet is Christina keeps her baby and becomes a powerful shareholder at Mode. Whose heart went out to Betty and Henry? Who missed Gio? Discuss!

Photos copyright 2008 ABC, Inc.

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