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The Vampire Diaries "Bringing Out the Dead": The Good, The Bad, and The Bloody

After a week's worth of TVD reprieve, it's about time we got some answers — specifically, ones that have everything to do with our favorite Original vamp Elijah and then some. From the tragic twisted fate of Bill Forbes to the shocking discovery Elena makes at home, we're still trying to wrap our heads around everything that goes down. Meanwhile, Bonnie and her estranged mother Abby are tasked with opening the mysteriously sealed fifth coffin, and Damon and Stefan head to Klaus's sweet new pad for the ultimate dinner party showdown.

Like all things based in Mystic Falls, nothing is as it seems and nothing ever goes according to plan. Ready to review the good, the bad, and the bloody? Just keep reading.

The Good

  • Elijah, it's so good to have you back. So much so, that for the time being, I won't worry about whose side you're on. I hope our pleas are not in vain — do not listen to your dear brother Klaus.
  • Back at the Gilbert abode, Elena's fresh off another one of her vigorous, get-strong-to-kill-vamps morning jogs and Alaric is looking for ice cream. OK, three things: Alaric looks so handsome hungover; who wouldn't want Alaric "whiskey-dialing" them at 2 a.m.?; who else laughed when he listed off his insane stash of weaponry hiding spots? The dynamic between these two is so sweet, and more than ever, they need each other as a support system.
  • The mystery of the sealed coffin continues. Bonnie and long, lost mom Abby spend hours in the cave below the Lockwood estate trying to magically unhinge whatever happens to be lurking inside. It's a bit frustrating to watch mother and daughter chant in that oh-so-familiar Bennett witch speak and know that Abby isn't trying her hardest. C'mon lady, you abandoned your daughter, the least you could do is help her now.
  • Talk about a high stakes dinner party. Elijah, Klaus, Stefan, and Damon all in one room? Now, this is epic. The foursome sit fireside in Klaus's gilded manse and of course, talk turns to — what else? — Elena. As it happens, Stefan and Damon aren't the only brothers in the history of time to have fallen in love with the same woman. Elijah and Klaus reveal they, too, loved the same girl, Tatia, as humans and in a sick twist, it was her blood they fed on as they transitioned into vampires. It always comes down to the love of a beautiful woman, doesn't it? Talk, then, turns to the bigger issue at hand: Klaus wants his coffin and Stefan wants the Originals to leave town for good. It doesn't seem like there will be any deals brokered, especially after Klaus forces Stefan's hand into the fireplace. Nice one.
  • Although a seriously somber scene, it's touching to see Elena and Caroline have a genuine heart-to-heart about the reality and rawness of losing someone you love. And the cherry on top? Good ol' Matt, the only wholesome human left in the bunch, comes to lend his hunky shoulder to lean on.
  • Back at the Klaus Haus, we find that Elijah is the honest man we always knew him to be. He and Damon break up the Klaus-Stefan scuffle and Elijah shows off two more coffin stakes. Wham bam — hello, Kol! Hello, Finn! Hello, Rebekah! Three more Originals are coffin-free and the whole family's back together again. What a reunion this will be. Rebekah looks amazing in a strapless red minidress (because that's what you wear when you wake up from being undead) as she stabs Klaus and delivers a sultry, "that's for our mother." Needless to say, the Original Family is dysfunctional.
  • If you've been missing the old Stefan, we get a little dose of him this week. Sure, he's all rough and tough around the edges, but he cares. A lot, actually. In one of the final scenes, Damon and Stefan are walking through the woods and they both admit they love Elena (surprise). But this time, there's an understanding that no one can lay claim to her. Stefan lost her after all his crazy Ripper shenanigans and Damon is just a work in progress. It's a tacit truce — for now — that as per usual, they remain brothers in love with the same girl.
  • On the happiest note, Alaric is alive! Elena kills him so he could come back to life at the hands of a supernatural murder. There would have been a whole lot of tears shed if there was a grimmer outcome. Now, who is this violent psycho going on a premeditated killing spree with Alaric's own weapons? Does the person's name start with an M?

The Bad

  • While it's Bill Forbes's choice to reject his vampiric transition, it's a heart-wrenching thing to watch Caroline come to terms with her father's death. The girl needs an emotional break and a vacation.
  • Seriously, what's the deal with Meredith Fell? Let's review: she discharged Bill Forbes the night before, he goes missing, and then, is found "dead" in the hospital. Alaric has been mysteriously stabbed and left to die in the Gilbert home only a day later. Oh, and this is after her ex-medical examiner boyfriend is found staked through the heart. Anyone doubting that there's anything remotely innocent about this sequence of events? Apparently, she has an alibi but I'm not buying that. Alaric, let this be a lesson — don't show your crush where you hide your knives and wooden stakes on the first date.
  • Is anyone else noticing the trend here? Each attack, so far, has been on a member of the Council. Food for thought.
  • Yes, Klaus is the bad guy. Yes, he's done lots of bad things. But his greatest fear is to be alone. Why else would he go to such great lengths to preserve his family and keep Elena safe so he can have all the hybrid-making blood he needs? When the rest of the Original clan threatens to leave him behind, I actually felt bad for the guy.
  • How is the Original Witch alive and well? In previous flashback scenes, didn't we see her die at the hands of Klaus? I'm starting to think having six Originals roaming Mystic Falls is not in anyone's best interest. And I hope I'm not the only one to think this, but the Original Witch really scares me. That whole "I forgive you" act seems masked in underlying intentions if you ask me.

The Bloody

  • The sight of Caroline's father, stabbed in a darkened hospital room, is terrifying for more than one reason. As much as I couldn't stand the guy, he didn't deserve that vampire transition heave-ho.
  • No one likes coming home to a house with no power. Add insult to injury by coming home to a blood trail that leads to . . . Alaric. It's one thing to see the gore associated with other otherworldly beings, but with humans, it's just gruesome. All I can say is: thank goodness, Alaric has his gaudy immunity ring and Elena is a supernatural doppelganger. But no one needed to see her drive that huge knife into his midsection, ick.
  • There isn't much blood here, but it's scary to see Bonnie and Abby both knocked out cold in the caves. I guess the Original Witch didn't feel like sticking around and catching up. Bottom line: we need the Bennett witches — as meddlesome as they can be — to keep the balance on this show.

New characters, a mysterious murderer on the loose, and many emotional moments — what's the verdict on tonight's action-packed episode? Weigh in below.

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