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Up All Night TV Show Fan Reaction

Buzz Blabber: Up All Night Is a Fall TV Winner

This week, you guys chatted a lot about the new Fall TV you're watching, and why you've gotten hooked. We also had the early debut of a Christmas song from Justin Bieber, which, like most things Bieber, elicited some mixed reactions. Check out this week's featured comments on these buzzy topics below!

Audiences love staying Up All Night

  • "It's an adorable show that's hilarious without being too over the top. It provides just the perfect amount of surrealism what with Maya Rudolph as a 90s R&B star turned Oprah-esque talk show host. Will Arnett is a guy's guy but has a sensitive side, and he's cute too — kind of every woman's dream husband. And of course Christina Applegate . . . those of us who grew up watching Married with Children and Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead, need not to explain." — pargie
  • "It's a nice show, which is weird to say about a comedy. It really isn't trying to hard at all. It's pleasing to watch and happens to make you laugh a few times. Not everything needs you to be on the edge of your seat or rolling on the floor." — kaykayelle
  • "My husband and I love Up All Night! With our first baby on the way, it's funny to watch and see what lies ahead for us." — PoshBride

Check out the comments on two more stories that had everyone talking this week when you keep reading.

Bieber's holiday tunes draw mixed reactions

  • "I'm always ready for holiday music, but not from Bieber." — Sweet Melissa
  • "This is my favorite thing ever. I've been saying 'only you shawty' from his other song to annoy my sister, and now I can sing this. So much more shawtys to annoy her with. Lovely." — awesomepants
  • "My ears hurt." — littlemunchkin

2 Broke Girls Has Some Lovers and Haters

  • "I love this show! Nothing serious about it, just pure fun. My whole family loves it, from the 8-year-old to the 53-year-old. Both the main actresses are so adorable. Laugh a minute." — ladyty
  • "The reason we keep tuning in? Because FINALLY, someone is calling out the hipsters. Keep the jokes coming, ladies!" — PrincessLTrain
  • "Tried watching this but it's just a waste of time. It's not horrible but it's a filler show. Something I would watch if I was sick in bed not something I would run home to see. New Girl is also a filler show but what bothers me about that show is that Zooey is great but the guys are lacking. BIG time. If only they could bring Damon Wayans Jr. back." — awesomepants

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