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"Ugly Betty" Recap: Episode 22, "A Tree Grows in Guadalajara"

"Ugly Betty" Recap: Episode 22, "A Tree Grows in Guadalajara"

In the penultimate "Ugly Betty" episode of the season, Betty gets a magical twist as she explores her roots in Mexico. Back at Mode, Daniel experiences a little magic of his own with Alexis' ex-girlfriend (and those pills he got from Tyler). Meanwhile, Alexis is pretty fed-up with both of the men in her family and makes plans to do away with one of them!

To get the lowdown — caution, spoilers ahead —

As Betty and the fam head to Mexico, Hilda is having trouble getting her wedding together and finding a wedding dress. Betty decides she's through with Henry and turns her attention to putting together a family tree for the trip. When she asks Ignacio about her mother's mother, Yolanda, Ignacio says her grandmother is dead and won't talk more about it.

Daniel is totally wired from the pills he's taking to curb his sex addiction and talks nonsense at a Mode meeting. Alexis attempts to take the reigns and Daniel snaps at her that she's not the only one in charge. Alexis: "But I am the only one with pupils that aren’t the size of quarters." Wilhelmina says that she wants Jordan Dunne, a local woman who's into extreme sports, for the Fearless Woman feature — "We'll call it the Daredevil Wears Prada." Alexis hates the idea, though, because Jordan was her girlfriend when she was a guy and faked her death. The two haven't talked or seen each other since.

Betty and Hilda meet Ignacio's quirky family in Mexico and one of their relatives, a mystic woman named Isabella, leads Betty to believe that if she finds her grandmother, she will be able to figure out what to do about Henry. After getting her Aunt Mirta drunk, she learns that Yolanda is alive. When Betty confronts Ignacio, he tells her that her grandmother doesn't want to meet her. The woman cut off all ties to Rosa and their family when she left her husband for Ignacio.

Amanda's secretly straight boyfriend Tavares has a meeting with Wilhelmina, and she likes his stuff enough to debut his pieces the next night. At the showing, he pretends Amanda is his hag and treats her like a dog in front of the guests. Marc points out to her that she's in yet another secret relationship where she isn't getting the respect she deserves. "It's Daniel all over again!" He then outs (ins?) Tavares to the crowd who don't seem to care until Amanda redeems herself by showing them some of his hideous creations. Amanda and Marc go back to the closet at Mode and accidentally trigger the door to the Love Dungeon.

Bradford tells Wilhelmina that he's not ready to sign the divorce papers. He goes through this weird (and lame) mid-life (end of life?) crisis, but after dressing up in a stupid outfit that includes lots of leopard print and leather he feels like a fool and signs the papers.

Jordan comes to Mode for her shoot and confronts Alexis who she hasn't seen since she was Alex. Jordan: "You look different. New haircut?" Alexis tries to apologize, but it's too little too late. Later Jordan sees Daniel and there's obviously a spark. They end up kissing, and Alexis walks in on them just after she pays a hit man to kill who we assume is Bradford. Daniel feels totally victorious over his sister until a few scenes later, when he walks in on her own kiss with Jordan. Daniel goes back home and is then attacked by two men. I guess we could assume that Alexis actually hired someone to get rid of Daniel, not Bradford.

Betty goes on a search for her grandmother. She keeps seeing a vision of Henry on a bicycle and when she follows him, she's led right to her grandmother's house. Unfortunately the woman is out of her mind, but she mistakes Betty for her mother and asks for forgiveness, which gives Betty closure. It also helps her to decide she wants to fight for Henry. Yolanda then gives Betty Rosa's wedding dress for Hilda.

Hilda, meanwhile, meets a man named Antonio who, after learning Ignacio is back in Mexico, makes a phone call telling someone they can get ready to get their revenge.

At the end Ignacio reveals that he didn't get his visa and he will have to stay in Mexico. Tear.

Don't forget next week is the season finale and then we're Betty-less for the whole summer!

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