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Community Blabber: The Vampire Diaries Is a Total Tease!

This week The Vampire Diaries led us on with a teaser featuring Stefan and Katherine getting hot and heavy — which made several of you miffed when the episode didn't deliver. You took to the comments to express your frustration, but that wasn't the only TV show to get you riled up! Supernatural fanatics came out in droves for our Best Sci-Fi Show of 2010 poll, while Glee watchers think that Lea Michele is destined to be the most successful person on the show. Curious to see your fellow readers' thoughts? Read on.

The Vampire Diaries fools us

  • "WHAT A LET DOWN! Those previews were totally misleading! I thought Stefan and Katherine were going to have sexy time and realize they love each other and can't live without one another (AKA Katherine would put a spell on Stefan), leaving Damon and Elena to finally get together! But nooooo, Elena had to get Stefan released from the tomb." — mandi villa
  • "While I was glad that Stefan didn't go completely out of character, I agree that it was a letdown for the Stefan and Katherine scene to only be a dream." — kimmieb124
  • "I love Stefan and Elena together, so I was really glad he didn't get together with Katherine." — ktc71

Two more hot topics when you


Supernatural fans come out in force

  • "There is a reason why Supernatural wins fan polls, despite the fact that it's basically unheard of in the mainstream. It's because the people who took the time to watch it realized that it's one of the greatest shows out there, fell in love with it, and are now on a die-hard mission to try to get it even a glimmer of the recognition it deserves." — nicolelegendary
  • "Supernatural is definitely the best. No doubt about it. It's funny, gory, heartbreaking, sarcastic. The amazing one-liners. They way they films scenes playing with light and dark, as well as the locations they choose add a lot to the overall awesomeness of the show." — ARJ

Glee fans think Lea Michele will have the biggest career

  • "When I think of Glee I think of Lea, and she's a really good actress and singer." — gummybears123
  • "Probably Lea. She's one of the most recognizable already." — genesisrocks
  • "Obvious answer = Lea. Ridiculously talented. If all else fails, she will ALWAYS have a spot on Broadway." — redchick152

Photo courtesy of The CW

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