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Ugly Betty Season Finale Recap: Episode 23, "Curveball," and Episode 24, "The Fall Issue"

Ugly Betty Rundown: Episode 23, "Curveball," and Episode 24, "The Fall Issue"

Well, friends, this week concludes Ugly Betty's run on Thursday nights. The show brought out loads of stars for its third season finale, but then a lot of things happened and then unhappened and then rehappened again, and I'm wondering this morning if we actually needed two whole hours of that.

Betty has the job! Betty doesn't have the job. Betty's promoted! Betty isn't promoted. Betty's in love! Betty isn't in love. Betty's sort of in love? And then there's the ever-present threat of Molly dying hanging over everything, and even though it's predictable and slightly manipulative, I still cried. Let's get to chatting — just


  • So Molly didn't die after last week's cliffhanger, and after she gets out of the hospital, the whole world is smitten with her relationship with Daniel. He's no longer a man-whore to the world but Prince Charming instead.
  • Therefore, he gets to go on The View to promote the wedding issue. I feel like this could have been funnier.
  • Um, I think I might get fired if my boyfriend showed up to work as much as Matt does. He stops by with his first painting and it's so ugly! Betty is practically naked in it, too.
  • The best ever is when Amanda sees it and gasps, "It's like looking at the butt of Satan!"
  • Of course, when Betty is all, "Everything is perfect! There's even a rainbow!" when she and Matt talk about moving in together, that's right when she spots Henry.
  • Then she Facebook-stalks him! Turns out Henry has a new aerobics girlfriend (Hazel from Gossip Girl), so now he's all buff.
  • I got so irritated with Betty when she does the whole compare-Matt-to-Henry scoreboard thing. Betty's inner voice is kind of funny, though: "Should I mention Matt's rich? No! That's gross."
  • And then Matt making his stomach talk is awesome.
  • Daniel is so awkward at the baseball game with Molly when he tells that other lady he doesn't want to go out with her! I cringed.
  • I'm convinced the only reason Betty gets the job at The New York Review is so we could get a teary Daniel/Betty goodbye moment. But then of course she doesn't get the job and is staying at Mode, so . . . whatever.
  • Meanwhile, Matt was driving me nuts. He gets mad at Betty all the time! He's so sensitive that she doesn't announce to the whole world they're moving in together.
  • But then, um, Matt totally has a right to be mad because Betty makes out with Henry! And Matt sees it, of course. Why is he there? Also, do people really do this Facebook status message stalking thing? For one thing, it's kind of hard to find people's status messages on Facebook these days.
  • Christine Baranski and Vanessa Williams singing together at the piano is brilliant. Dream come true.
  • Baranski spills the beans that Claire has a love child somewhere out there. I kept hoping/thinking it would be Matt.

Who does Willi see in the end? Connor?! And does Daniel really see Molly's ghost? Also, I never really thought Matt and Betty were destined to be together, but I didn't see evil Matt coming, either. He's going to be so awful next season, I just know it.

What are your highlights from this week's two-hour bonanza? Who's your favorite guest star? And was it enough to make you follow Betty to Fridays in the Fall?

Photos copyright 2009 ABC, Inc.

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