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Up All Night TV Show Review

Tell Us Why You're Watching Up All Night

New Fall comedy Up All Night has entered into the roster of NBC's great sitcoms, and it's not even in the Thursday night block. The series has made Wednesdays another destination for solid NBC shows, as Christina Applegate and Will Arnett navigate the waters of being new parents while trying to maintain their hipness. I've gotten totally hooked on the sitcom, thanks to the threesome that anchor the show: Arnett is a charming sweetheart as stay-at-home dad Chris, Applegate plays off of him perfectly as Reagan, and their third wheel Ava (Maya Rudolph), Reagan's boss, is outrageous and hilarious, without being too over the top. Up All Night has moved right in to my weekly DVR schedule, so I want to know if you guys have been watching and digging it too. Chime in below if you are, and let me know why you're liking it!

Photo courtesy of NBC

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kaykayelle kaykayelle 5 years
I really like it. It's a nice show, which is weird to say about a comedy. It really isn't trying to had at all. It's pleasing to watch and happens to make you laugh a few times. Not everything needs you to be on the edge of your seat or rolling on the floor.
Lizzie-Fuhr Lizzie-Fuhr 5 years
I'm a Arrested Development geek, so I love everything Will Arnett touches, but as I've kept watching, the show has really grown on me. Plus I'd probably watch Ava if it was a real show.
bellakaoru bellakaoru 5 years
Because he's wearing that Huey Lewis and the News t-shirt IRONICALLY.
PoshBride PoshBride 5 years
My husband and I love Up All Night! With our first baby on the way, it's funny to watch and see what lies ahead for us :)
pargie pargie 5 years
I haven't posted in forever, it sure is quiet around these parts! But Buzz, I love Up All Night for all for all of those reasons. It's an adorable show that's hilarious without being too over the top. It provides just the perfect amount of surrealism what with Maya Rudolph as a 90s R&B star turned Oprah-esque talk show host. Will Arnett is a guy's guy but has a sensitive side, and he's cute too--kind of every woman's dream husband. And of course Christina Applegate...those of us who grew up watching Married with Children and Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's dead, need not to explain. Bottom line, this is such a adorably hilarious show. I actually don't watch any other sitcoms (except Suburgatory which is also pretty good), so this means a lot coming from me!
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