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The Vampire Diaries Fans Support Damon

Community Blabber: Vampire Diaries Fans Flip For Damon

Every so often there comes that one moment on a TV show that make us hit the rewind button. This week's episode of The Vampire Diaries caught us all by surprise as Damon declared his love for Elena, and you quickly took to the comments to gab about it. Find out what your fellow readers had to say about it, along with the rest of the week's hot topics.

Team Damon!

  • "Damon was way too adorable this week, he made me want to cry! I hope Elena remembers that moment somehow." — postmodernsleaze
  • "I'm all for Team Damon. Don't get me wrong, I like Stefan but not for Elena." — team damon 4 sure
  • "I literally had tears rolling down my cheek when Damon confessed his love to Elena. Why does Stefan get all the glory when Damon is the one who 'killed' Elijah and saved her life?! I think Stefan needs to go on a little vacay so Damon can get some love too." — mandi villa

More heated comments when you


Undercovers deserved a chance

  • "Nuts! I liked this show. My wife liked this show. How can it be bad given that? And along with all the pretty people in it, it had a geek too. That's gotta count for something. Boo NBC!" — alittleoff
  • "NBC ALWAYS does this. They never give new shows a chance. They did the same thing with Mercy and Trauma last year. It makes me not want to watch the network's new shows at all because as soon as I start to enjoy something, NBC gives it the ax." — kimmieb124
  • "I actually like this show. I just couldn't catch it when it came on and had to watch it on Hulu. NBC needs to give it another chance." — chantelcen

Reader verdict: NC-17 ratings are pretty pointless

  • "I think the NC-17 rating which (in the states at least) is based pretty much just on sexual content is ridiculous. I personally think that watching Saw or any other of those graphic horror movies is much more traumatizing or going to leave more reaction in the audience than a too real sex scene or two." — beautiful disaster
  • "People seem more comfortable with extreme violence and horror in movies, but nudity and sex is viewed as obscene. Seems kind of backwards, since nudity and sex is natural and sawing someone to pieces isn't." — bryseana
  • "I don't see what the point is any more . . . we all watch the unrated versions of movies as soon as they come out on DVD anyway, just like kids can even though they weren't allowed to see them in the theatre. I'm not saying children SHOULD watch Gummo or Romper Stomper, just that we shouldn't pretend slapping a logo on a movie poster will actually stop them." — weffie

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