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"Ugly Betty" Recap: Episode 16, "Derailed"

"Ugly Betty" Recap: Episode 16, "Derailed"

I suppose we could call "Derailed" the "be careful what you wish for" episode of "Ugly Betty." As a blizzard shuts down New York, all of the characters hatch various schemes to get what they want: power for Wilhelmina, fame for Christina, Henry for Betty. Of course, nothing goes according to plan, so

Betty wastes no time telling Daniel about Claire’s confession that she killed Fey. Daniel chalks it up to his mom’s drunken stupor, but at least it's off Betty's conscience. Her Henry dilemma, though, gets thornier once Betty learns that Henry's girlfriend is Charlie, the nice stranger she met in the cafeteria. Betty channels her inner Amanda by "accidentally" letting go of city-shy Charlie's hand on a subway platform, sending her off on a train alone. As Henry freaks out, Betty admits that she lost Charlie on purpose so she could have Henry to herself. They nearly kiss, but then a cheerful Charlie shows up and announces her subway ride was awesome. "I heart New York!" she gushes. Poor Betty.

Santos wants to spend more time with his son, but I doubt attending “Hairspray” on Broadway was what he had in mind. (Ignacio: "He knows that's not a strip club, right?") Their train gets stuck in the storm, so Justin decides he'll perform the show himself. That almost makes Santos' homophobic head explode, but when another man calls Justin a fairy, Santos proves he's willing to throw down for his family.

Alexis is having a hard time getting people to take her seriously post-sex change, and Wilhelmina sees an opportunity to befriend her — and break up her alliance with Daniel. The two end up in a bar, where Alexis basks in her womanhood by flirting with a guy. (Guy: "Have we met?" Wilhelmina: "We're not even meeting now.")

Once Alexis gives him her number, his friends break into cheers; they know who she is, and the guy has been talking to her on a dare. Wilhelmina pops him in the nose, which should be a gesture friendships are made of, but Alexis tells Wilhelmina that Daniel isn’t her enemy anymore.

Sarah Jessica Parker asks Christina to design her Oscar gown, but because of the snowstorm, she has to make it out of office supplies. Marc tries to sway her to Wilhelmina's side, but when she refuses, Wilhelmina tells SJP's people to go with another designer. P.S.: What'd we think of the winning dress?

Daniel learns that only one person can get his father out of jail: Grace Chin (Lucy Liu), New York's most powerful attorney — and a woman he stood up for a New Year's date in college. Grace tells Daniel that because she ended up ringing in 1995 alone, she won’t take the case. To change her mind, he apologizes to all the women he hurt in college (whom Grace has tracked in meticulous files — freaky!). Grace finds atonement sexy, and in the throes of passion, she tells Daniel she can spring his dad if she finds a witness who watched Fey’s crash from an Aston Martin. Daniel realizes that "witness" was his mother, and as the episode ends, he’s waiting to confront her.

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Classy-Amelia Classy-Amelia 10 years
This episode was okay. It was not the best episode of season but I still love Ugly Betty. The only part I liked was when Christina and Mark were making a dress for Sarah Jessica Parker. And when Betty was with Charli at the subway station and she kept seeing Amanda. That's about it.
tomtom7 tomtom7 10 years
i disagree. Last night's episode was one of the weaker ones. It was too much about heartache, which isn't exactly ugly betty's forte. maybe i just expected more after the two wonderful and outstanding recent episodes..However: ugly Betty is still one of the best.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
Great recap, Buzz. Last night's show was one of the best. Gotta love Justin and Santos' defense of his son. Alexis is a great addition to the mix. Poor Betty though, in the end, dumping Walter was the right thing to do, even if it means she'll be alone...for now. Can't wait to see how the Betty/Henry/Charlie relationships work out. Loved the brief moment when Marc recognizes how badly he is manipulated by Wilhelmina. Thought Christina's design was a winner, very SJP-like.
vrico2005 vrico2005 10 years
Love her and loved it!
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