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"Ugly Betty" Rundown: Episode 1, "How Betty Got Her Grieve Back"

"Ugly Betty" Rundown: Episode 1, "How Betty Got Her Grieve Back"

Of all of last night's season premieres, I didn't think it would be "Ugly Betty" to make me cry. I thought "Grey's" would, because that's what "Grey's" does. I even thought "The Office" might, out of sheer frustration for continuing to not deal with story lines (but — yay on that front). But, no, it was "Betty." To be fair, it made me laugh hard and smile a lot, but in the final minutes...tears.

At the risk of being too spoiler-y for those of you saving it for the weekend, the rest of my thoughts are after the jump. So, just

  • First things first, gotta give a shout out to Pop, who was loving Christina's "Call me Mrs. Matt Damon. I'd like to give him a Bourne Ultimatum." Hilarious.
  • There was not nearly enough Daniel in this episode, though he did vocalize something that Betty and I have in common: "It's no secret you turn to potatoes in times of need." And I loved the "funeral" for the memories of Henry, especially Daniel's silent prayer.
  • Favorite plotline this season so far: Amanda, adopted, really Fey's daughter. Is Bradford Meade her dad? Somehow I doubt it (ew, incest). Her adopted parents, however, are hilarious...and apparently swingers. "We're not here, just looking for some more wine."
  • Claire vs. Wilhelmina is a pretty epic showdown. I love that they're both so smart, and so conniving, and so willing to do anything to get their way. Anything. I know that I'm supposed to root against Wilhelmina, but Vanessa Williams is just so excellent that I can't. I want them both to win.
  • Justin is, as usual, amazing — only now with a lining of sadness (more on that in a second). At least he has his fashion.
  • And then, the last five minutes of OMG-ness:

    • Alexis is awake and she thinks she's Alex again?!?
    • The moment before they showed Hilda alone in her room hugging her pillow and we realized that Santos didn't really survive the convenience store shooting, right when she was begging Santos not to go heart dropped. It's funny, because my notes from the beginning of the episode were a little pissy that the Santos shooting plot was so tidy — if only that had been the case. It's been a long time since a show made me cry (not just well up), but that was like a punch to the stomach. So, so sad.
    • Henry's back!

    What did you think? Too sad of a way to start out the season? Are you excited for the return of Henry? Is Bradford Amanda's father? When will Betty's dad return? So many questions — welcome back, Betty!

