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Ugly Betty Recap: Episode Nine, "When Betty Met YETI"

Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode Nine, "When Betty Met YETI"

There were so many great and touching moments on this week's Ugly Betty, I can't wait to talk about them all. But there are also some good laughs. I mean, I know that Hilda isn't a huge part of the episode, but her anecdote about using every advantage — which includes her referring to her boobs as "the Pointer Sisters" — may have endeared me to this woman forever more.

I keep re-watching that clip and hysterically laughing ("When I have to go to the butcher shop, I put on my tightest tank top — and thank you to the Pointer Sisters right here, Abunjio, the meat man, he puts me in the front of the line. Is that fair? No. So what? Who cares. I don't care."). It's so good. Anyhoo, there are plenty of other funny and sweet moments to chat about, so


  • I know it probably will end, but I really don't want Amanda and Betty to ever stop being roommates because of things like Amanda in the bubble bath.
  • Betty's a little annoyed with her ("You have this tendency to treat me like I'm your assistant") and cites things like ringing a bell at her. Amanda explains the bell thing like this: “I got it for Halston. He’s supposed to come any time I ring it. But he’s kind of a bad doggy. Not like you, Betty. You’re a good girl.”
  • Nick Pepper returns to brag to his former Mode colleagues about being a deputy culture editor now that he's graduated from YETI (Young Editors Training Initiative ) and Betty is in awe of his success ("A magical school where assistants go to turn into editors?").
  • When Nick asks what's been goin' on at Mode, Amanda chimes in with: "Marc got engaged, but then he got dumped. Saaad."
  • Back in Queens Justin has an honest-to-goodness friend in Randy, and they love going to musicals together! That's my kind of friendship. When Randy wants to leave in the middle of Little Shop of Horrors after his other friends pressure him, Justin is appalled: "They haven’t even done 'Suddenly Seymour' yet!"
  • But later Randy caves to the pressure from his former dude-posse and publicly humiliates Justin in the schoolyard. You guys, when he gets home and is obviously crushed in front of Hilda, I teared up. Heartbreaking!
  • Marc and Betty are both applying to YETI; thus, it is on. When he finds out Betty's magazine is about fashion, his zinger is pretty hilarious: "What's it called? Clashing Fabric Digest?" Ha! And Amanda is "helpful" in her own way: "Betty, you know fashion means clothing, don't you?"
  • I love all the references in this show about what a nerdy overachiever Betty's always been. The Betty Review was so cute and funny.
  • I like how much contempt Wilhelmina has for Molly: "Look at you with your hair all up and stuff — aren't you coltish."
  • Marc's magazine turns out to be really good. He gets David Sedaris to write something for him and Badgley Mischka show up. It's definitely better in terms of presentation than Betty's. Still, he's pretty darn mean when he doesn't get in and Betty does, playing the affirmative action card.
  • But OMG, his "voicemail" to Betty is my second favorite part of the night: "Marc isn’t in right now, but if you leave your name and number he’ll never speak to you again, you odious sea cow, Betty. Beep."
  • Later Marc apologizes for being so mean to Betty and tells her he hopes she doesn't think he's racist because the hottest guys he's dated have been Latinos. Ha!

The last scene between Marc and Betty talking about how they are for the future is so heartwarming! And, as usual, Daniel pulls through for Betty and gets her into YETI (using Player!), which is also sweet. Sigh. Good episode all around, in my humble opinion. What did you guys think?

