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The Vampire Diaries Recap "American Gothic"

The Vampire Diaries "American Gothic": The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

This week's episode of The Vampire Diaries is full of cop-outs, from a life-threatening injury to what I hoped would be the end of the cure hunt. Rebekah, Elena, Damon, and Stefan are on a small-town sojourn to pry the cure from Katherine's possession, and while we're there, we meet back up with one of my favorite Original vampires: Elijah!

Back in Mystic Falls, Klaus and Caroline are slowly eking their way toward friendship, but it's not close enough to the romance I'd rather see for them. Ready to break down the good, the bad, and the bloody? Let's get to it after the jump.

The Good

  • Elena and Rebekah have tracked Katherine to the town of Willoughby, where she's compelled everyone to let her feed from them but never remember her. She won't give up the cure without a fight, telling them she wants to trade it to Klaus for her freedom from him, and Elena decides she'll meet up with some mysterious "Em" and pose as Katherine. It's so weird to watch Elena do Katherine's voice when it's Nina Dobrev playing the same character. My brain exploded a little bit.
  • "Em" turns out to be Elijah! "Em" is code for Elijah Mikaelson, and he knows it's Elena immediately (well, not exactly immediately. I guess Elena and Katherine must kiss the same). Elijah is supposed to be the proxy to make the deal between Katherine and Klaus, but Elena hurts Katherine's chances when she reveals that Katherine killed Jeremy. I miss Elijah. He does have impeccable taste, and I like that he seems to have the most humanity of any vampire on this show.
  • Klaus is totally shirtless this week — but it's gross because he's got a white oak stake nub lodged in his back. He needs Caroline to help him out (dude, that is too intimate), and he's first fooled by Silas appearing as Caroline. When the real Caroline shows up, she tries to broker a deal in exchange for helping him. She wants him to let Tyler off, but as they yell at each other, the pain suddenly leaves Klaus's back — because it's all an illusion caused by Silas. I hope that glimmer of friendship between them isn't also an illusion.
  • Rebekah and Damon get the cure from Katherine's house, and Rebekah takes it — but surprise: it doesn't work. It's a fake, and Katherine retrieves the real cure, hidden at a friend's. But something has changed in her, and she gives it to Elijah as an act of goodwill, saying he can decide "where we go from here." Can't someone just take the cure already?

The Bad

  • Sigh. I feel so gullible for thinking that Rebekah really gets the cure, but my belief stemmed more from the fact that I'm tired of the cure storyline and want it to be over. I also don't want Elena to be a vampire. I hope Stefan and Damon respect her wishes to not get the cure for her (I know the innocent humans of Mystic Falls would feel the same way).
  • Klaus struggling with a white oak stake in his back for almost the whole episode seems so dumb in retrospect. And Caroline's little speech about how powerful Silas must be to have done that to Klaus doesn't convince me anymore that Silas is some crazy-bad villain — it just made me roll my eyes.

The Bloody

  • Klaus trying to get the stake nub out of his back is disgusting, and giving Caroline that pair of garden shears to get it out is even grosser, but come on. Wouldn't Klaus have a house full of blades or other weaponry far more suited to do the job? How can garden shears possibly be the best option here? Think!

What did you think of this week's episode?

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