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Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode 6, "Something Wicked This Way Comes"

Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode 6, "Something Wicked This Way Comes"

If you even channel surfed through ABC this week, you were made aware that Ugly Betty was going to Broadway. Instead of just doing a musical episode, as Buzz pointed out they should totally get it over with and do, the show centered around Betty and Henry trying to go on a date to see Wicked, intertwining songs from the actual Broadway show into the episode.

It succeeded in making me want to go see Wicked, but unfortunately it didn't change my mind about Betty's plot being my least favorite part of this season. I'm not totally heartless — the end was touching and sweet, but I was sad some of the other stories were sidelined. So I don't get too spoiler-y, you can check out the rest of my thoughts after the jump. Just read more

  • What is up with Christina never having any scenes? Are we ever going to learn about her secret husband? This was one of the best parts of the episode: "Oh my god, he's your doughnut." "Yes, he's delicious and I can't tell anyone." I want more Christina.
  • I know, I know, I'm not supposed to get annoyed with Betty, but come on now, she and Henry were being totally rude during Wicked. Having their phones on vibrate and intentionally coughing/sneezing? Ha, I'm so crotchety.
  • The whole Willi having to gain weight thing for her wedding was hilarious. Also, Bradford "wants something called a Shania Twain performing at the reception."
  • Ugh, love Marc and Cliff! I must admit that I looked Cliff up on IMDB to see how many episodes of the show he is on to make sure he hasn't been written off for good. Had to awwww at Marc talking about his belly face.
      • I almost literally cheered when Justin was back to his old self! "LIAR, Madonna is recording in London until the end of the month!" And definitely clapped when he and Ignacio bought Hilda the hair dryer. The Sweet Hair After.
      • Freddy Rodriguez is kind of awesome at playing the jerk.
      • "What am I supposed to do, dump him because he doesn't use product?"
      • Vanessa Williams plays pretending to be completely heartless so perfectly. She is so good at putting up that icy exterior, even when her daughter bails on her wedding with the lie that she got bitten by her pet monkey and had to be quarantined.
      • Okay, so the end of this episode was a little more intense and touching than last week, but how many in a row can they do where the closing scene is Betty and Henry deciding to take a chance on each other? Sorry, sorry, I'm so cynical about those two. To be fair though, Henry did look good this episode.

      This week was fine, but next week — Posh! Plus, there is sure to be all sorts of wedding day drama for Bradford and Willi. And an ambulance? Will Bradford Meade have a heart attack or something? Is Alan Dale destined to die that way on every TV show he stars in? What did you think of this week? Wicked in a good way or a bad way?

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