Ian Somerhalder's Sexiest Smolders From The Vampire Diaries

Mar 9 2017 - 5:30am

Nothing says love like a brooding vampire. Ian Somerhalder [1] has been making bad look good for seven seasons of The Vampire Diaries [2], and a big part of his allure is his signature smolder. As the big finale [3] nears, why not take this excuse to ogle some of his hottest looks? We've put together a tribute to Somerhalder's best smolders as Damon — and it's far from monotonous, since he has one for every occasion.

Cafe Smolder

Daylight Smolder

Cocktail Smolder

Brother Smolder

After Dinner Smolder

Wet and Wild Smolder

Dungeon Smolder

Posed Smolder

Relaxing in My Study Smolder

Fiery Smolder

Pensive Smolder

Scheming Smolder

Assertive Smolder

Driving Smolder

Old Flame Smolder

Artful Smolder

Road Trip Smolder

Leather Smolder

Identical Smolder

Bar Smolder

Shrug Smolder

Testosterone Smolder

Squinty Smolder

Concerned Smolder

Face-off Smolder

Sexual Tension Smolder

Whiskey Smolder

Casual Smolder

Dagger Smolder

Vogue Smolder

Hold-Me-Back Smolder

Tuxedo Smolder

Bowler Smolder

Vintage Smolder

Buzzed Smolder

Sporting Smolder

Old Timey Smolder

Black Tie Smolder

Founder of the Smolder's Day Smolder

Hatchet Daydream Smolder

Woodland Smolder

Six-Pack of Smolder

Phone a Friend Smolder

Living Room Smolder

Portrait of a Lady Smolder


Take Me Out to the Smolder Game Smolder

In Memoriam Smolder

Ancient Artifact Smolder

Scholastic Smolder

I Got This Smolder

Log Cabin Smolder

Not Cool Smolder

Seriously Not Cool Smolder

Mmhmm Smolder

Wilderness Smolder

Dagger at the Beach Smolder

I Dare You to Look Away Smolder

I Saw That Smolder

Background Smolder

Side-Eye Smolder

Come On, People Smolder

Shirtless Smolder

Need a Nap Smolder

Not Effing Around Smolder

Bars Are Great, Right? Smolder

Where Is Elena? Smolder

Weird Necklace Smolder

New Haircut Smolder

Thinking With Eyebrows Smolder

Locked Up Smolder

Basic Smolder

Car Wash Smolder

Darkness Smolder

Memorial Service Smolder

Emotionally Torn Smolder

Getting Dressed Up Smolder

Arms Crossed Smolder

So Sad on the Inside Smolder

Discussion Smolder

Squinty Smolder Part II

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