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Ugly Betty Series Finale Recap

Why I Loved the Ugly Betty Series Finale

Last night, we sadly said goodbye to Ugly Betty and the wacky friends, family, and coworkers in her world. A lot has changed for Betty in four seasons (as evidenced when we got a quick flash of Betty's former self with her choppy bangs and orange poncho), and this week she embarks on a brand-new adventure in London. The series finale doesn't have any epic twists, but it still manages to tug on the heartstrings while squeezing in a few last-minute laughs. Here's why I loved it:

  • All of the characters get a new beginning. Wilhelmina gets Connor back (not to mention the magazine all to herself), Mark gets more responsibility, Amanda gets a dad, and Betty's whole family gets a fresh start. I especially loved that Betty's dad is excited to live alone after sharing the house with many a Suarez over the years.
  • Betty and Daniel come close, but no cigar. Many of you were split about whether Daniel and Betty should finally get together, and it looks like the writers were, too. Daniel all but admits to his mother that he still has feelings for Betty, but he never 'fesses up, and there's no big kiss. Instead, he follows Betty to London and offers to take her to dinner. Is it a date? Is it a friendly meeting? It could go either way, which I thought was a satisfying way to open up the possibility without jumping the shark.

To see my other reasons, just


  • There were no shockers. Don't get me wrong — I love a series finale that makes my jaw drop (in fact, I'm counting on one from Lost), but we didn't need one from Betty. I was happy to have a nice wrap-up on each of the character's lives, instead of a lot of surprising new plot lines crammed in. The writers could easily have brought back the ghosts from Betty's dating past, or paraded around old memorable characters from the show.
  • Betty truly comes into her own. Betty's always been stepped on and bossed around, and now we see that she's finally come into her own. Yes, her hair is shinier, her teeth pearlier, and her outfits less frumpy, but more than anything else, she's a success story. In the pilot episode, we open on a young woman looking to make it in the magazine world, and we close on that same woman as she takes the next step toward her flourishing career. So many characters on television end up way off the path they were originally set on, that it's refreshing to see Betty's story stay on track and see her come out on top.

How did you feel about the episode? Are you sad to say goodbye?