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Join The Conversation
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
And I am so happy Henry is back! I really hope the baby is not his.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
The Santos thing was so sad. At first, I was so happy he survived but then I was wondering why they never left the bedroom and interacted with other characters. Then I got really suspicious when she showed him her wedding dress and he told her his vows. I was crying at the end :(
cammei cammei 9 years
Why oh why did they kill off Santos? I loved his character, yes smoking hot, but the way he was bonding with Justin was what won me. My favorite was the scene on the subway when he stood up for his son. Just so sad.
The-City-Girl The-City-Girl 9 years
Oh come on, the Santos thing was sooooo obvious from the start, because it was just TOO tidy, and it seemed pretty obvious at the end of last season, when Hilda broke down, that she was being told he'd been killed, not just injured.
Tennant_Love Tennant_Love 9 years
I'm only just commenting on this because I bought Ugly Betty S1 on Friday, finished it just over an hour ago & then watched 2x01 which I agree was heartbreaking....I knew Santos was dead after the second scene, I don't know what it was, the vows, the dress....all too perfect, then when Betty tells Justin he deserves the Mode internship I knew for sure and it BROKE MY HEART! Hilda on the bed hugging the pillow was very blurry due to the tears pouring from my eyes! Amazing episode. I am sooooo happy Henry is back & OMG "it's me...Alex!" OMG!!!
Blessed2x Blessed2x 9 years
What a great season premier. As I started watching it, I thought, oh, I guess he didn't make it, because Justin said his mom is never coming out of the room, and then it became, wow, he made it-by the end, I was very sad to find out that Santos died. I did not expect the Henry twist or the Alexis/Alex twist. I liked that Daniel actually helped Betty with something personal for a change.
roni roni 9 years
i think that was the best season premiere of any show i've ever seen. the thing with hilda and santos had to be one of the most heart-wrenching things i've seen on tv. grey's....blah. i was really disappointed. lexie annoyed the crap out of me...yeah, tell your half sister that doesn't know you or probably care to know you that she's your sister AS she's wheeling in a woman who just LOST HER ARM! whatev!
ub-rules ub-rules 9 years
ub-rules ub-rules 9 years
omg omg omg OMG OMG OMG did someone just say they dont know who fey sommers is! fey worked at mode i think she was an editor she's also amanda's biological mother oh and she died in a car crash wich clair meade is responsible for ok lets talk season2 of ub alexis is in a coma and then wakes up to think she's alex omg alexis is my fav character its soo cool the writer's have done this to her character it'll be intresting to watch and really funny that she does'nt know about the sex change op. I LOVE ERIC MABIUS WHO PLAYS DANIEL HE'S SOOOOO HUNKY!!!! LUV ALL UB FANS KEEP WRITING COMMENTS I WANT TO READ YOUR OPINONS!!
Maria84 Maria84 9 years
Best season premiere! Grey's was beyond boring to me.
menomena menomena 9 years
Not gonna lie, the end of this episode reduced me to a quivering mess. Immediately called boyfriend (who is in school ~1.5 hours away) bawling and babbling about how much I missed him/ wanted him to come home. The scene with Hilda in her room gave me chills. Not so much with the Alex/is drama, but glad Henry's back, Justin is still fab (can't wait to have him working @ Mode), and Daniel is kicking his addictions. LOVED this season opener.
jlr32phl jlr32phl 9 years
ugh! stupid dvr cut off the last 5 min so i had no idea all of that happened!
gossipqueen gossipqueen 9 years
I thought it was awesome!!! It started sooo funny and the sadness was sooo sad...they're all GREAT actors! The Santos/Hilda storyline was so sad..but i saw a few clues... * at the end of the 1st. season when betty tells her she fell on the ground and wailed...if he had survived her reaction would've been to run to the hospital. * when he shows up with his wound...the wound is lower than where the guy was pointing the gun (maybe i'm just picky but you know...) * no one mentions him at all * there is no food in the house * and finally...for some reason when he says..."i just got shot what's the worse than can happen now"..or something like sounded sooo odd. I love UB!
alisaa alisaa 9 years
r.i.p hotsantos. one of the saddest tv moments ever =(
allisonblue allisonblue 9 years
I got a little teary after the first time I watched the season premiere, but after I watched it for the second time, I was a sobbing mess. I can't wait for the rest of the season! RIP, Hot Santos. :( :( :(
BeHappy BeHappy 9 years
the santos thing really did make me bawl - it was the best and the worst thing about the episode and what made it that much better...
ltltw ltltw 9 years
I was so pulled in by this episode. I too was about to bawl when I realized Santos had not surrived. I agree with how beautiful Ana Ortiz looked in her scenes almost like a different person. And what a twist... Alexis/Alex. Its going to be in interesting season.
renascencern renascencern 9 years
It was cute. And my crush on Henry just keeps growing exponentially. Hearing him speak Spanish was just too much for me. *swoon*
epicurean_Essy epicurean_Essy 9 years
I was a bawling mess when the santos/hilda thing happened. Talk about shocking. It was so sad, and for me, it was totally unexpected! I was just so happy that he was alive! I am beyond heartbroken. Like ebgirl, I am totally traumatized by this. :cry:
koolbr33z3 koolbr33z3 9 years
This was the best season premiere I saw that night. I had some problems with the Santos & Hilda storyline initially too but it all made sense later. I don't think I actually cried but it did make me sad.
demonkitty18 demonkitty18 9 years
i think im too heartbroken 2 watch anymore ugly betty
demonkitty18 demonkitty18 9 years
:( im still not over it i got so happy when santos opened dat bathroom door n i was a blubbering mess 2wds the end :(
lisseth0221 lisseth0221 9 years
Ha! I also can't believe they made Amanda fat! Luv her & Mark too!
lisseth0221 lisseth0221 9 years
OMG Buzz!! I totally agree! Punch in the stomach and MORE Henry!
audkem01 audkem01 9 years
shocking about santos, I am 7.5 pregnant and a hormonal mess so I CRied and cried over santos.
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