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The Vampire Diaries Debate About Elena and Damon's Relationship

Buzz Battle: Should Vampire Diaries's Elena and Damon Date?

It's been awhile since we've had a good Buzz Battle, but there just hasn't been anything particularly squabble worthy for the Buzz editors to dissect. That is, until now. Over the weekend we stumbled up on this photo of Elena and Damon of The Vampire Diaries looking awfully cozy in an upcoming episode. The sexual tension has been mounting for weeks now, but will the writers go for broke and finally solidify this brotherly love triangle? Let's go over the facts. Editor B will argue the pro side, Editor S the con. And away, we go!

  • Editor B: Elena and Stefan make a cute pair, but Elena and Damon really sizzle. Damon gets under her skin and brings out her firecracker side. Plus, Damon can keep her on her toes — and that's what makes for great television. We may always root for Elena to end up with the nice guy, but she and Damon have way hotter chemistry, which will give the show a big boost.
  • Editor S Counterpoint: It's way too soon! The show is only in its first season, so it would be TV shark-jumping suicide if the writers let Damon and Elena get together now. Maybe in two, three seasons from now they can consummate that tension, but for now, they need to keep building up this foundation.

To see the rest of the arguments (and pick the winner), just read more.

  • Editor B: The drama on The Vampire Diaries has moved at a solid pace thus far, but we've yet to see Stefan really shaken to his core. So far the vampire with the heart of gold has done his fair share of ass-kicking when necessary, but we've yet to see what he's really capable of. I just know that under all those abs beats the heart of a bad boy — don't you want to see Stefan change it up a little?
  • Editor S Counterpoint: I'd love to see Stefan go all Angel on us, but you know it would never last. Once he goes back to being all nice-nice vampire Stefan, he'd just mope without his beloved Elena. And moping is pretty boring.
  • Editor B: Damon needs a girlfriend, stat. Sure it's fun to watch him dance around with sorority randos, but we've yet to see him meet his relationship match. Plus, once he starts dating Elena, it'll be perfect time for Katherine to finally make her return after all these years in hiding, which will lead to a whole new dimension of drama.
  • Editor S Counterpoint: I can't deny that I want to see Katherine (especially Nina Dobrev in an Eddie Murphy-like dual role, battling herself), but let's not kid ourselves: Damon and Elena would never last. They'd flame out fast, so it might as well come toward the end of the series, not now.

Time to pick a side: who's the winner of this Buzz battle? And what important points did we miss?

Image Source: The CW
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