If you're looking for big laughs in the Season Finale of "Ugly Betty" you'll have to look somewhere else. This episode was a downer. Love is lost, hearts are broken, one or more characters may be dead! I was hoping the show would end on a wild and wacky note but no such luck. Guess all of that bad blood floating around Mode has to manifest itself somewhere!

To get the lowdown — caution, spoilers ahead —

Betty finally confesses to Henry that she's in love with him, and he reveals he feels the same way and has even broken up with Charlie so that they can be together. They decide to go on a date, but then Charlie reveals to Betty that she's pregnant with Henry's baby! Henry decides to do the right thing and go back to raise his baby. Betty is crushed, of course, and they share a sad goodbye kiss before he goes. After that, she goes to the dentist, where she learns Charlie has been having an affair with Dr. Farkas! They met when Betty took him to Charlie's party. Betty realizes Charlie's baby could be the doctor's, and she decides to try to stop Henry and Charlie at the airport.

Bradford proposes to Wilhelmina and she of course says yes. She then is forced to whore Marc out to Fabia in exchange for having her wedding at St. Patrick's Cathedral in June. Fabia treats Marc badly, naturally. Marc: "She makes me smoke. And she makes me eat pasta!" There's a funny montage of shots of Marc and Wilhelmina set to Barbara Streisand's "The Way We Were." In a rare moment of kindness, Wilhelmina decides to have her wedding in November instead. Marc is touched because Willi does care about him after all! Say it with me now ... ahhhhhhh!

Daniel comes into work with a black eye and tells everyone he got it from saving a girl scout in Central Park. Finally he admits to Betty that his drug dealer beat him up. Of course, she's very disappointed in him. Soon after, Bradford tells Daniel that he's marrying Wilhelmina, which sends Daniel into even more of a downward spiral ("They’re probably going to have some devil child together!"). He ends up overdosing on his pills, and Alexis — of all people — softens up and drives him to the hospital. Unfortunately she takes Bradford's car, and its brake lines have been cut by (we assume) the guy she paid to kill her father. Hey, didn't Fey die because her car's brakes were cut, too? Alexis can't stop the car on a winding road and crashes badly, and we leave them both bleeding and unconscious in a ditch.

Amanda accidentally reveals the secret love dungeon to Christina, and they both get locked inside. To pass the time, they get drunk on Fey's stash of wine and tell secrets. Christina says she left her husband back in Scotland and he has no idea where she is. Amanda says Fey was a friend of her father's and got her the job at Mode. They then find a safe with a birth certificate inside that says Fey is Amanda's mother.

Hilda and Santos are busy planning their wedding, and Justin is excited because he gets to play Tony in his school's production of "West Side Story." On the way to the play, however, Santos stops at a liquor store to pick up a present for Justin. He interrupts a robbery and is shot. Betty gets the call about Santos and abandons Henry to go tell poor Hilda her fiance is dead (we assume), leaving Henry and Charlie to fly away together. The whole thing is set to Justin singing in "West Side Story," and it's very moving but not very "Ugly Betty"-ish.

Oh yeah, and Claire escapes from prison. Just, you know, by the way.

Not a very fun way to end the first season, but I'm still dying to see what happens nonetheless.

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