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Stephanie5588 Stephanie5588 7 years
i was quite dissapointed with the last epiosode because she should have stay in new york because londons crap and i live there! and she had all those great friends and plus her family and she and daniel should of got together and there werent' even a kiss at the end and even worse they aient showing season 5 ugly betty i am litrally obessed with the show it what i would like my life to be like living in ne york as a fashion editor
fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 7 years
i also wish there were a few more episodes... it definitely felt rushed. so sad to see this show gone! but happy with the direction the characters were left in.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
I think I would have been sad to see it go if it hadn't wrapped up so well. The whole episode was like a big goodbye party for the all the important characters without a bunch of extraneous crap thrown in. It's nice - sometimes shows just need a good old fashioned happy ending, and this is definitely one of them. Although, of course, I cried when Betty said goodbye at the end and when "Ugly Betty" just became "Betty."
smileyface smileyface 7 years
Carissa it was episode 12, Blackout. I thought I had seen all of the episodes too. Its the episode when Betty lets robbers into her building by accident. I had seen the beginning but I must have fallen asleep on it before it got to the miscarriage part and then erased it from my DVR thinking I had watched it. Its not up on anymore, but you can google it and find it online.
martyg325 martyg325 7 years
oops... meant to say "He saw her blossom before HIS eyes..."
martyg325 martyg325 7 years
I liked that Daniel followed her to London. After watching for four years, I do believe that it was possible that Daniel grew up and realized what a great woman Betty turned out to be. Yes she worked for him, but she went above and beyond the work relationship and was a true and loving friend to him. Also, everyone in her family came to care for him as well. Betty helped him after his wife died, she turned out to be his best friend. And isn't that what everyone wants to be in love with ... a best friend? He saw her blossom before her eyes. I also like that she was kind of oblivious to the fact that he was or had fallen in love with her. I heard that America Ferrera is considering backing the idea of an "Ugly Betty" movie so could be we do get to see a romance between the two characters. Could be cute!
CarissaSophia CarissaSophia 7 years
I'm with smileyface, anybody know what episode the miscarriage was? I thought I saw every episode but I don't remember that happening...
a-million-suns a-million-suns 7 years
I think they did the best job they could with what they were given. They really could have used those extra episodes that were cut. But at least they got to finish the season and the series. I also got a bit emotional. This may have been the first show I've actually watched from beginning to end while it was on the air. And it has such heart; it really is inspiring in many ways.
smileyface smileyface 7 years
WHOA! I totally missed the miscarriage thing! Someone please explain when/how that happened!!
pharm_chick pharm_chick 7 years
hilda did have a miscarriage. i thought she was pregnant again in this episode since she was being so tempermental, i thought that would be her big surprise when they said papi would move in with them. the episode was nice but its just sad to let this show go. and i was bawling at the car scene lol. i felt like i was moving to another country LOL
cupcakers cupcakers 7 years
cupcakers cupcakers 7 years
didn't Hilda have a miscarriage? I that was a couple of episodes back.
DeppObsession DeppObsession 7 years
The finale was done very well. I really enjoyed it, and got a little emotional. Even though it's been around for some 4 years, it still made me emotional. This show will always have a little place in my heart :).
totygoliguez totygoliguez 7 years
I agree with you, the finale was satisfying and I really enjoyed it. I was satisfied with the fact that both Betty and Daniel decided to move on and that her family got to fresh start. It was sad to say goodbye, but I was happy with the finale.
smileyface smileyface 7 years
LOVED it! Obviously the Betty-Daniel thing was because that is how the original series ends, but I think that because the show was canceled there was not enough time to transition their relationship into something romantic. I liked that Betty moved to London. I think she proved what she could do in NY and moving to a new city and having the job she always wanted was great for her and really showed that she evolved. I totally agree that the show came full circle in that Betty starts the show seeking to make it big in the magazine world and when it ends she has realized that goal and is only moving further into her career. I definitely teared up when Betty said bye to her family and I loved at the end that the word Ugly faded from the screen. Though I wish that the show wasn't canceled I think that the writers did a good job wrapping up everyone's story lines. Also knowmercy I was confused about the Hilda pregnancy thing too!!! For the past few episodes I was like isn't she supposed to be pregnant? cause she was drinking in like every episode.
CarissaSophia CarissaSophia 7 years
I am totally bummed. I never used to be much of a TV watcher. This was the first series I chose to watch and did catch every episode. The ending seemed to come together quickly maybe even rushed? I liked it, of course I just wanted more. ;)
minxa25 minxa25 7 years
I agree the finale was lovely! I am going to miss this a lot show and I wish the episode was longer.. .LOVED the happy endings
Happsmjc Happsmjc 7 years
I agree with everyone! I have been LOVING the last few episodes (esp. last week) so much that I was getting so sad to see the show go, and this was not my fave, but I see why they did it this way. I too cried at the scene with the limo pulling away from her family, I will always love the Suarez fam. I also wish they could have spared one tiny kiss b/t Betty and Daniel, it's not that I needed them together, but since they were leaning that way it was very anticlimatic. Didn't even think about Rebecca Romijn, but that would have made sense (I always hated when she left). I'm glad everyone got a happy ending. Favorite part--when the words UGLY BETTY appeared at the end and the UGLY disappeared, leaving only BETTY. LOVED IT! Made up for the semi-boring episode, which was boring because it was rushed! Will miss this show!
knowmercy knowmercy 7 years
i liked the finale. It wrapped up all the loose ends. But I was confused about one thing; wasn't Hilda pregnant? They make no mention of it for about half the season - the day she took the test and then the day that she told Bobby at the art gallery was all I remember. And then nothing? I have to admit that this show is on a little late for me (yea, I'm old haha - not really just have an active LO running around who tires me out).
kaykayelle kaykayelle 7 years
I think that it is satisfying to see everyone get a happy ending, but boring to watch. Last week's ep could have been the last, and it would have ended better, minus that dumb shooting. But then it would have been all about Hilda. But I digress. The only thing I hated, besides it ending in general, was that Rebecca Romijn wasn't brought back. If she's in France, why couldn't she have been with Daniel when he ran into Betty in London, right? Yes?
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I liked parts of it and didn't like other parts. In my ideal world, Amanda and Daniel would have gotten together and the series would have ended with Betty pulling away from her family in the limo. Overall, though, not a bad ending.
McRiguez McRiguez 7 years
I hadn't thought about the new beginning thing. I like that. I wish they had at least three more episodes. It all seemed a bit rushed and discombobulated, but I take that over it just ending. I will really miss betty and her family. That scene of her getting into the car...yeah, I started crying.
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