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The Vampire Diaries Damon and Elena Make Out

Buzz Blabber: More Delena, Please

With a series premiere, a hotly anticipated makeout session, and a super creepy viral video all hitting the airwaves this week, it seems like everybody had something to say. BuzzSugar readers were all about Damon and Elena's passionate kiss (if only there were more!) while another sexy gent, Michael Fassbender, infiltrated our desktops in a viral video for Prometheus. Take a look to see what you said about these hot topics and the first episode of Girls!

You're all for the big kiss on The Vampire Diaries

  • "Just finished watching the episode, and everything else seems so insignificant compared to that makeout session! I just knew it from the moment they held hands in the bed, so much sexual tension. If only Jeremy wasn't there or hadn't interrupted, I wondered what would have happened." — nessa17
  • "Great episode. Great kiss. Finally! I can't choose between Damon and Stefan either. I'd love to see Elena stay with Damon, but I also miss the good ol' Elena and Stefan days when they were making out everywhere, and they seemed so happy. Can't wait until next week when Elena has to tell Stefan about her trip. And, I'm scared for the finale. I know it's going to be an excruciating cliffhanger." — likethedirection
  • "Great episode. The kiss kept me shaking for a while. Delena forever and Mama Original is mean and scary. Rose is Delena's angel." — LucyWithDiamonds

See what else you chattered about after the jump.

Michael Fassbender makes a great android

  • "On my wish list." — HoneyBrown1976
  • "I think the other folks are human. I think he is the android outlier. The viral TEDTalk with Guy Pearce seemed to be a precursor to this type of intelligent life form. Apparently there are more virals to come." — idawson
  • "Can't wait to see the movie! Fass is creepy, but awesome!" — gd101

The Girls premiere gets generally positive reactions

  • "It's very refreshing not to see stupid young women spending their parents' money and competing against their ex-best friends, but I thought it lacked a bit of humor. Let's give it another shot next week." — noonehere
  • "I had higher hopes for it actually. I don't know if I'm going to make it a must watch just yet. I'll give it another try though since I'm a huge SATC fan, and I want this to succeed. I'm kind of hoping that it'll keep with the real nature of how hard it is after you're done with school in NYC. I lived that life for the longest time so I feel their pain!" — ilanac13
  • "I liked it!" — Tazim D.

Photo courtesy of The CW

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