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californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
My thoughts: 1. I really want Betty and Daniel to get together. 2. I love the Suarez family! Hilda has the best zingers, and she seems like such a great mom to Justin and Ignacio is awesome. 3. Little Shop of Horrors is amazing, especially "Suddenly Seymour." 4. I don't like Connor's fiancee, she's boring. 5. I still liked Betty's idea for the magazine more than Marc's, even though Marc had more to present. 6. I really hope Betty and Amanda stay roommates!
KirbyBoom KirbyBoom 8 years
The Pointer Sisters was classic, i might steal it Noticed both Amanda and Mark both wearing Jeremy Scott! Amanda's skirt and Mark's blazer - both awesome! I'm kind of feeling sorry for Willie, we all know how much it sucks to be in that situation And also I want to go to YETI! it sounds incredible
missyjq missyjq 8 years
my favorite episode in the longest time...and while i agree with ALL that you have listed as some of the best parts...i thought the sweetest was at the end with marc and betty on the phone talking about both being in the program...marc was just too cute and i love how excited they were about doing something together...precious!
girlA girlA 8 years
Betty's wardrobe is just getting more and more ridiculous by the week. LOVE the show, but enough with the "UGLY" thing--she needs to get rid of those braces at least!
bransugar79 bransugar79 8 years
I love Ugly Betty and I loved this weeks episode. I like that they are starting to write Marc more human than clown, and I absolutely love that Amanda is almost rotten to the core it gives the show a little texture. I kind of hope that Betty and Daniel don't end up together because I think they make great friends and don't necessarily make sense romantically. I have been getting tired of Daniel bailing on Betty though. And it seems like that is sort of the theme of this season. He was making so much progress last season and now they seem to be taking him backwards for whatever reason. I loved Hilda and the "pointer Sisters" that was freaking hilarious. Also the male himena things priceless and such a Marc thing to say. This show is so cute. the whole thing with Justin and his "friend" OUCH. I felt so bad for him and through all of his scenes I had a huge knot in the pit of my stomach. And the talk between him and Hilda so reminded me of being in elementary school and being the only oddball kid everyone hated. I almost started to cry because as much as Hilda is right and nothing should make you change who you are being a kid and hearing that speech doesn't really change your outlook much. All in all a great episode. Also I know everyone thinks it's time for the braces to come off but Betty is definitely transforming physically as well as emotionally so I'm sure they will eventually be gone. I mean her eyebrows are starting to thin out and her hair is less frizzy each season and her fashion is well still a little tragic but she's definitely picked up some very fashionable pieces to her wardrobe. I mean that coat she was wearing in the opening scenes was fierce even if it was completely wrong for the outfit
syako syako 8 years
male-hemina best. part. ever.
CocoaBombshell CocoaBombshell 8 years
awwww mmaannnn! i missed it! ive been so busying studying...and pulling my hair out lol jk. but that's so awesome betty and marc getting along thats nice. i loved a few episodes how marc helped betty with the party she had to plan for Wilhelmina's party (the same one that alexis gets arrested in) yeah hilda has been doing great! i know that im a little behind, buts whats the update with her and that gym teacher? i know that his wife finds hilda's *ahem* betty's address and is pissed when walking away..DID SHE BREAK UP WITH HIM?? Hilda, i mean. DO tell!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Marc was so mean this episode! It was one of the first times where I was literally like "Not cool Marc, not cool." However, Hilda's comment about the "Pointer Sisters" = hilarious!
cupcakers cupcakers 8 years
Hilda's my favorite character, her scene with Justin when she tells him to always be himself almost made me tear up! Wow, what a great episode. I also loved the last scene with Marc and Betty getting giddy on the phone.
tarre07 tarre07 8 years
I agree about the braces. They need to go & soooon. Not good seeing those in HD. Hasn't she had them since high school or somethin? I'm loving this show more than ever tho.
McSquish McSquish 8 years
I liked this episode too but I am getting a little tired of Daniel ALWAYS letting Betty down and yet always making it up with "I made a few phone calls" which to me means, "I'm a pretty boy and I paid someone off." He's thrown her under the bus so many times, how much more can she take. I was discussing this with my boyfriend and he says "But see, if he'd had written her letter, it would not have worked out that way." But that's not the point. Had Daniel been on the ball, written the letter and she got in and *then* Mark told her the affirmative action thing, she would have only been upset about one thing (Mark being an ass) not Mark AND her boss letting her down. There is not need to make Betty go through all that just for the sake of it. Now, she would have felt like she did all she could have done, and THEN Daniel could have said "I made a few calls and told them you also worked for Players." I'm just tired of her getting screwed, especially this year. It's been three years now, let her get on top, and damn it, take those braces off. Whew, sorry about that, I just get frustrated. But seriously Ana Ortiz needs to win an award, she's been doing PHENOMENAL!
tarabara1229 tarabara1229 8 years
Ha, no worries Buzz! And yes, for a second I could definitely see my grandmother in Old B. Priceless.
NatashaAlexis NatashaAlexis 8 years
I loved this episode, and I really excited about more YETI episodes!?!
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
tarabara1229 - Sometimes there is SO MUCH good stuff in Betty I have to cut gems. But the daydream was hilarious and both actors pulled off old people rather convincingly wouldn't you say?
tarabara1229 tarabara1229 8 years
You forgot to mention one of the best moments of the episode! the daydream (or day-nightmare) of old Betty getting coffee for old Daniel. Hilarious! And someone please give Ana Ortiz an Emmy, or a Golden Globe, or anything! She deserves it all for her awesome portrayal of Hilda.
graylen graylen 8 years
I loved this episode. The little moment with Marc and Betty at the very end was endearing. I also loved his message to Betty- who calls someone an odious sea cow?? I really like that Daniel has a conscience where Betty is concerned- she deserves it. He always seems to have the best of intentions. I don't think I can ever look at Hilda again and not think of The Pointer Sisters. That was classic! ;)
smileyface smileyface 8 years
OMG I LOVED LOVED this epi!!!!! When it went off I had to call my friend to squeal about how cute the ending was with Betty and Marc sorta kinda becoming friends and on the phone with each other and then having to go deal with their respective bosses!!!! It was soooo cute. And I'm kinda loving the thought of Daniel and Betty ending up together like in the actual version of this show. He was so cute at the end when he got her into YETI and wrote her 6 page letter of recommendation! AWWW. LOVE Hilda. Her parts may be small, but she is always hilarious. As always love me some Amanda. Her one liners are so good. I felt kind of bad for Willie and how she got shot down after throwing herself at whats his name (I really can't remember--is it Colin?) and her descriptions of Mollie were funny. Even though she told Marc that shes not going to do anything about it, I think she may change her mind when she sees that Daniel obviously has a huge crush on her. Alas, we shall see.
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