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The Vampire Diaries Reader Review of "The House Guest"

Buzz Blabber: Matt Stirs the Pot on The Vampire Diaries

As usual, you guys were a chatty bunch this week. There were some great comments on the most popular stories this week, so I've picked out a few of my favorites for you to read here. Check them out, and get talking yourself — you may see your comments here soon!

Will The Vampire Diaries change now that Matt's in the loop?

  • "I'm curious to see how this Isobel thing plays out with Jenna . . . Now that Matt's in the loop, it's Jenna's turn to get the skinny on what's going on." — postmodernsleaze
  • "I am upset that Matt is reacting like this. Who thinks that Caroline will compel him to forget? I hope that he is not turned into a vamp. Where is Tyler when we need him? He would truly understand Caroline." — bayoubaby
  • "This whole freaking out of Matt hopefully means he'll be out of the picture for good! That's where Tyler will come in!! Yay!" — ellaella15

The Bad Teacher trailer gets a mixed report card

  • "While I like the cast, I'll probably have to pass on this movie after watching the preview. Not really my thing." — kimmieb124
  • "Oh! I love how Phyllis is in this . . . glad to know she's branching out of The Office." — nylorac
  • "I LOL'd. This movie looks awesome!" — Katie Henry

To find out what else got people riled up, just


Glee's alcohol awareness scores big laughs

  • "I love the Will-Bieste friendship dynamic. They make a good team. Music-wise, this episode was a lot of fun. My favorite performance was "Blame It", but I thought Brittany rocked "Tik Tok" as well. That gray vomit was hilarious." — kimmieb124
  • "I thought it was funny that Brittany threw up on Rachel, because she could have done it on anyone, but she went and vomited on Rachel. The party in Rachel's basement had to be my favorite part because you got to see everyone calm, relaxed and having fun, for the most part." — peatree
  • "I loved the one-liners more than the musical numbers last night. Everyone had great zingers, from Santana to Figgins . . . and the Grease reference was perfect!" — RachLA

Photo courtesy of The CW

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