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"Ugly Betty" Recap: Episode 20, "Petra-gate"

"Ugly Betty" Recap: Episode 20, "Petra-gate"

In this week's "Ugly Betty," Betty examines her friendships, while her sister Hilda examines the relationship she has with Justin's dad, Santos. At Mode Magazine there are the same old fights over who should be in charge, and Amanda takes a shine to a new fashion designer who shows promise — in more ways than one. Yet at the last minute, when everything looks all wrapped up, Betty hears some troubling news.

To read more of the recap — caution, spoilers ahead —

Betty and Friends
Betty learns a lot about herself this week, as she mends her relationship with Daniel: "When you hired me, you got more than an assistant — you got a friend. And when you screw up, I’m going to tell you." Still, she continues to give Christina the cold shoulder despite Christina's many attempts at reconciliation. It's Hilda who gets Betty to realize — during a "hairapy" session, naturally — that she's way too hard on her friends. Hilda reminds Betty about what happened with her old best friend Treena: During Treena and Betty's "anti-prom" ("It was our celebration of how much we hated the prom!"), Treena got a call from her crush and left to go to the prom. A hilariously buck-toothed teenage Betty never talked to Treena again. Softened, Betty talks things out with Christina and reconnects with Treena.

Meanwhile, Hilda finally tells Ignacio about her re-sparked relationship with Santos, so Ignacio tells Santos to leave before Hilda becomes hopeful for a future with him. Yet Santos surprises everyone — except for Justin, adorably — by proposing to Hilda! She wavers at first, but finally decides to say yes, and I completely melted when she ran outside and he was there waiting on the porch. Sigh!

Daniel Goes to Jail — Almost
After last week's rendezvous with Petra the underage model, Daniel is given two options: make Petra the cover model, or go to jail for sleeping with a minor. Daniel's attempts to get Alexis to make Petra the cover model are shot down, but Betty and Henry join forces to save the day when they reveal that Petra is actually over 18!

How badass are Henry and Betty? The best part: when they sat down across from Petra and her mom and crossed their legs in unison. After the whole thing with Petra's passport, Henry and Betty hug and say they missed each other. They so look like they're going to make out, but they don't. Still, they're cozy enough to shock Henry's girlfriend who shows up just in time to see them embrace.

Amanda Loves the Gays
When a hot young designer walks into Mode, Amanda develops a gay crush — with some hetero mixed in. ("If I were a gay guy I would so tap that.") She gets him another meeting with Wilhelmina, so he has her over his apartment to help him pick out designs for the meeting. When she undresses to try on one of his pieces, however, it becomes apparent that he's no gay guy. The two end up in bed together and he admits that he's a "closeted straight." They strike a deal: In public, she'll be part of his entourage, but when they're alone it's all great sex and couture.

The Cat Scratch Club
Wilhelmina continues her fake-affair with Bradford, though she's getting tired of him (in all meanings of the word "tired"). Meanwhile, Alexis is drawn to the hot photographer Rodrigo, who flatters her by calling her "the most beautiful woman in the room," and he asks her out. She's stirred by unusual womanly feelings but is wary of being physical with a man now that she's, you know, a woman. Finally, she decides to just do it, though Rodrigo realizes this is her first time when she says, "Do you need a condom? I have one in my wallet." Afterward, Rodrigo tries to woo Alexis to Brazil with him, and she considers it. Later we see that Bradford is paying the Brazilian to lure Alexis out of the country and out of Mode.

Betty's Dad Has to Return to Mexico!
That's all. How sad!

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Join The Conversation
Arthur Arthur 10 years
huh, sad. My first thought was :woohoo: we're all going to mexico!
sanD13 sanD13 10 years
omg i loved the moment when hilda saw santos out on the porch. that was soo romantic!
xo_verity xo_verity 10 years
Great recap! I loved this episode. Ugly Betty is the best thing to come along since Sex & The City!
divinedebris divinedebris 10 years
oh, the episode was so good. i loved it. how good is this show? seriously!
SFKitkat SFKitkat 10 years
I love the introduction of the new "faux-mo" character! CLASSIC!
Classy-Amelia Classy-Amelia 10 years
I love the scenes with Henry and Betty. And it's sad Betty's dad has to go back to Mexico.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
Great recap, Buzz! Loved the buck-toothed Betty on anti-prom night and Wilhelmina's "Out of the mouth of gays" line as well as Santos waiting on the porch for Hilda to say "yes." Bradford really knows how to manipulate, as does Alexis; she's her father's "daughter" for sure. What makes the show work so well for me is that they all seem to be enjoying their roles.
wiggy wiggy 10 years
haha! how funny were betty's buck teeth in the flashback to "anti-prom"!?!
Lindsb Lindsb 10 years
Aw, it really was so sad when Betty's Dad told everyone!! :( Surely, Betty can find a way to save him!!!
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
Good eppy and great recap!
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