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The Vampire Diaries "Masquerade" Recap 2010-10-29 06:30:00

The Vampire Diaries "Masquerade": The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

The Vampire Diaries gets semi-Halloween-y when most of the gang attends a formal masquerade ball to finally take down Katherine. Bonnie is back on the scene with her witchery, but she's not the only one of her kind to be trolling Mystic Falls. Meanwhile, another character's inevitable monstrosity finally starts to take place.

Stefan and Damon suit up to take down their former lover (and look quite good while doing so), but I'd love to discuss the details without giving away any spoilers. I'm ready to deconstruct the good, the bad, and the bloody when you


    The Good

  • The opening sequence of this week's episode is one of my favorite scenes this show has ever had. Using a recent flashback with tense, exciting music, Caroline tells the Salvatore bothers of how she ran into Katherine at the Mystic Grill and Katherine has instructed her to procure the moonstone that night at the masquerade ball. Damon is deliciously unfazed, even gleeful, but Stefan's reaction is even better: "You're not going to kill her," he tells his brother. "Because I am."
  • The only thing better than the opener is the Lord of the Rings-style camaraderie that Bonnie, Jeremy, Alaric, and the Salvatores have while figuring out their scheme to take down Katherine. In particular, I'm so happy that Jeremy has emerged from his hoodies-and-drug haze of last season to become this dashing, suit-wearing vampire hunter. He faces off easily with Katherine, and then hello, he's suddenly a potential love interest for Bonnie.
  • I'd thought that Matt was a completely superfluous character after Caroline (enjoying her own character's renewal) had dumped him, but he proves to be a great pawn for Katherine. He's not strong enough for Caroline, though, who takes him out easily when she hears him starting a fight with Tyler.
  • Tyler's curse is invoked! When Tyler kills the Katherine-possessed Sarah (accidentally, of course) after she stabs him, I was almost relieved, because it was only a matter of time before Tyler began his werewolf transformation.
  • Finally, Damon and Stefan have the showdown with Katherine we've been waiting for, but there's a twist. My mind was absolutely blown when the link between Katherine and Elena is revealed — and every wound Katherine sustains, Elena feels too. It's the work of Lucy, Katherine's witch friend who's more powerful than Bonnie . . . or so it seems. The witch bond proves to be stronger than the girlfriend bond Lucy had experienced with Katherine (in fact, Lucy and Bonnie are distantly related), because Lucy is next seen duping her former friend Kat. She hands over the moonstone, breaking the link between Katherine and Elena and paralyzing the evil vampiress.
  • Creepy cliffhanger! Feeling "safe," Elena makes her way to her car, only to be grabbed by a masked marauder. Who could her captor be? Someone working for Katherine? Or someone bigger and badder? I'm kind of hoping for the latter.
    The Bad

  • Katherine thinks everyone is hot. Seriously, she tells Damon, Matt, and Stefan how hot they are so often this week that I started to wonder if she'd just cracked an issue of Cosmopolitan to find out what slang ladies were using to compliment gentleman these days, and "hot" is the only word she could remember.
  • Obviously Katherine's not gone. She's left quivering by the moonstone spell and then Damon imprisons her to "rot in hell," but no one stakes her. Come on! Someone stake her! But to be fair, I don't know that I want Katherine to meet her true death quite yet since she's such a good villain. And maybe it is true that she and Elena are really doppelgangers and Damon has to protect her (wink wink), but I'm still confounded as to why no one thinks they should kill Katherine when they have the chance.
    The Bloody

  • OK, so that Amy girl was annoying and all, but my jaw dropped when Katherine just murdered her on the dance floor. Cold!

So, do you think the Salvatores should have just killed Katherine rather than imprisoning her? Did you expect her demise to be more climactic? And who do you think has Elena now? Let's chat in the comments below, and if you're a fan, don't forget to also join the Hooked on Vampire Diaries group in the community!

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Join The Conversation
cheechee524 cheechee524 6 years
I am so glad Stefan and Elena are still apart, at the end when they met up and were talking, i was thinking "ugh, crap." I can't help but me incredibly annoyed about how boring they are together. Then they top it off with ridiculously obnoxious statements about how they know what the other one is thinking all the time, and how reassured they are about each others' feelings towards each other. Blah. And I hope that Jeremy and Bonnie hook up, then maybe they could be more than the token brooding, judgmental friends.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 6 years
This episode was soooo good. I agree with others-- all the guys looked uber hot! Seeing Katherine finally squirm made me happy (even if they didn't exactly kill her). Seeing Damon have that short little moment of shuddering right after he closed the door on her was a little sad. I'm so excited to see where the show goes now that the Katherine door is closed (at least for a little awhile because she'll obviously get a second chance) I'm kind of digging the Jeremy/Bonnie chemistry :) wicked, sorry you're in the hospital, but I'd be thinking the same thing in your shoes-- sure wouldn't mind some Damon ;)
care0531 care0531 6 years
Why does everyone want Elena? She better not be a fairy like Sookie was! :) I thought I read somewhere that we were going to see a return of Isabella so maybe that is who took Elena...but why they want her we still need to find out. Stefan is right...Katherine is running from someone...but who is it? I think they still need more answers which is why they haven't staked her. Think back to the first episode Damon wanted Stefan to kill him too but now he has grown on us all and he is actually helping some too. So I feel like that will happen with Katherine possible down the road. Love this damn show! So much excitment! :)
redchick152 redchick152 6 years
when did jeremy get hot? seriously. i'm liking the new him and even the potential bonnie hook up! of course they wouldn't kill katherine yet. i'm actually glad that elena didn't go right back to stefan....that would be too predictable. i'm not quite ready for elena and damon to get together, but at least there's room for them to become friends.
wickedk8 wickedk8 6 years
Last night was intense, but I can't help agreeing with Kat: all those guys looked hot! As I'm currently lying in the hospital hooked up to a blood bag getting a transfusion, I wouldn't mind sexy Damon barging in and sharing my o pos. ;)
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