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The Vampire Diaries "Blood Brothers": The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

The Vampire Diaries is all about its quiet explosions and revelations this week — we learn a lot of very important facts in the story of the Salvatore Brothers, and some new faces come into the fold.

The flashback episodes of this show are always solid, but this one is particularly satisfying for the answers it gives us. I'm dying to chat, but I can't do it without spoilers, so to see the good, the bad, and the bloody, just


    The Good:
  • I'm so happy that the show answers that pesky timeline question I had about the vampire transition of Damon and Stefan. Detoxing in his cell brings on a flashback for Stefan to the 1800s and the night of the vampire capture. After freeing Katherine, Stefan and Damon are both shot by their own father, but survive. It's all thanks to the rings Emily had made — and the fact that they had Katherine's blood in their systems (Stefan had been compelled, Damon drank willingly). Damon also reveals why he really hates Stefan: pure jealousy. He wanted to be the only one Katherine turned.
  • Elena and Damon's relationship is growing in baby steps, and their current stage is as allies while they tend to locked-up Stefan. They even get to a place of good-naturedly joking with each other. I loved Damon's "Ew, gross!" response when Elena asks him about Stefan's favorite animal to eat.
  • Aww, Anna and Jeremy are cute! All making out at school and stuff. It gives way to a teenage hookup, and surprise! Jeremy's been hiding a hot bod under all that angst.
  • With Stefan threatening to commit vampire suicide, Elena walks into Stefan's cell after he tells her he doesn't want her there, and when he snaps and makes his scary face, she stands her ground. Defeated, he shares his flashback with Elena, continuing his tale of personal history. The rest truly shocked me — Stefan feeds from his own father when a confrontation leaves him wounded and bloody on the floor, completing his own transition. After such a disturbing first experience as a vampire, kind of makes sense that he's so averse to feeding on human blood, doesn't it?
  • Team Alaric and Damon (Team Dalaric? I'll work on it) hit up a residence that creepy uncle John's been getting calls from. They don't find Isobel, but they do come upon another vampire Damon knew from the tomb: Henry. John has been helping Henry adapt, and in return, Henry's been keeping an eye on "the others" — the vengeful other vampires who are still angry about being entombed. Henry actually seems pretty harmless, but when he starts to get suspicious, he takes a stake right to the lumbar, courtesy of Alaric. I'm into this Damon and Alaric thing, though, and it's ironic that they have something so essential in common: they're trying to find the women they loved. Alaric says he's done searching for Isobel, and then she walks right up to him at the Mystic Grill.
  • Way to be devastating, Vampire Diaries. Just as I'd gotten attached to Pearl, we lose her. After John meets Pearl at the bar (preying on her weakness for Gilberts), trying to get the device from her, he tells Pearl that Jonathan Gilbert had loved her and regretted what he'd done — then starts laughing and admits it's a lie. If I were Pearl, I may have killed him for that move alone. Sadly, all she does is tell him to get it from Damon himself and to rot in hell. John gets the last laugh, staking her as she's preparing to leave town.
    The Bad:
  • It bugs me that Elena still acts cold to Damon when he tells her his side of Salvatore history. In the best twist, we learn that once Stefan is turned, he compels a young girl to come with him so Damon can turn too. Stefan basically forces Damon to feed and become a vampire, deciding the future for both of them. I might be a little peeved too.
    The Bloody:
  • Those two perfect puncture wounds in the neck of the girl Stefan brings Damon are positively hygienic compared to Stefan licking the blood of his own father's stomach gash. I'm traumatized.

Aside from some lagging inside Stefan's cell, I enjoyed the forward movement of this week's episode and so can't wait to meet Isobel, aka Big Mama. Some stuff to think about: How will Pearl's death affect Anna? I'm guessing John has mere moments to live before she gets to him. Did you enjoy the completion of Stefan and Damon's origin story? Chat me up below and make sure you also join the Hooked on Vampire Diaries group in the Buzz Community to chat more!


Photo courtesy of The CW

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