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The Vampire Diaries "Dangerous Liaisons" Recap

The Vampire Diaries "Dangerous Liaisons": The Good, The Bad, and The Bloody

The original vampire family hosts a ball on this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, and the whole town puts on their finest formal wear for the event of the supernatural season. Elena has two dates to the event, but it's her date to meet the original witch that gives us insight into what's in store for Klaus and his siblings.

Speaking of Klaus, we get some developments between him and Caroline that are sweet and promising (even if she's a bit cautious to date him because of his cruelty in the past and general bloodlust). There's also a hot hookup that I didn't see coming, so there's lots to talk about this week. To get to the good, the bad, and the bloody, just keep reading.

The Good

  • The original vampires — excuse me, the Mikaelson family — is ready to make themselves known in Mystic Falls, so they throw a grand ball to announce themselves. Elena receives an invitation to the party, complete with a personalized note to Elena from Esther, the clan's mother and original witch. The idea that she wants to talk to Elena is enough to convince her to go, and Damon and Stefan both gallantly volunteer to be her date so they can "protect" her. Though she tries to attend the ball without them knowing, all three show up, and Elena enters with both Salvatore brothers on her arms, which is sort of cute but mostly awkward.
  • Once at the ball, Elena realizes that Damon won't let her sneak off to meet Esther, so she joins forces with Stefan, knowing that his desire to kill Klaus will override his protective feelings for her. He incapacitates his brother so Elena can talk to Esther, where she learns that the ball is a cover for a ritual, and she says she needs a drop of Elena's blood for a toast. When they drink, the children will be linked so if one of the children dies, they all die together. That's Mommie Dearest's diabolical scheme: she calls her family an abomination and declares that she has to kill them all. Too bad Caroline's father died; these two would have made a great match.
  • Elena promises to tell Elijah what his mother confides to her, but Elena is too freaked out by Esther's plan to tell him the truth. As planned, everyone drinks during the toast, and then after the party, Esther and Finn complete the spell to link all the siblings. I really hope that there's something to Esther lamenting the fact that Elijah is so moral, because I want there to be a loophole so Elijah doesn't die. What can I say, the guy's grown on me.
  • I'm glad that Rebekah is awake, but her sassiness is overtaken by her thirst for blood this week. Specifically, she wants revenge on Elena for literally stabbing her in the back, and since she's not allowed to harm the doppelganger, she asks Matt to be her date with the intention of killing him since it'll hurt Elena. His gentlemanly moves stir something in her cold undead heart though, and she decides not to kill him, but her murderous (and pretty sexy) brother Kol has other ideas. He lures Matt outside, but Damon comes to his rescue, tossing Kol off the balcony. Later, at the grill, Rebekah tries to buy him an apology drink, but Matt just wants to be left alone.
  • With his mom prodding him to bring a date to the ball, Klaus sends an elaborate gown to Caroline to invite her. She reluctantly shows up, and you can see the breath being stolen out of Klaus's mouth when she walks into the room. His crush is more apparent as they waltz, and even though Caroline tries to express her disinterest, she seems like she's not having the worst time in the world. Outside, Klaus finds Caroline, and she demands to know why he asked her to come. How she doesn't swoon when he admits "I fancy you" is a mystery for the ages. His efforts to impress her are ineffective, until Caroline spots some of Klaus's original artwork (I knew he had a sensitive artist's soul!). When he offers her the world, basically, Caroline demands that Klaus release Tyler, and when Klaus tells her it's time to go home, she psychoanalyzes him. She accuses him of not connecting with people because his father didn't love him, and she scores a point, I guess, because when she gets home, there's already a gift from him with a drawing of her and a horse, plus a note that says "thank you for your honesty." Tyler who?
  • I love all the declarations of affection this week! First Klaus says he fancies Caroline, and then Damon just lays it all out there for Elena: "I'm mad at you because I love you." It's not the best time, though, since Damon realizes his feelings make him a liability, and Elena just seems uncomfortable hearing it right now.

The Bad

  • Elena's "I feel everything" speech to Stefan doesn't really get him to feel anything the way she wants, and I also didn't feel anything. I'm also conflicted about what's going on with him; he insists that he can't let himself care because if he does, he'll only feel pain, but he also says that he hates himself for what he did to her. That sounds like caring to me. Plus it's just frustrating that Elena keeps trying to break into Stefan's icy exterior when he's not doing anything to deserve it.
  • I'm conflicted about putting the Damon/Rebekah sex scene in the bad category, because truth be told, it's pretty hot, and these are two characters who desperately need some lovin'. So I applaud them getting their kicks, but I'm a little crestfallen on behalf of Elena. She may not know she loves Damon back yet, but I'm sure she'll be hurt when she finds out Damon slept with Rebekah. Then again, a little jealousy may just be what she needs . . .

The Bloody

  • I'm shocked that no one dies this week, given the addition of so many newly woken vampires, but I guess we have Esther to thank for that. We do get some red stuff though, when Esther and Finn cast the linking spell, and they use enough blood to make some freaky tree art and get me queasy.

Though Elena is (literally) put between Damon and Stefan this week, this episode is all about Klaus and Caroline. I like that she's very adamant about disliking him to his face, but it's obvious that she's softening toward him a little. The way they challenge each other is cute, and the thing that great TV romances are made of. I can't wait to see what happens next for them, and whether Esther's witchcraft is stronger than Klaus. What did you think of this episode?

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