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Ugly Betty Recap: Episode 21, "The Born Identity"

Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode 21, "The Born Identity"

I wasn't prepared for this week's emotional ending to Ugly Betty. We knew that Ashley Jensen, who plays Christina, would be moving on, but it was still sad to watch Betty say goodbye to her friend. First, though, the show had to remind us that Christina and Betty are BFFs, especially since Betty has been spending so much time with her new boyfriend and Amanda.

Betty is there for Christina after Wilhelmina bans her from seeing the baby, but their friendship is pushed to the limit with a certain twist that brings up the age-old dilemma: do you stick by your friend when she's accidentally dragged you into a high-profile illegal affair? To see what Betty chooses to do,


  • I was hoping Hilda and Archie were going to announce getting married. I know we haven't seen enough of them together, but he's nice, he's successful, he's not married. Good enough!
  • Hilda getting excited about being in Archie's video shoot is so cute: "Should I play up my arms like Michelle Obama?"
  • The first thing I noticed when we finally get over to Mode is Amanda's freaking skirt. Whoa. I still don't know if I love it or hate it.
  • The deal with Cal Hartley hasn't been inked yet, so he's in the office to finalize things. He still calls Daniel "bunny!"
  • Amanda on Cal: "Daddy Warbucks is kind of old . . . and hot" and "Betty, when I marry Mr. Hartley, I'm gonna be your mom."
  • Betty tells the police that Christina would never ever kidnap a baby, so of course I knew that Christina had totally kidnapped the baby.
  • I can't believe they bring the baby to Betty's house! I feel like that implicates the entire family in this crime. Very irresponsible.
  • Hilda is so peeved at Betty for bringing the baby over during the shoot. This line of hers, delivered to Betty when she explains that they just need to prove the baby is Christina's, cracked me up: "OK! So we'll just drop by the DNA pagoda at the mall!"
  • It always touches me when Betty turns to Claire for help.
  • And how cute is Archie? He totally understands Betty kidnapping a baby! And then he even gives her advice to play dirty.
  • Marc comes up with a new Willi nickname after she figures out a way to hold on to her stake in the company even without the baby: "Bravo, Willi-maestro. Bravo."

And thus ends the whole Christina-Willi-baby-Meade heir plot that has dragged on for about 25 years. Are you sad to see Christina go? What did you think of last night's episode?

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